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This is Justin Time at EnglishClip.com
with my digital friend, Ralph McBook.
Hello everyone. Justin, I’m writing about fast food, could you help me?
Writing? You’ve never written anything before.
I know, but I've read a lot, so I can do it.
I think.
Okay. What’s the problem?
It’s starting the paragraph I’m not sure about.
You mean the topic sentence?
Yes, that’s the one.
What do you have so far?
Well, how about this? I will tell you about fast food.
No, Ralph. You have the topic, but you need a main point as well.
There are two parts in a topic sentence. For example; Fast food is bad for your health.
What about this one then? This is about fast food.
No, no main point.
Just tell the reader the topic
and what you will say about it.
Something like this;
Fast food chains are opening restaurants in Russia.
Here I will talk about fast food.
Nope, no good. No main point. Topic and main point.
Like this; Fast food is getting healthier. How about this one then?
I will introduce fast food? A topic sentence should introduce, yes?
Oh, Ralph, please stop, you’re hurting me now. Are you listening?
Fast food is the topic, right? Yes.
So, what are you going to say about fast food; the main point?
Put that in a sentence with the topic, and you’re golden. For example; Fast food in China is high status.
The topic, and what you are going to say about it.
Ah, so;
Fast food first became popular in the 1950s.
Fast food is causing health problems for teenagers.
I was beginning to the you had a loose wire.
No, no, I get it now; topic and main point.
Will you help me write a paragraph?
Okay, if I must.
I’m going to write about how fast food is getting better
so how about this for a topic sentence?
Fast food is getting healthier.
Yeah, that’s fine. Don’t forget that all the sentences that follow must support and
explain the topic sentence. Right, so how about this? Recently, in restaurants
such as McDonald’s you can find veggie burgers and salads on the menu.
Let’s see, fast food, health. Excellent, Ralph! A stroke of genius.
Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to KFC.
Yea... No, Ralph. You can’t say that. It’s not about health.
Okay, erm... Burger King even has special menus for people who have to avoid certain
foods for health reasons. Fast food, health. Yes, very good, interesting too,
I didn’t know that. They list all the ingredients for people to see.
Fast food, health. Great.
Is that it?
Well, you can’t just leave it there like an airplane stuck in the sky.
You have to come down and land. You need a concluding sentence
to make sure your readers remember your main point.
Oh, you mean something like this?
Things have really changed for the better
on the fast food scene.
Yeah, not bad. We’re getting there.
Now, when you think of fast food,
it does not have to mean, bad food.
Spot on, Ralph! Brilliant, well done.
So, what do you think of this paragraph, Justin?
Well, it has all the right parts.
Topic sentence with a main point.
All the support sentences are about fast food,
and health, so they are good.
And, the concluding sentence
reminds us of the main point.
So, you like it?
Justin: Yes, it’s good.
But it needs a few more supporting sentences.
I was just getting interested, and then you stopped.
A good writer has to think about his readers.
What will they want to know?
How can I make this more interesting for them?
Can I give them some new information
or a new view on the topic?
Okay, I’ll work on it? Thanks, Justin!
Anytime, Ralph.
I hope this helps you, my dear listeners, to understand
how a topic sentence works in a paragraph.
For more help with your English,
stop by at EnglishClip.com.
It’s got to be fun!
Justin, can writing really be fun?
Of course it can!
Look into my eyes and say that again.
Get out of here!
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How to Write Basic Topic Sentences & Paragraphs

1112 Folder Collection
TeacherJennifer Bryne published on April 4, 2015
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