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  • In March 2015, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is expected

  • to give a speech to congress at the invitation of House Speaker, John Boehner. However, no

  • notice of this speech was given to the White House, which some feel is a slight towards

  • the US

  • President. Netanyahu is already considered by many to have a somewhat frosty relationship

  • with Obama. So, what is the background of Israel’s Prime Minister? And how powerful

  • is he?

  • Benjamin Netanyahu, known informally asBibi’, was born in Israel, but lived and studied

  • in

  • the US for many years, in addition to fighting for the Israeli army.

  • He belongs to the Likud political party, and he has been prime minister of Israel

  • before -- in the 90’s. The Likud party is intensely dedicated to national security.

  • They have,

  • at times, been hesitant to move forward in peace talks because of ongoing distrust towards

  • neighboring governments. Although Netanyahu opposes military conflict, in the interest

  • of

  • national security, Israel keeps its military primed for combat -- Particularly in areas

  • like the

  • West Bank, where there are Israeli settlements in what is supposed to be Palestinian occupied

  • territory.

  • The US and Israel have been long-time allies and Netanyahu recently called their

  • relationshiprock-solid”. However it is these settlements that have been putting

  • a strain on

  • the personal friendship between Obama and Netanyahu. Obama made it clear in 2009, that

  • The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements” -- which

  • the

  • UN has declaredillegal”, and a “flagrantviolation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

  • However,

  • Netanyahu continues to support them. In December 2014, hundreds of new homes were

  • approved to be built in Israeli settlements along the West Bank and other areas.

  • Despite this, Israel still remains a valuable friend to the US. Both nations do not want

  • to see

  • Iran develop nuclear weapons, and both nations know they need to work together to stop it

  • from

  • happening. Because of Israel’s powerful government and sophisticated army, Netanyahu

  • is

  • ultimately a powerful ally for Obama to have.

  • If youre interested in knowing more about the close relationship between Israel

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In March 2015, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is expected

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