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The Chakra of the Goddess
lies behind the sternum bone in the spinal cord.
This Chakra is placed above the Bhavasagara,
above the Void, as we call it in Sahaja Yoga.
And the bridge that has to be crossed
by the bhaktas, by the seekers, is guarded by.
She's the one, She helps Her children to come
through that passage
when there are negative forces trying to attack on a seeker.
This chakra is placed at the back of the sternum bone as I told you.
In childhood, the antibodies are formed
in the sternum bone.
They are the warriors or the Sainikas of the Devi.
Until the age of 12 years they grow and multiply,
and ultimately they all get distributed all over the body,
and a human being is made
able to face any outside invasion on him.
These antibodies know how to fight.
They are extremely confident
and they know who are their enemies.
They've all these messages built in themselves.
So when the anti-God element enters into the being
through any process,
say, through food, through words,
through action, through devilish people,
or black magic,
these antibodies combine together,
collectively fight the invaders.
Those who do not have their Central Heart properly developed
suffer from tremendous insecurity all their lives.
When they are children,
you try to control them by frightening.
These children later on become extremely insecure.
They are afraid of darkness, they are afraid of night.
Some of them are afraid of everything.
Because the antibodies that are built in the body
are not sufficient in number
and being this center so weak,
the person feels extremely insecure.
Later on in life when the child goes to the school
or he tries to work out something for the future,
then also his confidence can be shaken
by parents, teachers, and outside people.
So it is very important to understand children who are growing.
In the West they analyze everything
and try to put human beings into compartments.
First the child, is a child according to them,
child has no innocence,
and he's extremely selfish.
Second part is adolescence,
which they think is a very arbitrary, moody stuff.
In India, we do not know that there is something like adolescence.
Now these adolescent people form a group,
and they start criticizing or making fun of all the elders.
At a very young age it starts.
First they make fun of the teachers, then of the parents,
then of all the people who are senior to them.
They start becoming extremely active in their brains
because they see too many televisions and things like that,
and then they start behaving at a very young age
in such violent ways that one cannot imagine.
I used to live about 25 miles away from London.
And every time I would go to London,
I would find some children doing some sort of a mischief, somewhere.
One day some of them entered into my compartment,
and they started pulling out all the covers,
thrusting their knives into the seats,
opening out all the upholstery.
I was just sitting and watching.
So I said, "Now are you tired? Please sit down.
What's the problem?"
They said, "We are all very angry." I said, "For what?
Why are you angry?" Said, "We are just angry."
I said, "But you have to be angry for something."
They were children going to good schools definitely,
wearing very good clothes.
And then I had to, when the train stopped, I called the ticket collector
and told him that these boys have been
doing all this hooliganic, hooliganism
in the compartment and you better look at it.
And he came in and he said, "this is a common thing"
and then somehow or other he took them out.
But the only thing I felt about them is,
that all of them had their Center Heart catching.
On the Kundalini, they were catching their Center Heart.
But when they saw Me, they sat down.
They were quiet, they listened to Me.
I settled their Center Heart.
And most of them said, "We are angry with our mother."
"Why?" "Because our brothers are angry."
"But why your brothers are angry?"
Then I discovered that Freud has given these funny ideas
against the mother.
Mother itself, can you imagine!
What a anti-God activity it is.
To an Indian, Mother is the primal thing
any Indian.
Because his sense of security lies in the mother.
Even if the father is hot-tempered,
is angry, still they depend on the mother.
Because mother knows when to get angry
and when not to get angry. She has the discrimination.
And she is the one who protects them.
The idea of Mother is completely blasted in the West,
and this is the reason why
the children of that country feel so insecure,
and when they grow, they are extremely insecure.
You won't believe
that all the time they are polishing their brass,
cleaning their house,
but not even a rat enters their houses.
And if they have to talk to someone,
they'll make a person stand outside and talk from inside,
specially in London,
because they are literally frightened.
Nobody will believe,
the British who ruled us, are such frightened people.
But they are.
They are frightened of each other, they are frightened of themselves.
The reason is, the Center Heart is absolutely weak.
I've told you the first reason, the family insecurities.
The child does not know when he comes back from school,
whether his mother would be there or she would be gone.
They don't have mothers who can bear a lot from the husbands
and smile and show no signs of their agony to their children.
But the mothers in that country, I've seen,
always try to use their children
from all kinds of emotional blackmail, you can call it.
They try to torture the child
by telling all the things the husband is doing to them
and whatever is the problem they are facing with the husbands.
So the child is not secured by the mother, but, on the contrary,
child starts giving security to mother there.
At a very young age it starts,
and the child becomes extremely negative
and left-sided. He feels that he's born in a place
full of hatred, insecurity, and fear.
When a person is frightened,
this center start breathing fast,
giving rhythmic instructions to all the antibodies.
With that you feel you are getting a palpitation in the heart.
This palpitation is nothing
but a signal to all the antibodies to fight
the emergency of an attack.
But when somebody builds up insecurity later on in life,
it becomes a physical problem.
If they have insecurities earlier,
it is an emotional problem.
But later on in life,
when one develops a insecurity - any kind,
like a wife is insecure about her husband;
husband is a loafer or a bad man,
and carrying on with other women,
so the motherhood of the wife is challenged.
And when her motherhood is challenged,
she may get the weakening of this center,
by which she may suffer quite a lot
and may have even breast cancer.
These insecurities can be also self-made, imaginary.
People can just think about it
and build up some sort of insecurities,
which are of no actual existence.
But such fears are very much more in the West.
Because the life in the West has no mooring,
has no explanation.
Whatever you ask them, they'll say, "What's wrong?"
A husband will say, "What's wrong?" in having a keep.
And the wife will also say,
"All right, if he wants to have a keep, let him have it."
In India, no woman would tolerate such a situation.
She would starve, she would do everything,
but she will never touch a man who has a keep.
So the basis of the strength of Indian women
is their sense of chastity.
The sense of chastity
in the Indian women is so great
that nothing can deter them
as long as they are chaste.
But if they are not chaste,
then fear settles in them very fast.
Chastity is the strength of women.
And that's why those women who have fear, mostly,
have a problem of their chastity being challenged.
A woman who is frightened that her chastity may be disturbed,
also can develop a problem with the Heart Chakra.
Such women can develop
breast cancers, breathing troubles,
and other kind of frightening diseases
on the emotional level also.
This Chakra is ruined in women
when they lose their only child;
because their motherhood is finished, they feel.
And that is the worst thing that can happen to a woman,
if she's a woman.
But if she's not a woman, she doesn't feel much,
and she just behaves in a very manly way.
And that's what I've seen in the West,
that women really don't much care when their children die.
But it is because they are not women.
If you are a woman
you definitely feel for your children and their death.
But after some time,
such a woman comes back again
and she accepts the life as it is, for the sake of her husband,
or may be if she has more relations or other children.
She becomes extremely powerful
as a reaction to what has happened to her.
That's only possible if your center of Heart is all right.
Such women do not grudge, do not complain,
are extremely serene,
and can bear up lots of things.
They are extremely tolerant
and can go to any extent to help their children,
but they are never spoiling their children.
They never spoil their children,
because they understand
spoiling is much worse than beating the child.
They never spoil the children, nor ever pamper them,
and never get dominated by their children.
They know, "I have to guide the child
and have to look after the child."
So they look after all the ideals and righteousness
and the virtues of the child.
And if he tries to get out of it,
they go all out to win him over back to virtue
and to better life.
But those people, those women, who do not care
for actual growth of the child,
may just avoid it and escape it.
In the men, this chakra is caught up
if they have lost their mother very early,
or if their mother by chance is a very cruel woman.
Also this chakra can be caught up by men,
if they have been to wars,
and if they have seen frightful things in the war.
Such people could be extremely emotional
and could be easily befooled
by people who try to win over their emotions.
This Heart Center is caught up by various emotional problems
in human beings.
Husband and wife, if they all the time quarrel,
there's always quarrelling in the house,
especially if the mother is very dominating,
the child develops this center.
And if the father is very dominating,
the child develops this - the Heart itself.
So it is very important that
husband and wife should never quarrel
in the presence of their children.
Center Heart can be developed in countries
where there's all fear, people are frightened.
It can be developed by other things
by which people are frightened.
Reading books of bad gurus
and reading the books about
shocking things, like many people who read
the Kundalini's book have got Center Heart
because they are so frightened about the Kundalini!
Anything that frightens you if you read
can make your heart very, very weak and dangerous.
So the right side of every human being
represents the fatherhood, the Fatherhood.
And the Fatherhood of a man is very important.
If this center is spoilt,
or if there's something wrong with it,
then you get asthma as a disease.
Asthma is only caused
by this center being spoilt
or some other combinations with this center.
Asthma is very common among girls and boys.
And the relationship with the father,
or the understanding of the father,
or your own fatherhood is not all right,
you get this trouble of asthma,
and for that one has to ask the questions to the sadhakas,
what sort of a father you have. As one gentleman came and asked Me,
"Why everybody's asking me, what sort of a father you have?
What sort of a - everybody asked me, what about your father,
what about your father?
What has my father to do with me?"
Actually everybody feels the Right Heart,
and they have to ask about the father.
Because father resides in the Right Heart,
and the principle of fatherhood, if it is spoilt,
if there is a problem with the principle of fatherhood,
then you get this problem and many other problems
which I do not want to discuss now at length.
But you can understand a person who has no father,
how diffident he is, and how he behaves,
and also such people, those who have not known a father,
can become very wayward, licentious or permissive,
or could be very much secretly licentious.
The people who lose their father do not
have that lacking - a lacking --
they lack in that discipline that the father gives them.
Or could be, such people
could take to a very remorse and unhappy life.
Or they could be very hard on their children,
or could be extremely kind and spoil the children.
It could be any way. So it has of both the reactions,
either too much of love-giving or too much of strictness.
It can be anything.
Or a person could be of this kind,
may be very strict in childhood,
and could be extremely lavish in old age.
It's a - it is a very imbalanced personality.
So the person who has no father
has to know that his father is Shri Rama.
He should not worry about anything.
He is the One, with one arrow
He can kill any number of people.
So he should have no fear, at all,
about his father not being there
or father being dead or something happening like that.
On the contrary, if the father is dead,
it's better to tell him not to worry about you
and that you are all right,
so that you leave your father in peace
and ask him to take his birth,
than to bind him to this earth.
This is the Right Heart and the Left Heart is the mother,
actually your own mother, whosoever it is.
That is the motherhood, in the sense,
that if your mother has been extremely unkind
and extremely funny,
or your relationship with mother is bad,
then know that there's something wrong on the Left Heart
which is indicated in you.
So these two points are very important in human beings.
If a Sahaja Yogi just decides that
"I have a Father and a Mother;
God Almighty is my Father and my Mother"
then these problems can be easily solved.
But in Sahaja Yoga,
it is not what you think that works out, it does not.
Like in the car if you sit down and think that,
"I am going to Connaught Place", you won't move.
You have to move your hands.
In the same way in Sahaja Yoga you have to move your hands.
Clear you Chakras, move them higher and put them up.
It's not what you think is important in Sahaja Yoga.
Not at all. You may think that,
"I'm doing very well in Sahaja Yoga, I'm very good",
but it's not so.
It is what you actually achieve, your ascent is the point.
So, as in the car, as I told you,
you cannot just sit down and think and do the job.
In the same way, you have to run this machine,
and you have to see that you get all this movement.
There should be "ghati" in you. Otherwise,
there is no sense in just talking about Sahaja Yoga,
thinking about Sahaja Yoga,
and convincing yourself that you are a great Sahaja Yogi.
It is how you manifest it is the point,
which very few people understand.
Very, very few people understand that
it has to be manifesting, it has to be karyanmit.
It is not just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk morning till evening.
Even when I'm talking, now I'm opening your heart,
Heart Center.
I'm working it.
Even I'm talking, also I'm opening. It's working.
You will see your Heart Chakra is open
by the time I finish My lecture.
It is so, because I know how to do it.
When I talk I'm just watching
where the Chakras are catching,
what's happening and I'm catching all these points and touching it
and trying to open it.
And that's how it should be, that even when you talk it should be karyanvit.
Even when you are quiet and raising hands
it should be karyanvit.
Whatever you do, you should be karyanvit.
Even if you glance at anyone it should be karyanvit,
it should not be just
a kind of a jabbering that we do sometimes about Sahaja Yoga.
The greatest fear human beings have
that they think they have done lots of mistakes,
and these mistakes are too many,
and they can never get Realization,
they'll be doomed, they'll be going to hell.
This is not true, at all true.
Nobody is going to go hell
if they you do not want to.
If you want to stop it, you can stop it.
The time has come.
You are going to be blessed and blessed for ever.
So may God bless you!
Today's lecture I've given you
in a way that you should understand importance
of confidence, but not by saying, "I am confident."
Because when you say outwardly you are actually egoistical.
But when you say in your vibrations,
then you are confident.
May God bless you all!
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1983-0201 Heart Chakra, security and Motherhood

2407 Folder Collection
邱奕傑 published on March 31, 2015
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