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  • l'll helpyou.

  • l told you l would. Come on.

  • Oh, l'm so hungy l could faint.

  • [ Sniffling ] And l've gottenyoursuit all wet.

  • - That's all right. It's a drip-dy. - [ Sighs ]

  • - Wipeyour eyes. - [ Sniffling ]

  • Promise meyou'll never lie to me the way Charles did.

  • Why do people have to tell lies?

  • Usually it's because theywant something. They're afraid the truth won't get it.

  • - Doyou tell lies? - [ Phone Buzzing ]

  • - Hello? - Mrs. Lampert, it's me...

  • the man who was in your room a few minutes ago.

  • - What doyou want? - Who is it?

  • l t's the man you had the fight with.

  • - Is Dyle with you? - Who?

  • The man l had the fight with, lady. Dyle. That's his name.

  • What's wrong? Is he still there?

  • - Yes, that's right. - What's he saying?

  • Don't trust him. Don't tell him anything.

  • He's after the money.

  • What was all that about?

  • He-

  • - He said ifl don't give him the money he'll kill me. - Oh, don't take it seriously.

  • He'sjust tying to frighten you.

  • - l believe what he said. - No, no. It'sjust a lot ofwords.

  • Words can hurt.

  • l know.

  • Ty to get some sleep. You'll feel better.

  • Don't wory. l've arranged to take the room next door toyou.

  • Soyou'll be all right.

  • lfyou want anything, just bang on the wall.

  • Better lock the door after me.

  • Good night.

  • [ Door Closes ]

l'll helpyou.

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