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Bonjour Foodtubers, welcome, I am Jean, I am from France... from Paris
I am a chef and I'm going to show you the way I do the Three Egg Omelette
The perfect one.
So, first of all I'm going to crack three eggs
I'm going to whisk it... very hard
So i'm not risking round, because it break the air.
I whisk very hard like this, like if you do a figure of 8
I want the eggs to become like a mousse
Very lot of air inside the egg, so i'm going to whisk for three more minutes
but I'm going to put my pan on. I'm going to put salt and Pepper
Inside my three eggs
I'm going to put a little bit of Olive Oil, just a little bit
So now the egg is ok like a mousse
So I'm going to put it in the pan
and now I'm going to move the Omelette
I'm just going to wait a little bit and not shake it
We just put our butter inside
so it's going to be a crispy Omelette. Crispy outside
and very soft, inside...
I don't put the butter at the beginning because I need the Omelette first to dry a little bit on the bottom
and after... going crispy. It's two different kinds of cooking
So I put the omelette outside the heat, so it's going to cook slowly to finish
I'm going to put back the the pan... very hot.
To put the omelette out on the plate
So this is my perfect Omelette, so you can put cheese on or vegetable
I like it cold, or just Olive Oil or something
That is the Jean Imbert Omelette right there. I've never seen anything like that before
This is not traditional French, this is your style?
My style... my own style
Jean... I've never ever eaten an Omelette like that
Guys you've got to make that at home... absolutely incredible
If you haven't subscribed please subscribe it's free
Ask the French man a question. Get it in the comments box below
and he'll answer your questions. Au Revoir... Au Revoir
thank you very much bro
That is absolutely phenomenal
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Three Egg French Omelette | Jean Imbert

2008 Folder Collection
許芷寧 published on April 1, 2015
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