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hey guys welcome to this class on what's going to be the ultimate
quick start guide to guitar chords were gonna run to everything that you
need to know
to get you started playing lots of songs in a lot a great sounding chords on
all within about I'm hoping for around 30 minutes of actual
learning time to follow along to lessen we're gonna be running through the
course book here so you can download and print out your copy to full-on
despite clicking on the link below it so let's get started
is actually just 10 chords that we need to really get going with all this
to kinda lay down the foundation so you may owe you may not know
already beast ports but if you don't there's another video on the site that
will explain how to perform each one in detail
boats gonna run through them quickly now so when you gonna need
am secord on and notice here that I'm using my thumb to block out the
16 because it sounds bad against the court for example on
are doesn't really work okay so it's important to be their voice strumming it
Ortiz your farm
to muted out on
from there were gonna need Amy di Minea court looks like this soon
and here again you meeting out the low E string case going to some very bad
are just doesn't fit in so again you wanna get relive it
and you can use they open fishing however that's gonna be fine
but technically the root note is the fourth Street I
and I'm gonna need and be mine Accord which is one of the easy ones to learn
sounds like this do
and Tom you can order within his wanted to your fingers to entry
nightly both ways and ima need the dreaded
F courts are the easiest version even if you can't use gonna be
their trip here on the faltering
second fret on the 3rd string in first fret on the second string so it's like
not really in F major 7
but you can use it as an escort substitute in case the other
versions are too hard few years me you work perfectly fine with a lot
songs kinda get outta jail F chord I if you wanna do a proper F
then not the next version up in difficulty would be here where you
bar the same shape features bar these top two strings with your for seniors
a case you have not as high if not now
good meantime
and when his secrets to getting that to come out a stunning grip your guitar
like a baseball bat
so that the net kinda this feeling in to the palm at the back here
she had like this baseball bat back grip my
like that am next up we going to G chord do
sure everyone knows that one %uh and then we can eat in a minute on
begins from the um to fit stream down
and I'm eating out lowey it went on terrible if you include your lowey
because it is a power cord be just get a cleaner more pure sounding a minor on
if you and meet the six train and
demonym eat some kind of would be minor which again is really a
wanna hard courts will begins to learn again uses visual beauty open for three
namaz me on the third three Ni
search for a second and 1st fret
sigh second-rate on the first ring see headline good
that's the easiest version be my normal one of the easiest ones
and because if you can do your phone book or shape that's all the better
on the New Years sounds a lot stronger
demand a need some kinda D chord this one obviously is the most popular
that again with the root node on the 4th string but you can include your shift as
don't include you know we on this once concern really bad luck
the 90s really clashes am
ima gonna need Andy Cohen I'm
reconstruct all six strings across their I
and finally in a court
with your record you can order it was fingers 234 or
12 in Trini or regional city discretionary have the second for its a
second thing in the first finger and then you searching on
redif depends upon the size if your fingers which version
or shape you're gonna find time easiest to hold in a chord with seeking
experiment with that
so i'd there is a $10 essential chords
that we need to get going if you don't know how to form any other shapes we
were unable to pick it up just their
I'm I've done a second video way right to a close up
and down show you how to form the cord
can step by step so I but it for
this first step on your page 1 is to learn your ten Essential
pretty open courts dinner next one
we have to go onto is so how to organize those courts
into system case it's no point in just learning
a bunch of random courts because you don't know how they work together all
what to do with them so on the way that we
actually organize court is by putting them into you keys
and key is basically like little family if courts the collection of them seven
seven courts where they all work together they all agree with each other
in kind of like
performs a little musical world that sounds good
and songs get written inside of keys
there sa 24 different keys but we can start of
just by learning to love them scandal we need to get going
for ski we're going to learn is keep see
and again this seven courts they're going to cover here
so I'm you starting off with a secord obviously cuz wen Qi si
9 an important to me to use D minor nine
port number three-c_ mines
would force and if Mar
court 5g I'm
more than six team a minute on
in court seven is be diminished on
what results back and see
so we know all those courts except for the diminished one at the end
and Tom I'll show you how to do that now it's gonna be the second fret on 5th
and then the second fret on the thirteenths you skipping over string
then you going coming here on the third federal fourth ring
and then the third fret on second stream
with the other two things has a very symmetrical shape on
would love tension because it has tritone intervals
inside oven
not all that tension energy gets resolved
into a place of rest when you resolve into semen
so once again you have seen its go through the Kenyan
be mine
the NCI
be diminish even
some sure he could hear how we created little musical world
using those seven courts where everything feet in really well together
the Knicks key that we can 9 to you using the
courts we already learnt is Keith G sir
once again a stunning on the cheek was out on a squad number one
14 now would be in a mine
with 3 E's be mine on
court for C
board five years dean
16 in mind
17 is if shopped emissions
and hewlett engineering and in school is often
gene for F sharp diminished it's the same shade
as be diminished its just starting in a different place here
on the first fatal 243 see once you learn your be
munitions just transpose that entire shape
with the first thing you now starting on the first fatal faltering night
you can have your shop dimensions
these diminished shapes the 7th Court they really don't get used the whole lot
in pop songs although the Beatles did find some
really ingenious ways including diminished chords and
pop songs which is really really clever but genuinely
a you don't used them too much say
week using them all learning the mostly just to be able to complete the full
key on guitar so um that's kinda like step to you
once you have learnt your ten Essential shapes
the next step is to organize them into the two keys
though we've just been through the key of see
and Kiev G and make sure that you memorize those so that you don't have to
look at the sheet or not
like that you cannot display them from memory once you have
those two steps the next thing to adian to the mix is going to be the use of any
caper or capper depending on which way you want to pronounce it
I'm and they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes and price points
so my one hears
just an example I'm and what happens is that we can
placed this somewhere on our guitar say
here on the 2nd fret news 12 place it kind of just behind the Frick
and I am now we can take all the courts in
the two keys that we've learnt you play them in front of them
caper position and that instantly allows us to play in the Tana
new keys as I mentioned is 24 keys so for example now
we can have none
morph remove it same time one trip now in a different key
no word about up saying on 243 nine
see our handy DC don't have to learn any new court she simply
media caper two different positions up and down the neck
and playing in the QC and keep G now you have
I really extended-range keys that you complain and this is really important
because obviously
not all songs are written in the key of C you know the Kia
G they could be in something like a a flat or
see shop you know all these different he say using
the caper re and attain courts organized into those hoochies
using that combination gives us the power to play in a lot of different keys
in a lot of different songs
simply by adding in cable into the mix so I on the next page
we're going to out talk a little bit about
how to make you courts sound perfect so
what happens is that a lot or beginners
am will learn the shape accord but it still sounds awful
even though the fingers are in the right I place
so this three reasons normally for this
many fingers you kinda as a checklist so safer having
Corsi as an example alright saline
on can be that im I find that you have like a buzzing
sound on wanted the strings or perhaps one industry and
is meted out in its not sounding so wat
chip to check that is just to choose your court in and go downstream
I want to make sure that every stream within the court is sounding
nice in clear Casey get a full sounding court
so the first thing is kinda obvious which means that you want to make sure
that you're pressing down hard enough
on each point O'Kane for beginners it hurts you know when you start learning
to play
and for this reason a lot of beginners avoid pressing down hard because hurting
their fingers
but I it's a something you have to persevere with little pain barrier to go
until the calluses build up a top city fingers and its gonna stop hurting
but until then you might find some you courts are working simply because
on certain points in our actually pressing down hard enough to make the No
come out
sets the first thing to check then
you wanna make sure that you're on placing your fingers
just behind the fritz wherever possible sir within this third fret I could place
my finger back here
at the back or I could play said at front and given a choice it's always
better to place your fingers
directly behind e-trade she can see
here behind the third here on a second here behind the first rights here
just behind for its own my C shape is pushed forward to the front rather than
being at the back
and on every chord is not possible but wherever it is
try to endeavor to que finished just behind for
9 and that will help you to eliminate a lot of buzzing noises that can happen
if you're playing you know with your fingers more towards the back
and then be our final thing is to make sure that using the very very
tips of the fingers to press down see don't want to have kinda flattering is
like this
we're pressing down more here k when you press down on the very
top are beefing issue from like these right angles
you can see kind of 90 degree angles with your joints there
and what happens is a helps to clear away the flesh from the bottom of your
fingers from impeding upon stream
immediately below OKC wanna make sure that you know having flatness but you're
raising them up
onto the very tip solution is Mon so that
the flesh here you know is not been peeing upon the string below
featuring you're like that see clearing them out of the way
so that's like a three-point checklist forgetting perfect sound in courts
so you wanna pressed down hard enough make sure that your fingers are at the
of the frats wherever possible and that you're forming these right angles
with every chord shape that you holtz EU clearing things out away
so that's our normally if you pay those three rules you're going to get perfect
sounding really good quotes for it every shape that cold
k Salem on the next page for talk about now speeding up
the speed at which you can now change course it is very important
so obviously if you can keep up with the core changes in the song you know can be
on a plate you can be constantly
left behind so the first thing to talk about there's gonna be on
court connectors and he's a point where
we don't have to lift off fingers between courts for example if we had any
in a some progression going to G we can afford to keep up for singer
where it is between those to changes doesn't make any sense to take it off
and then just put it back down in same place again
so a tween the minor in G we can keep our senior
for senior as an anchor point between those two changes and the 60 the score
connect this
there you can use so obviously their first money minute
to gene and we also have Sadie minority
see me and now your second finger is able to stay where it is
between those two shapes and this is going to help you to really
speed-up the change a lot because he had a common ground
already in place we also have in minutia
a minor which is again the second thing you can stay where it is
between those two changes so
be mine a 2g like this reminded to see me
like this any monitor a minor like that
again this is all in the AM diagram see
go through in really practice and perfect that said then we have from
other one switch would be say
a minute to see we just need to move third finger out to get between
in a minor and secord which makes it really fast
and we also have MITF
we can keep your first finger stationary between
to core chips like this
and then we also have seat ash where you can keep your first finger
stationary and is flicked up and down between Siena
like that so make sure that you are whereof
2006 connectors and that you using them anytime you come into court questions so
for example if we took say professional G
do mine
see do
the mine
so here we have a lot to connect is that we can immediately use from
GT minor
my first in your area
indian desi I can keep my second finger do
and then to get a minor I just move my surfing about on
and then at the end I have to change everything but to get back to G but
before that
you know in the preceding quarter was able to use a connector to join them a
lot together
which is really going to help you to speed up your core changes
if you just starting another example progression we have here is going from
see dude man
say again let's break that down have a scene court going to F so we can keep
first thing where it is on
the man in going to a minor your first win against a
then into a minor your second thing you can state
don't remind her back in to see your second thing you can stake in
said the whole progression is linked together
with on these cord connectors sets the first thing that I would recommend that
you really master is learning those six core connectors
and this can help to instantly speed uploaded court changes
then the next thing we can look at
is some train lines which is sad something similar
say for example we have any qualms
going to pay me well what we could do is take everything off and you have for
your first thing here
would slide up okay me one fret and then you can place your fingers around it
Nanda from unique or going back down
me do
min slide into a mine
%uh I'm
are its kinda related to connect this and that you never lifting of
your first finger you simply sliding up and down one trait like that so can help
you to get between
any change and a chain
I'm note example would be if we have seen in court on
I am going to Dean say he will be the third finger simply slides up on Fred
never leaving the string and night conformity cord nine and then going back
to slide back down into a my
back up into T night
then I finally we can use a really really
powerful practice technique which is called out
pressure points surfer this you gonna need
e7 mention I'm am I get mine are here again
the scum in a lot of different price points in
designs and just gives you a basic click
you can now you can use and you can set the temple to click
so this is set at around
80 beats per minute now so what happens is that you would choose
any shake or change the working on
you having trouble for example getting from CT
in minor so it's not your much name of slowly
and trying to score change summit have
okay so you're able to do it in time with imaginary bat speed
and then you go up say to next point which may be
like chain 92 beats per minute
and then again work your way up say to you
108 beats per minute do
done so in each case you getting faster faster faster
now at a certain point you going to you our
it's open for pop it's going to be too fast for you to keep up
with the michener and thats that point where it all falls apart I just can't
quite keep up with the match name
that's your pressure point and what you wanna do is kinda write that down safe
for this particular example of
CT E minor say your pressure point was 140 beats per minute aunt
now that you know that you can slow down immature I'm same by 10 or 15
beats per minute and then work your way up to the pressure point then back down
and back up again see you always spending the majority of the practice
in and around that pressure point and what happens is that your fingers start
to feel
pressure to make the core change in time
with the mention I'm and when you introduce that little bit of pressure to
commit teaspoon pressure
gonna make your a different provement skyrocket
on guitar and your or your core changes are gonna get
a lot faster very quickly sorrow than taking new coach sent spinning all the
time in the world going from one
to the other kind of in a relaxed way you want to prove very quickly she do
seems to introduce you mention I'm and the pressure check to get to the core
in time with the click your fingers are gonna respond to that
and they're going to come to try a lot harder and your age improvement
is to gonna go up a lot because at that
so thats honestly the most powerful technique that I can give you four
core changing speeds aside from using your connectors or using a train lines
this 13 you can new pressure point with a mention I'm
is really really powerful sir once again you start off slow
and you keep increasing the mention I'm into you find where to force a pop
you write that down to pressure point and you stay within
20 beats per minute okay at that pressure point going up and down
each time you practice it and by staying
practicing in around a pressure point where its if you under pressure to get
to the core change but it's not so much that it becomes impossible a case its
type a feeling that you want and when you spend the majority of your practice
time in and around that point you can find that you
improve will start to improve much faster on guitar
so I'm that's the final point therefore
this page next thing you want to go into
is and it's making you chords
sound a lot more colorful and interesting because after a while
begin a court's they stop sound compile boring
okay because you're always using the same courts insane progressions with
same strumming patterns and just get start
there are some people that are doing the same chords and progressions on guitar
five years or more than just never make it outta beginner guitar
that's really common so I'm gonna give you some ways that you can break out
beginning guitar
and at a lot of extra depth and collar
and class sophistication into your
courts so are the key to do that is by learning different
family supports sir as an example here
we're gonna learn major seven courts so
an example safe we have seen my
a regular single in C major seventh gear just by removing the first thing you're
sounds a lot softer on
I and we can on I've
for my family on if that's who we have like a team 87 time like this nine
%uh you has the same sound quality we can all city email Jason
more if major 7
orgy major 79
see how the court changes its tonal character is still a GE
but it's like a different colored and we also have
this one a major 7 on
and again the diagrams for these first six major 7 shapes he should learn are
in the course book here as well
so well we can get now progressions instead of saying gee
to see normally
now substitute that safer G major 72 seem eighty-seven
you're instantly we get a different flavor it sounds deeper it's more
has a bit more sophistication and class to its own
we're starting to break away out of these tireless
begin a court that everyone else is doing another example maybe say going
a major 72 dpi mitchison
Morris made 72 °c in
mmm now we can move on to another family love quotes which would be -7 sandwiches
have three shapes hear that
are most useful when you first get going so we have
and a may decide a minus-7 mine
sounds minor but it's like the Diet Coke version of mine accordance kinda from
more than sounding and for minor my
the other for minor sounding more dents
where the -7
some slightly more open
then we have ID me minus Evan
Nancy more quality and also he Munson
again the diagrams for those three quarter in that poor school
so I'm can also put those into you
professions to for example we could have like and she
do you
the majors him on
a-minus heaven
the name
and the last family courts to go into for now
are going to be dominant seven courts so next page at least
the dow the 6 shapes that we need for these ones
most common the use once I let's have a look again say
at a normal secord on an NC-seventeen posse dominant 7 9c changes the
character the court instantly on
and then we also can use it the 70
mended e7 do
I'm G-seven
a seven
and b7 mine
considers that the six dominant seven courts
that you shared learn again diagrams in there for you to learn
now once we have I'm sure you want to know the whole point to this is right
because again we're just learning a bunch of random courts but how to
actually make them
useful into musical situation how to make music using it
well we can start to combine
these different port families together to
really lift the corporations up to a new level so we could use a
I G chord name tena -7 my
need to see May 27 mine
in 2d seven
is amusing all the different family supports there have a major chord with
the jeans
-7 chord with the a minor do
major 7 chord with the scenes
in a dominant seventh chord with pretty night
said by mixing these together I start to get more interesting progressions
you know that the seven at the end because the tritone I
sire %uh to resolve back into G
let's look at another example will mix them up together
and this is the final one on the page here going from
a minor nine
into UF maybe seven
NC May 27 nine
and now any second now
some show you here in already how where I'm
instantly making now corporation sound a lot more
musical giving them a lot more depth simply because we're combining
different families have courts together so first of all you can learn all your
regular courts but
if you want to break out a beginner guitar at some point you have to get a
bit more sophisticated with you chords
and start to combine different family supports together
miss how we add color into these questions index page we have more
examples here
love this at work say we take Energy Corp
gonna switch the title color into GM major savings
you need to see me seven
and the same me
mmm take a look at professional for now so we have
a minor
those are both regular you know quartz now we break into seem age 79
sophisticated and down into peace Haven
just %ah miss him
%uh we can take it these are called families
stepped further again and you can actually go into this really really
deeply but obviously
requires time so it's best to do it can step by step by step
but just as an as an example on
final one here that listed is if we have like a really stand it begin a
progression like
d 19 nine
any minute on
so very regular court on
the now we're going to add in substitutions sorry
for the Tom it's that dirty
we're going to add in D major seven so Stephen
and then said gee who use Gmail 27
considers be minor we use in the minor
that have been a hoodie 87
instantly you years this has a lot more fresh seriously has lot more
depth to it nine
mmm so hope that you were able to trace the line
all the way through that sir in the very beginning
we start off by learning to 10 essential core chips
well we didn't just learn them as random courts we then went into organizing them
into two keys
Kiev seems had seven ports in the key of G
which had seven courts to then we took that
and we massively expanded the power by adding in
a keeper replacing a guitar different points up and down the neck and now all
the sudden
without learning any more new courts be you could play instead of just into keys
but on a different keys
then we went through how to make the quality of your courts
sound much better by using it three-point checklist because obviously
is no point in holding court
half the night are coming out is going to some crap say
you need to make sure that the quality of reports is perfect see
each night wringing out and from there
we are able to stop developing into %um core changing speeds
so using three techniques using the connectors
night we can keep in a stationary between the courts me at six at those
and then we had train lines between he and a
an answer pain the and finally we had that really powerful
pressure point technique that you can use with your mentioning
and if you don't have a mission I'm I would encourage you to buy one day not
really that expensive
but in the meantime you can also just search for an online mentioning
and again on the website I've part 1 there that you can use
straightaways well then
weenie went into you color eyes in court to case anyone to break out of this
guitar sound by getting more sophisticated
with now tonal color inside the courts
sir be learnt you quote families which were
major 7th minus 7c and dominant sevens
and again to organize the information I gave you examples of how we could mix
and match
there's different court families together into actual
progressions you able to hear how you had the boring begin diversion
and then the new and improved more sophisticated version of that same
simply by including courts from these other families
so that's really and nothing from Asian near
for you to you our go quite a long time in quite a long way
with your the toppling you can play hundreds of songs with this information
we need to do is just that perhaps it
and of to the point where it becomes very familiar
almost automatic to the point we could just do it in you sleep
and I'm I hope you've enjoyed everything that we've covered he remember you can
print off the course book
to go along with everything all the diagrams in the progressions all the
advice is written down inside their
sprinted off and I am spent time in there practicing in going through it so
that you have at least the court
side here but are playing I'm to quite a polished
level obviously have your finger style your strumming that's a whole other
subject I for different lesson and so I hope it's you once again that you fine
enjoyed going to love this song material
and look forward to seeing you in the next class
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