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Hi. I'm David Hill with New York Habitat.
Welcome to our video tour of Kensington,
not only a great place to stay in the heart of the city
but also home to some of the city's best shopping.
London is divided into local authority districts
known as Boroughs.
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
is the most densely populated in the UK
and one of the wealthiest.
Kensington and Chelsea
runs from the River Thames in the south
to the Harrow Road in the north.
It's approximately 4 miles long and 2 miles wide.
This is the most popular destination for visitors
looking for short term accommodation in London.
If you are coming to London for the shopping
then Kensington and Chelsea is the place to be!
Here on the Kensington High Street
you can enjoy some retail therapy
at well known UK shopping outlets.
Why not take a stroll down Kings Road
in the heart of Chelsea,
a highly fashionable area for Londoners to shop and be seen!
At the top end of the Kings Road is Sloane Square.
From Sloane Square you can walk up Sloane Street
passing some of the world's most famous retail outlets:
Gucci, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Prada and more.
Sloane Street hits Knightsbridge just below London's Hyde Park
and just around the corner you will find probably
London's most renowned department store: Harrods.
This wonderful building is the Natural History Museum,
home to some 70 million specimens.
The Science Museum and the 'Victoria and Albert' Museum
are only yards away.
Between the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park
and the Natural History Museum is the Royal Albert Hall.
This building is renowned as home
to the summer 'Proms' every year since 1941.
South Kensington is a thriving hub of art and culture.
New York Habitat has a wide range of apartments
throughout Kensington and Chelsea.
From small studios to luxury townhouses
there are plenty of options to choose from!
Take a look through our inventory.
Kensington and Chelsea may be one of the UKs wealthiest areas
but there are some real gems here that won't break the bank!
Immortalised by the Hollywood movie starring Julia Roberts,
Notting Hill has a unique charm.
Renowned for its artistic culture
it attracted a migrant Caribbean and Mediterranean population
before becoming highly desirable in the 1990s.
If you are looking for trendy little-known designers,
second hand clothes, or antiques
then Portobello Market is the place to come to.
Diverse and colourful, just like the architecture,
there is something for everyone!
Make sure you head down to Portobello
on a Saturday for the open markets!
If you are in need of a quiet stroll or place to relax
then you should head to Kensington Gardens.
This 110 hectare park is actually half
of what most people know as Hyde Park.
It's open from 6am until dusk every day.
Why not take a look at the Italian Gardens
or visit the Albert Memorial?
Kensington does not have the same urgency as Soho,
or the professionalism of the City.
What Kensington does have is charm, elegance,
and a wonderful selection of bars and restaurants.
So if you decide to rent an apartment in Kensington and Chelsea
you won't have to go far to be entertained!
Well, we've come to the end of our video tour
of Kensington and Chelsea.
If you know of any fun places in the area
that you would like to share with us,
please make sure to leave a comment,
in the comment section below.
And if you're coming to London,
be sure to visit our website at
and book a vacation rental or furnished apartment
with New York Habitat.
You'll find furnished apartments all over London!
I'm David Hill with New York Habitat.
Thank you for watching our video tour
of Kensington and Chelsea.
We hope to see you soon in the great city of London!
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London Video Tour: Kensington & Chelsea

5113 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on December 27, 2012
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