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  • Hi and welcome to Day 3.

  • Many phrasal verbs are idiomatic,

  • so their meaning isn't immediately obvious.

  • But if you understand the situation

  • and the feelings of the speaker,

  • the definition of a phrasal verb usually sinks in.

  • What does this phrasal verb mean?

  • Look at these examples.

  • "Sink in" is intransitive.

  • It has no object.

  • Were you always good at math

  • and quick to solve problems?

  • Or did it take time for a math lesson to sink in.

  • Let's review the three phrasal verbs

  • we've studied so far with a short quiz.

  • Read the statement to yourself.

  • Which phrasal verb completes it?

  • It took a few seconds for the news to sink in.

  • Sheila and Greg let their parents in on their secret...

  • them come up with some possible baby names.

Hi and welcome to Day 3.

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