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Tea is the worlds' most popular drink and right here in Taiwan
It is one of the supreme areas to grow tea, so right now we're gonna go on a tour of everything tea.
I've traveled up and over the jungle clad mountains outside of Taipei
and right below me is a tea plantation
there are three harvest seasons here in Taiwan with the tea plants
and what they do is they trim them down and then they wait 45 days
and this is what becomes the tea, pretty cool!
You see this gondola right here? well I'm gonna jump on this bad boy it's gonna take me up the mountain
beautiful sights, let's go!
This place is so cool it's like I'm floating look at that! love it.
We're just above the city I get to see the sprawling sprawling center of Taipei
jungle, temples, it's beautiful.
That giant teapot can only mean one thing
I am at the Tea Research and Promotion Center. Let's go learn about tea.
What I'm holding right now is Oolong tea which is one of the specialties of the region
yeah, it's a winner!
This big plate right here is full of tea seeds and this isn't for making tea
they actually make oil out of this for cooking pretty cool.
Of all the tea products they make, this one right here is by far my favorite
ice cream! it really does taste like tea.
I learned a lot about tea today I got to spend some time in the beautiful great outdoors near Taipei
and I'm heading home with my very own bag of tea.
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Tea of Taipei: Small-Group Tour

22047 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 19, 2015    Clément translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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