B1 Intermediate 19322 Folder Collection
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Hi. My name is Miki.
Please - no jokes about Mickey Mouse!
Don't even think about it!
Although I look like a normal girl.
Actually I am a super hero.
I'm Wasabi Woman.
Why "Wasabi Women"?
Because I like sushi and I'm hot.
Sorry. I don't have a costume.
It's in the washing machine.
I have a brown belt in karate.
A black belt in judo.
A blue jacket in my bedroom.
And ten pairs of shoes.
One day I was walking in the park
minding my own business
when I was stopped by four evil sisters
I said
Kissumi, Hitumi...
Kikumi, Sitonmi.
Why do you stoppumi?
We heard you have secret powers.
You know many English words.
Like extreme adjectives.
Tell us, or we'll kick your ass!
Ha ha! Kick my ass?
You and who's army?
The Salvation Army. Ha ha ha!
No, no! The evil KO gang.
Yeah, yeah! The evil KO gang.
The KO gang?
I'm Etsuko.
I'm Setsuko.
I'm Hikako.
I'm Haruko.
I'm Minato.
I'm Chikako.
I'm Yukiko.
I'm Reiko. Keiko. I'm Seiko.
I'm Saiko.
I'm Mexiko.
Tell us...
all the extreme adjectives or we will
beat the shxt out of you!
Bring it on!
I'm good!
But I'm fantastic.
I'm beautiful.
But I'm gorgeous.
I'm funny.
But I'm hilarious!
I'm hungry.
But I'm starving.
I am tired.
But I'm exhausted.
Ha ha ha!
I hope I have taught you a lesson.
Oh, sorry!
Oh! Thank you!
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Wassabi Woman

19322 Folder Collection
Derrick Chen published on March 25, 2015    Derrick Chen translated    王妍心 reviewed
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