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This game is about a gorilla with a gigantic banana horde. He has to grab even more bananas
while bouncing from flowers, swinging from vines and jumping over barrels.
He wears a tie.
His last name is Kong.
Don’t tell Nintendo. I don’t want this game taken down. It’s too much fun.
Just released to the App Store, this proves that Donkey’s family tree stretches far
beyond the weirdness of Lanky and Chunky. Long ago in a jungle far away, there is Banana
Kong...a platforming ape with a rich family history and no fear of copyright infringement.
Banana Kong is an endless runner with, obviously, a kind of familiar premise. His banana pile
is so huge, it starts to crumble like an avalanche. Poor Banana has no choice but to run...but, know. He might as well grab replacement bananas along the way. No self-respecting
Kong lets floating bananas go to waste.
So the monkey runs forward automatically, and you guide him through the jungle. Tapping
the screen makes him jump, holding your finger down lets him open a leaf parachute to drift.
The controls are really simple...unlike the jungle.
The jungle is brutal.
Obviously, it’s not terribly original, but Banana Kong is a charming tribute to gaming’s
hairiest icon. There’s even an achievement for collecting exactly 1,981 bananas. 1981,
a year that had some significance for gorillas in gaming. And of course, it doesn’t hurt
that this is a very enjoyable runner.
There’s a number of power-ups you can purchase with bananas, which is always awesome. You
can even power-up your animal friends, which give you helpful rides through the jungle.
But speaking of would be nice if it were a bigger jungle. You can swing up
to the emergent layer and bounce through the sky, and you can plunge into the stinking
hot caves below...but that’s about it.
This is not an easy game. It’s not one of those runners where you make it a million
miles every turn. You don’t make it very far, and all progress is precious. That gives
Banana Kong an even more addictive quality. You want to run over and over again, which
is really the ultimate achievement of any runner.
Now if only it had some girders and a damsel in distress. It’s Banana Kong for the iPhone.
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CGR Undertow - BANANA KONG review for iPhone

1453 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 13, 2013
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