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Guys, are you done testing the green screen?
mmm, spicy
Welcome to the Kampong News Station, with me, Dick Loong
Tonight, with rising pressures on our Singaporean children
more and more parents are opting to send their kids
to tuition centres, so that they can stay on top of their class
with even the Prime Minister warning against an overreliance on tuition,
the question remains
Do children have time to be children?
I don't see what's the big deal
I didn't go to school
why can't they be perfect, like me?
now we're here with self-professed kiasu parent, Madam Ling Chope Seet
Now she placed her son in tuition when he was just 3 years old
Now, Mdm Ling?
That's right ah
My son ah, is fluent in English, Chinese and Latin
and Spanish, and also Java Chip
He's very clever you know?
Last week, he wrote the theory of rela -
relativ -
In crayon!
Blindfolded somemore!
Why did you make him go to tuition at such a young age?
Parents "nowsadays" are very busy you know?
I'm a good parent!
I'm trying to make sure he pass his exams!
You mean he's studying for his PSLE?
My dear, he's no longer taking his PSLE
Now he's taking his PhD
In molecular science
I choose one
I closed my eyes and I took and I choose
That's amazingly kiasu!
I tell you ah
You people "nowsadays" you all don't know
it's the kiasu spirit that got us to a First World Country
Eh this one on TV right?
Anybody want to employ my son
felel free to call me
6555 8888
Call ah call ah!
Do you think Singaporean parents are too busy to teach their own children?
Yeah, I think many are, because of the high cost of living
Some of my kids from St. John
I see that they
their parents didn't really spend much time, or quality time with them
To them, its tuition, and tution
and tuition, enrichment classes and so on?
And because of those, do you think that the kids in Singapore
lack in certain areas such as
um, you know, EQ skills
like communication skills, you know, expressive skills, and so on?
I think sometimes it's abit too much in my opinion
because you know, sometimes you still have to study at the same time
on top of this enrichment class
so it's abit taxing on the children
Yes, majority of Singaporeans now, especially kids nowadays
they do lack of uh...
I mean compared to overseas
I don't think parents are like that
Especially Caucasian kids.
You can see even in the Singapore environment
they don't send them to enrichment classes that often
they are finding a balance now
I think the youth is finding that's important too
as they go along
Street-wise I think Singaporeans are about 90% smart
I won't say for the rest
Now I understand your company has a unique perspective on toddler tuition?
It's definitely given them a leg up on the competition!
They're smarter and more in demand
More so than foreign talents!
Our company has..
Recently hired a toddler!
He's our CEO
So, sir, would you say that toddler tuition has real world applications?
There you have it
The shocking truth
You are fired!
But, but Sir, I have a wife
and two Filipino mistresses to support
Just go
Win liao lor you all! Win liao!
So, there you have it
Are tuition sorts of...
kinds of..
little bit...
possibly does work
I'm Dick Loong for the Kampong News Station
Until next time, stay awesome Kampongers!
Toddlers, what the hell do they know?
Stupid crybabies
You are fired!!
But sir, I was only joking!
Please, please, I have a family to feed!
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Do Singaporean Kids Have Time To Be Kids?

1383 Folder Collection
Peter Yang published on April 20, 2015
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