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So, after everything that happened, I didn’t really feel like filming anymore, but
Perry seems to think that it’ll be good for me.
It’ll provide closure or continuity or something.
Who was this girl, seriously?
God, her sole possessions are, like, a pile of empty wallets and some punk rock t-shirts.
So, Betty’s back.
Kind of.
Turns out she was supposed to be going to Princeton, so
she’s just here while she’s waiting to hear about a transfer.
The bleach. I’m going to need all of the bleach.
God, how did you not die?
She’s still a pretty good roommate, as roommates go.
She doesn’t steal all my things and she actually uses the chore wheel.
Oh! And I didn’t fail.
Danny got my grade switched to the pass side of pass-fail on account of my saving five students from being eaten and all.
Professor Cochrane actually gave me an A- in journalism.
She said that it would’ve been an A but desperate, last minute rescues are bad form.
Oh my god! There’s blood in the milk container.
Why is there blood in the milk container?
What is wrong with you people?
Why would anyone go this school?
[Betty leaves]
[Room shaking; weird noises outside]
Yeah. We’ve been having a lot of those since the battle.
Aftershocks, I guess.
Oh! And JP’s okay.
Kind of.
Turns out LaFontaine had a backup USB, which is a little weird, but
better to have him than not.
He and LaFontaine have been spending a lot of time together in the library lately.
I think they're
kind of
Perry is dealing with that as best she can.
I’m gonna miss those two when my dad comes to pick me up for reading week.
And look,
I know that that she was a terrible roommate and
kind of a terrible person sometimes, and that
one big grand gesture doesn’t make up for centuries of what’s essentially murder, but…
she was my terrible roommate and she made the big gesture for me.
[Perry knocks and enters]
Hey, Laura.
Um, so, something happened,
and, um, I just wanted to come prepare you so that you wouldn’t freak out.
So Kirsch and some of his Zeta
bros were, um, throwing cherry bombs into the big pit under the Lustig.
And, um,
they found, um…
[Danny enters carrying Carmilla]
Okay, sorry, Easy Bit, she’s heavier than she looks.
So, we think she’s… I mean, she seems dead, but she’s a vampire, right?
Well, blood! She needs blood!
[Grabs milk container and feeds it to Carmilla]
Please don’t be dead. Please don’t be dead.
[Carmilla drinks the blood and sits up]
Whoa, that was a kick.
[Laura hugs her]
[Perry and Danny leave]
Are you hurt? It looks like maybe you’re hurt. And
I’m sorry I hugged you so hard that you’re hurt, it’s just that
you were dead and now you’re not and- and I know that you’re probably going through
[Carmilla stands up]
through a lot of stuff with your mom, it’s just that…
[Carmilla kisses her]
And I know that you didn’t do everything for me, I just…
[Carmilla kisses her again]
[Laura squeals]
[Laura kisses Carmilla]
So, you’re a giant black cat, huh?
[Laura and Carmilla laugh]
[End credits to “Love Will Have Its Sacrifices” by SOLES]
I really can’t have one day without that thing?
Oh, come on. Don’t you wanna record it for posterity?
Posterity can bite me.
I have better things to do.
Oh, come on! They are all dying to know how you survived.
I will make it worth your while.
Well, it turns out that…
[LaFontaine bursts in]
I hate this place so much.
Where is it? Where’s the book? The big Sumerian book?
Uh, it’s in the washroom. I was using it as a… as a bathmat.
It’s pretty cushy.
I don’t read Sumerian.
Uh, Lophiiformes. Where is it? Where's the page.
I know it talks about sacrificing five virgins every twenty years, but
does it say anything about what would happen if it ate,
say, a very old, very powerful vampire like
your mother?
[Room shaking; weird noises outside]
We didn’t kill it?
I have an idea.
We just go.
We leave for reading week and we never come back. I mean, we can do that, right?
[Town Hall alarms]
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Carmilla | Episode 36 | Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella

1207 Folder Collection
Casandra Huang published on February 9, 2015
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