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  • (Dog barking)

  • (Dog) Hey, hey! I'm peeing on your stuff! HEY! Heeeey!!

  • So, every Tuesday we like to play pranks on each other. So, today i've swapped Toms cereal for hard drugs.

  • That is a small bird.

  • (Dubstep)

  • Dude that was gross

  • So, err...

  • (Laserz beams shootin' n stuff yeh)

  • I can quit anytime I want I just... Let me finish this level... NOOO!!

  • Did you see that?

  • Nope...

  • Yeah, me neither...

  • Tom, where's is my banana?

  • (canned laughter)

  • (One person laughing)

  • (Turkeys)

  • (Bleeps)

  • Shit ass

  • (Bleep)

  • Wait... wa... maybe if I just...

  • (Shotgun)

  • Oh my god!

  • What is it?

  • I've been researching the possibilities of parallel universes.

  • What?

  • They're real.

  • I've been monitoring quantum fluctuations and this room seems to be the centre of a

  • massive spike in multiversal activity.

  • But what does that even mean?

  • It means someone is travelling between parallel universes.

  • Who?

  • Him.

  • (Gun shot)

  • (Teleport sound)

  • Tom, do you think there are parallel universes?

  • Not anymore...

  • What about alternate dimensions?

  • Wait! What?!

  • (Turkeys laugh)

(Dog barking)

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