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  • Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.

  • We will go over 32 highly requested slang words and phrases you may have heard spoken among Black people.

  • These words are used for the sole purpose of better understanding your favorite Black movies and musical artists.

  • We highly recommend that you do not use these words in daily conversation,

  • especially when you're conversing with Black people.

  • But, you can enjoy learning Ebonics and improve your understanding of Black speech

  • and learn more about Black culture with this lesson.

  • I hope this will be a stepping stone into learning more about Black culture.

  • Everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Today's word is: hickey.

  • Now, hickey is kind of a laid back word and everybody uses it around the neighborhood.

  • A hickey is just a kiss mark.

  • That's when you suck on a beautiful lady's neck and make that little red mark on their neck.

  • So, we call that a hickey.

  • So, a hickey is just a common word saying a kiss mark on the neck.

  • So, we're gonna hit you up with a couple examples real quick.

  • So, move on to the examples.

  • A guy talking to a girl.

  • Girl!! Whacha doing with that big ass hickey on your neck??

  • Boy! Stop playing...that's not a hickey!!!

  • Damn Man, what a big ass hickey you put on he'r neck!!!

  • What can I say.... She taste good!!!! HAHAHA

  • Did you get it? You got it? Good.

  • Let's roll through it real quick-like.

  • First example, a guy talking to a girl as mentioned.

  • The guy's saying to his friend, "Hey girl, you got this big old kiss mark on your neck. Whatcha doing with that?"

  • And the girl was like, "Boy, stop playing. There ain't no hickey on my neck."

  • Simple. They're teasing each other.

  • That's what we do. Good stuff.

  • Second example, a boy talking to his friend and saying, "Damn man, you put a big old hickey on that girl's neck."

  • So, when he's seen this girl this man was messing with, she had a big kiss mark on her neck.

  • And his friend had to laugh about it and say, "Yeah, what can I say? She tastes too good."

  • Did you get it? You got it? Cool.

  • Until next time, hit you up with some more Ebonics.

  • I'm out. Peace.

Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.

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