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  • Hey guys, welcome to Ideas Made Easy. Every week we share with you creative business ideas

  • that you can use to revolutionize your company. Do you want to learn what it takes to start

  • a conversation with anyone in a business environment? Well today we're gonna share with you two

  • examples of exactly how to get noticed at a conference, at a trade show or in a meeting.

  • When it comes to networking, it's important that you start that conversation with the

  • person well before the event. Here's an example. So I told the guy, with friends like these

  • who needs anemones. Excuse me, I just saw your panel and I thought it was phenomenal.

  • I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Dan and my company's just starting up.

  • It's, I... sorry I really just don't have time to talk right now but it's really nice

  • to meet you Dave. It's... it's Dan. Oh, hey Emily. Do you have a minute to speak? For

  • you? Of course! I said the exact same thing and she totally blew me off. How do they even

  • know each other? Now I'm just standing here awkwardly. What can I do with my hands? Quick,

  • I'll take a sip from this coffee. That's mine. Here you go, sorry. You can keep it. Anyway,

  • it was really nice to meet you. I'm really looking forward to your next blog post. Same

  • here. Take care. You too. Dude, how did you do that? How did you get to know someone so

  • influential? Well, I'm connected to her on LinkedIn, we keep up to date on each others

  • blog posts so we discuss on that forum plus also, I wouldn't steal her coffee. Always

  • set a game plan and make sure every interaction you make is one of quality. Watch this and

  • you'll see. Hi, I just started following you on Twitter. You post some really engaging

  • stuff. Uh yeah, I'm actually tweeting right now. What's your Twitter handle? Um it's @Emily.

  • Ok, cool. In Atlanta with @Emily #havingablast #catchingup done. Catching up? We don't even

  • know each other. #itdoesntreallymatter. Dude, this is harder than I thought. Going up to

  • people is not easy. It's better if we do it together. #letsdoit. Guys, what are you doing?

  • Don't you remember the game plan? Dan, your job is to hook the people. Bring them to the

  • table and get their info. Jake carries forward the tweets, posts and emails then I bring

  • it home and close the deal. Let's make the switch. Jake, you take the point and I'll

  • follow up. Got it? Got it. Break! So what's been your favorite session so far at the conference?

  • Uh it was definitely the HR panel, it was very informative. The speaker was great.

  • She talked about the different. *Sneeze* Thank you? #noproblem. #itsnothing. If you enjoyed

  • this video make sure to share it with your colleagues and friends on your social networks.

  • Today's challenge question is "What is one way that someone has approached you at a conference?".

  • Leave your comments below or on the GetCourse blog post. If you want more creative tips

  • and ideas, Be sure to check us out at We post amazing things there throughout the

  • entire week. That's stuff that you should be seeing. Once again thanks for watching,

  • I'll catch you guys next week. See ya later.

Hey guys, welcome to Ideas Made Easy. Every week we share with you creative business ideas

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