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Recently, I gave a talk called "The Most Important Lessons I've Learned from 87,000 Brain Scans."
What we do at the Amen Clinics over the last 23 years is we look at people's brains, and
we have the world's largest database of brain scans related to behavior, and I'm so blessed
to be able to do that. We've learned so many lessons. Your brain's involved in everything
you do. When it works right, you work right, and when it's troubled, you have trouble in
your life. Your brain is incredibly soft and happens
to be housed in a really hard skull that has many sharp bony ridges. The brain's easily
damaged, which is why I'm totally opposed. Amen Clinics did the world's largest study
on active and retired NFL players. Children should not be playing contact sports, because
when you have a brain injury, it increases your risk for things like homelessness, depression,
suicide, learning problems. As we did our work, attorneys started sending
us people who did really bad things, and it's probably not a surprise to you that many people
who do bad things, whether it's murder, robbery, rape, arson, they have troubled brains. Not
a big surprise, but what did surprise us was that many of these troubled brains could be
rehabilitated. Here's a really radical thought: What if we
took troubled brains and instead of warehousing them in chronically stressful environments,
really work to evaluate, treat and optimize them, we could be saving tremendous amounts
of our country's resources and money. As I think of all 87,000 scans, the single
most important lesson, the single most exciting lesson that I've learned is that you can literally
change your brain and when you do, you change your life. We can take brains that are troubled
and through diet, exercise, simple supplements, medications, other treatments, optimize them
and when your brain is better, everything in your life is better.
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The Most Important Lessons I've Learned from 87,000 Brain Scans | Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

865 Folder Collection
Billy published on April 8, 2015
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