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Thank you.
1,273 dollars after taxes.
Wait! You make 1273 dollars?
Yep, what do you make?
78% of that.
But that's so weird because we have the same job. That's not fair
Unless ...
Can you give this folder to Mark?
Thank you!
Hey can you give this folder to Mark?
Oh, eh, Mark's right there.
I know. Thanks for doing all of the job that you're paid to do.
Hey Mark.
Hey, Elsa, do you remember those reports we talked about?
Oh, ya, I can get you roughly four out of five of the reports.
Why not all five?
You tell me.
So, before we adjourn, does anyone have anything to add?
Oh, I've actually noticed that in the most recent research the most important thing that we can do
Elsa you didn't finish your sentence.
Oh I know, I did most of them though.
Elsa, are you available for a conference call at 2?
Sure, how long do you think it will take?
About an hour.
Okay, really need you on this one.
You got it.
2:47, time for a snack.
Elsa, I feel like you are not giving this job 100%.
You're right. I'm giving it about 78%.
Oh, and it's already 4:45, so I am in overtime.
Wouldn't want to cost you any extra money.
Okay, but I need you to come in this weekend.
That is a good one, Mike. I'll see you.
Can you believe that I only make 78 percent?
I don't even make that.
What? We need to fix this.
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One Woman Discovers The Wage Gap

32112 Folder Collection
少少 published on May 2, 2015    少少 translated    Lily Chou reviewed
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