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  • The mail. It was the greatest of inventions.

  • That built a nation, And brought usall of ustogether.

  • And yet, as weve become more connected... The mail has stayed pretty much the same,

  • It just sits there, in a box, all day.

  • Well, we think it’s time for a change.

  • Introducing a new way to interact with the mail you love.

  • The good old-fashioned kind of mail that you touch with your hands...

  • and smell with your nose.

  • Imagine a mailbox that saves you a trip when nothing is there...

  • Or notifies you the second it arrives.

  • A mailbox that learns from your habits... that’s never too hot or too cold.

  • Mail for today, with all the things we love about the electronic kind.

  • Like smart folders that keep things organised... strong filters to weed out spam...

  • And apps that do more.

  • Imagine mail you can take with you wherever you go

  • It’s time... Time to free your mail.

  • (Music swells)

  • (Music crescendos)

  • Smartbox

  • by Inbox

  • by Gmail

  • by Google

The mail. It was the greatest of inventions.

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A2 Google mail mailbox inbox organised time time

Smartbox by Inbox: the mailbox of tomorrow, today

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    Ray Du posted on 2015/04/01
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