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Hi, this is Kei from Asian Boss.
A cultural phenomenon called,
"Kabe-Don" exploded in popularity in Japan.
So we thought
it'd be interesting to see how "Kabe-Don"
would be received in Western culture.
Like, how would non-Japanese women react
to Kabe-Don being tried on them?
So what is a Kabe-Don?
I'm introducing like a cultural trend which is happening in Japan right now.
It's called a Kabe-Don.
Have you guys ever heard of a Kabe-Don before?
No, what is it?
Do you know what a Kabe-Don is?
Have you ever heard of Kabe-Don?
No, I have no idea, what is it?
A "Kabe" is a wall,
and "Don" is like a sound effect of when the guy kind of hits the wall.
Lets say that Sean was an attractive female,
and Sean liked me.
You're so hot, Sean.
Let's say that I'm hot, too.
Sean has to be attracted to me. OK?
In the midst of the conversation.
I put my hand on the wall,
and then I speak into his ears.
It's usually like a cheesy, dominant type line.
Like um... "You're going to be my girl",
or something like that in Japanese.
Today I want to demonstrate this,
and then see what kind of reactions you would have.
OK, you have to look into my eyes,
and another thing is you're attracted to me.
I havn't drunk anything,
but I'm so intoxicated by you.
Oh my god, that is so good.
I'd definitely date you after that.
The way that you were like on me like that,
that was amazing.
You make me go crazy.
Normal Kabedon
Double Kabedon
French Kabedon
(Just pretending to speak French)
Tree Kabedon?
I was feeling a bit off today,
but you definitely turn me on.
How did you feel about this Kabe-Don?
I'm in Love.
I'm in Love.
Do you think that something like this could actually work in a Western world?
I think it could yeah, definitely.
Kind of felt it?
Definitely, I'm not really sure about the sentence but...
The whole action could, you know, it could work.
No, it didn't make me feel uncomfortable.
I don't know if in real situation,
and if I didn't know you and you would just come like that,
I would feel a bit like, oh wow, whats happening...?
But if you are like friends, or if you have being dating each other
and you would make this action to me,
I would not...
freak out...
I would love it.
I actually would.
I wouldn't say no to that.
I mean... yeah
Yeah, who would not love it.
Don't go nuts with "Kabedon" unless you want to get sued for sexual harassment.
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Craziest Japanese Trend "Kabedon"

3630 Folder Collection
Bruce Lan published on March 14, 2015
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