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  • Glee makes a grand leap from "Guilty Pleasures" to one of its most serious and heart-wrenching

  • episodes of all four seasons. I'm Alex and if you haven't last night's "Shooting Star,"

  • this is your official spoiler alert.

  • So, let's start with the important stuff. Glee jumps right back from yet another hiatus

  • and tackles the subject of school violence head on. I know dealing with such a serious,

  • weighty issue couldn't have been easy, and it was a huge risk... but I haven't decided

  • if I think it paid off or not. I will say, however, that the castnewbies, you too

  • did a really great job of capturing the raw emotion of such a traumatizing event.

  • The twist was that no one was actually in any real danger, as far as this Glee story

  • goes, and as it turns out, Sue has taken the fall for Becky, who brought a gun to school

  • for protectionSo is that really the end of Sue? I meanshe blackmails her students

  • and barrels through the halls, shoving kids against lockers for comic reliefand she's

  • just NOW getting fired? That said, her final scene did make me tear up a bit.. and reminded

  • us all that behind all the one-liners and coordinating track suits.. she really does

  • have a heart. Somewhere. Like really deep down.

  • Of course, despite the very somber subject matter of most of this episode, there was

  • still room for some lighthearted moments. It all begins when Brittany decides there's

  • a meteor slash comet headed for the Earthand even though Sam is the only one who believes

  • her, Schue still thinks this topic is important enough to model an entire lesson around it.

  • Like I said, seriously running out of ideas.

  • And let's not forget Ryder's catfishing storyline. He finds who he thinks is his beloved Katie

  • roaming the halls, pours his heart out to her via song, of course, and…. she's thrilled.

  • But she's not Katie. Apparently Ryder the football star has never heard of Manti Teo,

  • but Marissa has, and she breaks the devastating news that he's been catfished. The good news

  • isMarissa still wants you to call him. The bad news is… I'm pretty sure she left

  • before giving him her number.

  • A romantic duet between Sam and Brittany turns out to actually be a love song for Lord Tubbington.

  • I like how everyone on stage looked really confused when Brittany starting singing to

  • the audience when there was clearly a gigantic tabby cat on a love seat throne perched in

  • the audience with a spotlight on him. Well, at least Lord Tubbington now has a lady friend,

  • thanks to Sam, who probably reached the absolute height of adorableness in this episode.

  • Anyway, still no sign of Ryder's catfisher - any last predictions on who it is? My guess

  • is back to Unique, but I'm still preparing myself for surprises just in case. Let me

  • know your predictions, as well as your thoughts on how Glee dealt with this episode's serious

  • subject matter. Too ambitious? Perfectly poignant? Sound off below and I'll see you next week

  • to talk more Glee.

Glee makes a grand leap from "Guilty Pleasures" to one of its most serious and heart-wrenching

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