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Do you want to achieve a goal?
Then here are three top tips in less than a minute.
First, make a pledge by telling your friends and family what you're trying to do.
This not only creates a fear of failure but also a sense of support.
Second, create a detailed plan by breaking your goal into a series of smaller steps.
So don't just say you going to the gym more, but rather you're going to go on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, at exactly 6 p.m.
Third, plot your progress.
For example, you might try keeping a journal, using an app, creating a spread-sheet, or even sticking updates to the fridge.
And so next time you want to achieve the goal, remember the three P's: pledge, plan, and plot.
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The 3 Secrets Of Success

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王妍心 published on March 20, 2015    王妍心 translated    reviewed
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