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  • [How well do you really know yourself?]

  • [Horoscopes, palm readings, personality tests]

  • [They all claim to describe your true personality]

  • [We asked some people to write down their date of birth, city of birth, favorite color]

  • [Here are the results of their personality tests]

  • Alright guys, thanks for your patience.

  • I have the results of your personality test based on the information that you gave me.

  • Now these are customized for each of you so I'm going to ask you as you read the results please keep them to yourselves right now.

  • Alright, so Abel, Keith, Allison, and Eugene.

  • Okay.

  • No peeking. Don't look.

  • Don't peek at mine.

  • [So how accurate are the results?]

  • Uh, yeah, I would say that this is pretty accurate.

  • A lot of the things in here are like the things that the little voice in the back of my mind says.

  • So it's really spooky that someone got all this information about me.

  • Not sure how you can get even a close to accurate reading of someone's sort of personality by you know, things that seem arbitrary like your birthday or the colors you like or where you were born.

  • Yeah, this is eerily accurate and also my worst fear is realized, the final line cuts me to my core.

  • It says "Some of your aspirations tend to be unrealistic" which I'd say is my greatest fear always.

  • That I'm aspiring to things that I don't deserve and that I'm not qualified to do.

  • Yeah, I feel like most of it is accurate, there's a few things that are, I don't really think are very accurate.

  • I did have an astrology phase when I was really into astrology but I was always the guy who read every single sign and I always felt like I'm related to something in every sign.

  • Okay everybody, how did I do?

  • Was I pretty accurate?

  • Uh, yeah!

  • For me it was like, there was like a 80 to 85 percent that I was like "yeah".

  • And then there was also a line specifically about how I don't accept other people's statements sometimes.

  • Doesn't anybody want to share some of the specifics, you know, bring them up and we can talk about them.

  • Yeah, there's one that's, "You also pride yourself as an independent thinker and do not accept other's statements without satisfactory proof. Some of your aspirations tend to be rather unrealistic, you can't...”

  • Was this like a...

  • I feel like I have, I have the same stuff.

  • You have a similar one?

  • I have the exact same line I have the exact same one

  • That's pretty funny.

  • You all have exactly the same feedback.

  • Wow. What?

  • Oh, this was a psychological test!

  • Now listen, this probably felt pretty personal though, right?

  • I mean two minutes ago felt like it was really about you.

  • Yeah.

  • And the reason it feels so personal is that, in fact, it's very very general so it can apply to anybody.

  • This is called the Barnum effect and this is basically what you would find in a lot of online personality tests, a lot of online horoscopes or newspaper horoscopes.

  • In fact, every single sentence in what you got at one time or another was in a horoscope.

  • Weve been hoodwinked! We've been fooled!

  • I wasn't quite hoodwinked.

  • You were!

  • I was completely!

  • I was like, "pretty good job!"

  • You almost made me cry, almost.

  • I never buy into, like, horoscopes stuff, so like this, I was like "Oh man, this is so right! What am I doing? How can you gather this information?"

  • Of course they couldn't, it's fake!

  • But I think that what this taught me is that all the time people try to tell me what type of person I am and I tend to believe them but I shouldn't.

  • The whole experience is making me question every quiz I've ever taken, especially that "Which Meryl Streep Character Are You?"

  • So I guess I'm not that much Devil Wears Prada as I thought I was.

[How well do you really know yourself?]

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How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?

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