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  • In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over the pronunciation of

  • the word 'comfortable'.

  • This week's Word of the Week is 'comfortable'. If you look this up in a dictionary, you're

  • probably going to see something other than what I'm going to say now. I'm going to tell

  • you how people say it when they speak American English. COMF-der-ble. Three syllables. Stress

  • on the first syllable. Comf-, comf-. We begin with the K consonant sound, where the back

  • part of the tongue will reach up here and touch the soft palate, kk, kk. Then we have

  • the UH as in BUTTER vowel, where the tongue and lips are totally relaxed, co-. Then the

  • M consonant, where the lips come together: com-, com-, comf-. Then we have the F consonant,

  • so the lips will part so the bottom lip can be touching the top teeth, comf-, comf-. Then

  • we have an unstressed syllable: the D sound, schwa/R sound, -der-, -der-. It's going to

  • be short, flat, low in pitch, and quiet, -der-, -der-. Comf-der-. And finally, -ble, -ble.

  • The B consonant with the Dark L sound, -ble, -ble. Again, it's unstressed, so it's going

  • to be low in pitch and flatter, -der-ble, -der-ble. COMF-der-ble. Comfortable.

  • To make the Dark L, pull the back part of the tongue back towards the roof of the mouth.

  • You don't need to worry about bringing the front part of the tongue up if you make the

  • dark sound: ul, ul. Comfortable. Comfortable.

  • I hope you're comfortable.

  • That's it, your Word of the Week. Try it out yourself. Make up a sentence with the word,

  • record it, and post it as a video response to this video on YouTube. I can't wait to

  • watch it.

  • That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over the pronunciation of

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