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I believe we have the original Stig at the helm of this car.
This is gonna be fun
this is the Ford Focus ST ..
.. with a difference.
We're gonna go on board in this car
he's basically racing against somebody on a computer game.
There is our computer game player.
On the Ford stand
with an on-board view and ...
live inside the car.
It's a race to the top of the hill.
In practice I understand that the virtual driver
had the edge.
But let's see ....
if the real car, which is ahead at the moment.
Coming through the first double apex right hander
into the second part of that in the car and the game
just touching the apex there now ..
and who will get under the bridge first?
It's the car
ahead of game at the moment.
There's the on-board shot I was telling you about ..
as you approach Molecomb over the blind-brow and into the kink
Big set of lock-ups there from our NASCARs from earlier.
Car is ahead coming out of Molecomb as it heads towards the flint wall.
Which is a very quick and narrow
right-left flick, keeping out of the wall, minding the bails on the other side.
You have to be inch perfect.
And it's still the car that is ahead at the moment.
Though long right-hander pop out into the sunshine once more.
Round the long left-hander
to finish the ...
and the car takes it by a whisker from the game.
New Focus ST 1.05:13
GT6 Focus 1.05:23
That was close.
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Goodwood Showdown: Focus ST vs. Gran Turismo 6

2123 Folder Collection
nick published on February 20, 2015
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