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  • Hi. My name is Miki.

  • Please - no jokes about Mickey Mouse!

  • Don't even think about it!

  • Although I look like a normal girl.

  • Actually I am a super hero.

  • I'm Wasabi Woman.

  • Why "Wasabi Women"?

  • Because I like sushi and I'm hot.

  • Sorry. I don't have a costume.

  • It's in the washing machine.

  • I have a brown belt in karate.

  • A black belt in judo.

  • A blue jacket in my bedroom.

  • And ten pairs of shoes.

  • One day I was walking in the park

  • minding my own business

  • when I was stopped by four evil sisters




  • and SITONMI.

  • I said

  • Kissumi, Hitumi...

  • Kikumi, Sitonmi.

  • Why do you stoppumi?

  • We heard you have secret powers.

  • You know many English words.

  • Like extreme adjectives.

  • Tell us, or we'll kick your ass!

  • Ha ha! Kick my ass?

  • You and who's army?

  • The Salvation Army. Ha ha ha!

  • No, no! The evil KO gang.

  • Yeah, yeah! The evil KO gang.

  • The KO gang?

  • I'm Etsuko.

  • I'm Setsuko.

  • I'm Hikako.

  • I'm Haruko.

  • I'm Minato.

  • I'm Chikako.

  • I'm Yukiko.

  • I'm Reiko. Keiko. I'm Seiko.

  • I'm Saiko.

  • I'm Mexiko.

  • Tell us...

  • all the extreme adjectives or we will

  • beat the shxt out of you!

  • Bring it on!

  • I'm good!

  • But I'm fantastic.

  • I'm beautiful.

  • But I'm gorgeous.

  • I'm funny.

  • But I'm hilarious!

  • I'm hungry.

  • But I'm starving.

  • I am tired.

  • But I'm exhausted.

  • Ha ha ha!

  • I hope I have taught you a lesson.

  • Oh, sorry!

  • Hitumi?

  • Kissumi?

  • Kikumi?

  • Oh! Thank you!

  • Sitonmi.

Hi. My name is Miki.

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