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  • All right, everyone. It's Day 6.

  • We have 15 lessons to go in this series.

  • Make sure you study each day.

  • Please don't fall behind.

  • What does this phrasal verb mean?

  • "Fall behind" can be both intransitive and transitive.

  • If it's transitive,

  • it's inseparable.

  • We could also use it with the prepositions WITH and ON.

  • Do you usually do your work according to schedule?

  • Or do you sometimes fall behind?

  • How can you make sure

  • you don't fall behind schedule in the future?

  • Let's first review the definitions

  • of all six phrasal verbs that we've studied so far.

  • We'll use flashcards again.

  • let in on

  • come up with

  • sink in

  • brush up on

  • try out

  • fall behind

  • Now let's see how well you remember

  • the particles needed to form each phrasal verb.

  • If you'd like more practice,

  • try answering each question.

  • It would be even better

  • if you had a study partner.

All right, everyone. It's Day 6.

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