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  • Ed O'Neill was on this show and talking about it.

  • It was all shot-- the entire episode

  • was on iPhones and iPads and computers.

  • - Yes, yes. - Which is so creative.

  • Yes, it was. It was also a little funky.

  • Ed--he is the most un-technologically savvy,

  • so it was perfect for this.

  • I had to be a little more technologically savvy.

  • - Did you? - Well, I was alone in--

  • They all got to sort of see each other.

  • I was alone in, like, a black sort of room.

  • And I had an earpiece in and everybody was miked,

  • and I could hear everybody,

  • sort of whispering and chit-chatting,

  • which most of the time is fine.

  • This one scene, I have to get kind of emotional--

  • I'm gonna ruin it, guys.

  • but I have to get a little emotional,

  • and so I sort of had to work up a cry,

  • but I didn't want to say it out loud.

  • I didn't want to go like, "Hey everyone, shut up!

  • I'm trying to cry!"

  • So in my ear, on this, like-- and you could hear everything.

  • You can hear Ty, just saying his lines, over and over.

  • You know, he may have one line, but he says--

  • "Well, I want to go to the party.

  • I want to go to the party. I want to go." over and over.

  • You can hear, like,

  • "Where is my lipstick?

  • Who took my lipstick?"

  • It was so hard to listen in

  • to everybody just chitter-chattering.

  • And ordinarily,

  • I'm one of them.

  • I think you.

  • - But, really?

  • No, I wouldn't see that.

  • Sofia is

  • you did a great impression of Sofia, by the way.

  • - Why, thank you. - She is getting married

  • to Joe soon.

  • - I know! - Right?

  • - I know. - Do you know anything about it?

  • - Well, I like to lie about it.

  • I mean, people always ask,

  • and it think it would be fun,

  • if we had a clue,

  • but I don't know if she has a clue.

  • I like to tell people-- wow, that's not helping

  • to diversify the gene pool, is it?

  • Look at that.

  • They're pretty.

  • You know, it's gonna be, what?

  • They're either going to run away and elope,

  • or it's going to be a thousand people,

  • and I like to tell them I'm going to wear, like, peach.

  • That she's asked me to be her bridesmaid,

  • and I'm going to wear, like, a peach Princess Di

  • kind of puffy-sleeved thing.

  • She would never allow that,

  • but I like to pretend.

Ed O'Neill was on this show and talking about it.

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