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(Dog barking)
(Dog) Hey, hey! I'm peeing on your stuff! HEY! Heeeey!!
So, every Tuesday we like to play pranks on each other. So, today i've swapped Toms cereal for hard drugs.
That is a small bird.
Dude that was gross
So, err...
(Laserz beams shootin' n stuff yeh)
I can quit anytime I want I just... Let me finish this level... NOOO!!
Did you see that?
Yeah, me neither...
Tom, where's is my banana?
(canned laughter)
(One person laughing)
Shit ass
Wait... wa... maybe if I just...
Oh my god!
What is it?
I've been researching the possibilities of parallel universes.
They're real.
I've been monitoring quantum fluctuations and this room seems to be the centre of a
massive spike in multiversal activity.
But what does that even mean?
It means someone is travelling between parallel universes.
(Gun shot)
(Teleport sound)
Tom, do you think there are parallel universes?
Not anymore...
What about alternate dimensions?
Wait! What?!
(Turkeys laugh)
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Meanwhile 3

1150 Folder Collection
戴以理 published on April 16, 2015
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