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Hi. So Chicago style pizza. Really simple to make and when you think about pizza pie
this is what you have to think about because it's actually built like a pie.
So, a lot of people like to use cake pans. I actually really dig to use cast iron. Cast
iron is really even heat throughout. It's cheap, you can buy it anywhere and it looks
really sexy too.
So we're going to start with, it's a totally cool, we didn’t pre-heated or anything.
So a little bit of olive oil at the bottom of that pan and just kind of get it all over.
This is just going to help with stickage, right? Any extra oil will just go right on
top of your pizza, just kind of rub it in all the way through. This is going to kind
of make an [unctuous] dough, keep it nice and crisp .
So then I'm just going to take this whole pizza and put it right on top. All right.
And I'm just going to let the edges kind of fall where they may. Again, this is like making
a pie, all right? So we're going to let all those in. Any extra edges just kind of fall
behind it. Just kind of press up. No one is really going to see the inside of the dough,
so it's OK if that looks a little bit scrappy. The outside is what counts here. Awesome.
So we have this nice little bed and you really want to kind of reach it all the way to the
top. It's so much like making a pie, all right? Beautiful. Big pinch of salt.
Now, what's cool about Chicago-style deep dish pizza is that normally with any other
type of pizza, the sauce goes on first but the Chicago style the sauce goes on last.
And the reason why is because this is going to take 25 minutes to bake at about 425 degrees,
which means that anything on top is going to be there too long and it will burn.
So the tomato sauce actually acts as kind of like a little barrier. So this I have a
little bit of sausage, just going to kind sprinkle throughout. Some caramelized onions,
absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic. I've got a little bit of mozzarella, that I'm just going
to tear and just dot throughout. Awesome, lots of cheese in this. Chicago, we have to
do it right. Beautiful.
And then just a touch of basil. You can use oregano, you can use any nice, soft herb.
Beautiful. So that's our base.
Now, I grab a little bit of our homemade tomato sauce and this is just going to go right on
top. And it seems kind of weird, right? To kind of just spoon sauce over the top of your
beautiful toppings but, again, it kind of shields the heat from the ingredients so nothing
burns. Awesome. Tuck that little basil leaf down. Beautiful.
And then I just kind of spread that around. Awesome. And this is going to get one more
little touch of olive oil. Beautiful. So 425 degrees for about 25 minutes until the outside
is kind of curled up around the middle and it's going to come up really crispy on the
bottom, hard shell, beautiful.
All right. So it's been about 25 minutes, 425 degrees. Let's check out our Chicago deep
dish, yes. That's what I'm looking for. The toppings are just set. A nice crust throughout,
nice and brown and the only way to really know is to let it set up and grab a little
spatula. But I'm going to dig in right away and if you're olive oiled you'll see it's
an easy, easy release, right out of the cairn.
You can see it's cooked throughout. That is exactly what you're looking for. So, I finish
this off just like any other pizza. Lots of olive oil on the outside to give it a little
bit of a sheen, little richness, some smoked salt, lay it around. And then my good friend
parmesan reggiano right over the top.
Hey, if you like things a little thicker and a little bit more pie like, check out our
Chicago deep dish pizza.
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Make Chicago-Style Pizza aka Deep Dish | Homemade Pizza

964 Folder Collection
hohoyao published on April 8, 2015
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