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  • In this American English pronunciation video,

  • we're going to go over the pronunciation

  • of the wordbeautiful’.

  • This week’s word of the week isbeautiful’.

  • It’s a three syllable word

  • with stress on the first syllable.

  • DA-da-da, beautiful.

  • For the B consonant sound

  • the lips are together. B, b.

  • Then for the EW as in FEW diphthong.

  • For the first sound

  • the tip will be down here,

  • and the front part of the tongue will be

  • touching the roof of the mouth about here.

  • For the OO vowel, the tongue will pull away

  • from the roof of the mouth,

  • and in the back it will stretch up

  • towards the roof of the mouth, but not touch.

  • Beau-, beau-

  • And the lips do need to round a good bit

  • for the OO part of that diphthong.

  • Beau-, beau-.

  • Now we have a T coming between two vowels,

  • so this is going to be a flap T

  • beau-d, beau-d.

  • And in this unstressed syllable.

  • We have the IH as in SIT vowel.

  • Beauti-, beauti-.

  • And finally we have the F consonant sound,

  • schwa dark L sound. -ful, -ful, -ful.

  • Since this is in an unstressed syllable,

  • we do have to be very short, low in pitch

  • and may be with some of the energy

  • of the voice taken out, -ful, -ful, -ful.

  • Beautiful, beautiful.

  • To make the F consonant sound,

  • the bottom lip comes up and touches

  • the bottom of the top front teeth. Fff, fff.

  • Now we don’t need to worry

  • about making a separate schwa sound here,

  • just go straight into the dark sound of the L.

  • To make that sound the back part

  • of the tongue will stretch back a little bit.

  • L, l, l.

  • To get that dark sound.

  • Now you don’t need to finish the dark L

  • by bringing, the tongue tip up here.

  • You can, but a lot of people will simply end

  • the word, with the dark sound. L, l.

  • Beautiful, beautiful.

  • That’s beautiful work.

  • That’s it yourword of the week”.

  • If there is a word you would like to suggest

  • for theword of the week

  • put it in the comments below.

  • That’s it, and thanks so much for using

  • Rachel’s English.

In this American English pronunciation video,

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How to Pronounce BEAUTIFUL -- American English

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    Sam posted on 2015/04/04
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