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  • Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.

  • We will go over 32 highly requested slang words and phrases you may have heard spoken among Black people.

  • These words are used for the sole purpose of better understanding your favorite Black movies and musical artists.

  • We highly recommend that you do not use these words in daily conversation,

  • especially when you're conversing with Black people.

  • But, you can enjoy learning Ebonics and improve your understanding of Black speech

  • and learn more about Black culture with this lesson.

  • I hope this will be a stepping stone into learning more about Black culture.

  • Everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Today's word/phrase: aight.

  • Now, usually aight is very self-explanatory.

  • It just means, "Do you understand? Is it okay? Is it all right?"

  • But, you can also use the word "K".

  • Aight? K?

  • K meaning OK. We just cut the O off of OK, and just went, "K?"

  • Now, so you can do it properly, the conversational situation.

  • Yo, yo, yo. Stay right there Aight!!!{K!!!}

  • I got it, I got it

  • Hey man, Whacha gonna do with that thing?!!!

  • I’ma gonna make my girl smile with this ~~~aight!!!

  • Understand?

  • Well, let's go through these real quickly-like.

  • First situation, telling his boy, "Yo, stay right there. Just hold up. Wait, just stay right there, OK?"

  • Instead of saying OK, saying to his boy, "Do you understand? Okay?"

  • you just say, "Stay right there, K?" and his boy said, "I got it. I got it."

  • Second example, he's talking to his man, "Yo! What is this thing you got here?"

  • It could be a ring, it can be some kind of food he cooked for her, something special he made for her.

  • And he said, "Yo man, whatcha gonna do with that thing?"

  • And his friend says, "I'm gonna make my girl smile with this, aight!!"

  • Do you understand me?

  • Simple and plain.

  • Got it? Good.

  • Until next time, I'll hit you up with more Ebonics.

  • I'm out. Peace.

Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.

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