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Hi, today I am making no-bake 3-ingredient truffle, Brazilian Brigadeiro.
First, sift 3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder.
Then add 12 oz of sweetened condensed milk in a thick-bottom sauce pan.
Add in the sifted cocoa powder.
And over medium heat stir with a wooden stick until combined.
Now add in 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter
and stir continuously until butter is melt.
When it boils, stir rigorously until the mixture thickens like this.
Now transfer to a heat-proof bowl and let cool. This is brigadeiro.
To make truffles, rub butter on your palms.
And make truffles with a teaspoonful of brigadeiro.
Butter will prevent brigadeiro from sticking to your palms.
Then roll it in the sifted unsweetened cocoa powder.
This is a 3-ingredient brigadeiro truffle.
You can decorate truffles with green tea powder,
grated coconut,
chopped walnuts,
chopped pistachio,
strawberry chocolate, etc.
Brigadeiro truffles.
It’s so easy to make, you can make them with children.
This recipe is great for parties and holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Bon appetit.
My favorite is pistachio. Brigadeiro is creamy like chocolate ganache.
And Alex cannot eat this because cocoa is dangerous for dogs.
Thank you, isabella0985, for your suggestion.
There will be more festive recipes this month.
See you soon, bye!
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3-Ingredient Chocolate Truffle Recipe No-Bake Brigadeiro 연유 초콜릿 만들기 노오븐 디저트 초코볼 - 한글자막

3727 Folder Collection
cathy~ published on March 13, 2015
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