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  • Hey it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business

  • and a life that you love. And this is Q&A Tuesday and today’s question comes from

  • Ms. Evelyn and Evelyn writes:

  • Hi Marie, after watching all your recent videos I’ve been thinking a lot about the

  • strong sense of trust you create in your business. Through free phone calls, videos, and newsletters,

  • you come across as a genuine friend, and a funny one at that, who we can rely on to pursue

  • our dreams. As an artist it’s crucial for me to communicate the same sense of trust

  • to potential clients in order to get more commissioned work. However, I’m struggling

  • with where to begin. Since I can’t really offer full refunds once I put paint to canvas,

  • I feel like I’m a step behind in the please trust me game. So my question is, what are

  • some steps I can take to communicate a genuine sense of trust to appeal to potential clients?

  • Thank you for your time, Evelyn.”

  • Great question Evelyn. Creating trust is an essential part of creating a business and

  • life that you love, but before we go any further I want to nip something in the bud. So you

  • talked about feeling a step behind in this please trust me game and I want to tell you

  • something, that is not true. You do not have to offer refunds in order to create trust.

  • Obviously that doesn't work for your business model, so just don't do it. Now, I know youre

  • asking yourself, “Well, what do I do then?” and I’m gonna give you some insights. But

  • I’ve gotta say, in our business ironically weve never really thought about creating

  • trust, and maybe that’s why people feel a great sense of trust with us. There’s

  • no formula to follow, there’s nothing really strategic we do besides be really honest,

  • be really transparent, and only do and say what we believe in. So all that being said,

  • here are two principles that can help you inspire trust in your customers.

  • Number one is be true to you. So in my company and on this show, we only do things that we

  • really believe in. We only say things that we can stand behind. And in my own life, both

  • in the business and personally, if I don't feel it, I don't do it. And if I don't believe

  • in it, I don't say it. Bottom line is, I don't pretend ever, except perhaps maybe when I’m

  • playing Smurf Kingdom.

  • So a little behind the scenes secret from MarieTV. When we start to write out these

  • episodes, if I start to make a suggestion I always ask myself, “Wait a minute, would

  • I actually do this or do I actually do this?” If the answer is no, I don't write it. Same

  • thing if I’m like, “Oh, I can really relate to this fear,” and I check myself and go,

  • Wait, I actually don't have that fear,” then I don't say it. And similarly, in our

  • business, if people try and give us money for things that we don't wanna take money

  • for, for example, like putting ads on our site, we just say no.

  • As an artist you can and should do this, too. So, for example, if youre an abstract artist

  • and someone wants you to paint a portrait of their pet ferret named Big Dick you can

  • say, “No thank you. I ain’t panting Dick!” In other words, if you don't feel it, don't

  • do it. And when youre honest with yourself and honest with your market, youll instantly

  • inspire trust.

  • Number two, you wanna set clear expectations. So in my company we are obsessed with letting

  • people know how things are gonna work. So, for example, if you sign up for our email

  • list we tell you here’s what’s gonna happen next. Here’s when you can expect to hear

  • from us. If you sign up for B-School, here’s exactly what’s gonna happen next. Were

  • gonna walk you through the process. Same thing with a live event. Were always trying to

  • let people know exactly what’s gonna happen next. What this does is remove fear and uncertainty

  • and completely set people at ease and it inspires trust.

  • As an artist you can do this too. So you know the biggest concern people have about a commissioned

  • custom piece? Theyre thinking in their minds, “What happens if I don't like it?”

  • So why not set up a process where you walk people through exactly what’s gonna happen?

  • So in our business, we commissioned a custom piece of artwork for our office and we love

  • it, and the reason I love it is because the artist actually took us through the whole

  • process step by step. She showed us her timeline, she allowed us to give feedback, she showed

  • us the progress along the way, and the thing came out amazing. Now, for you as an artist,

  • you may not wanna give your clients an ability to give feedback, so youve gotta make the

  • right choice for you. But the point is, if you walk people through the process and you

  • give them an option somewhere to say, “You know what? This isn’t for me. I’d actually

  • like to back out,” theyre gonna feel so much more comfortable doing business with

  • you. So let’s wrap this up with a Tweetable.

  • Build your business on truth and trust will build itself.”

  • That was my A to your Q Evelyn, let us know how it goes. And now I would love to hear

  • from you. So what makes you trust someone enough to do business with them? Any do’s

  • and donts that you’d like to share either from your own business or as a customer?

  • As always, the most awesome discussions happen after the episode over at,

  • so get yourself over and leave a comment right now.

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  • Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special

  • gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

  • on MarieTV.

Hey it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business

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2 Steps To Build Customer Trust -- Without Offering Refunds

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