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  • Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.

  • We will go over 32 highly requested slang words and phrases you may have heard spoken among Black people.

  • These words are used for the sole purpose of better understanding your favorite Black movies and musical artists.

  • We highly recommend that you do not use these words in daily conversation,

  • especially when you're conversing with Black people.

  • But, you can enjoy learning Ebonics and improve your understanding of Black speech

  • and learn more about Black culture with this lesson.

  • I hope this will be a stepping stone into learning more about Black culture.

  • Everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Today's phrase is: beats me.

  • Now, "beats me", you may hear this every now and then; it's frequently used in conversation.

  • Beats me is basically you're saying, "Hey, I don't know. I don't understand, you know, have no idea."

  • Very simple situation. You just don't know.

  • So, you use "beats me".

  • So, until the conversational situation.

  • Two Guys talking about a LIVE stage they are thinking about seeing.

  • Yo! Someone told me tha dis gig cost 100 bucks to get in….

  • Beats me??? Big Tee got me this free Backstage pass for this thang.

  • I heard that fool was coming to the partyis he???

  • Beats me??? I don’t know that man.

  • You understand?

  • Well, let's go over this real quick.

  • Now, I know this conversation may be confusing, 'cause it came at you like that, but it's very simple.

  • Two guys are about to go to a stage show they wanna check out.

  • Their favorite bands are there, whatever. They wanna go and check it out.

  • One guy says, "Yo! Someone told me it's gonna cost him 100 dollars to get into the gig,"

  • but the other guy said, "My friend, Tee," he hooked him up and got him a backstage pass and get him in to the party for free.

  • So, he's like, "Beats me. I don't know how much it cost, 'cause I got a free pass. I can get in."

  • That's lovely.

  • Second example, he heard somebody said, this guy, some knuckle-head guy, is coming to the party,

  • because maybe this guy comes to the party and causes drama and trouble and they don't want him there for that.

  • You know, we don't need this guy there.

  • So, he asked his friend is he coming, basically.

  • And his friend says he don't have no idea, because he don't like that man.

  • "Beats me." He don't know him.

  • You got it? Good.

  • Until next time, when I drop a few more Ebonics phrases and words on you.

  • I'm out. Peace.

Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.

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