B1 Intermediate US 1956 Folder Collection
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♪ (old school video game music) ♪
Previously on P.T.
Oh, [bleep]!
Oh no! No, no.
This time on P.T.
(door creaks open and slams)
Everything's all different now.
Whoa! I'm fast.
I can run.
Oh my god, there's paintings moving.
This is so...ugh! Oh god, I hate this game.
When you're playing a game and there's eyeballs moving around
in a painting...you know it's a weird game.
This dude's on some kind of drugs, to be feeling like this.
This is so confusing.
My brain hurts.
(floorboards creak)
Where am I?
I feel like I keep going into the same place.
It's all the same corners.
This is just all kinds of weird.
Who designs this [bleep]?
One of those is on the ground. Is that...is that...
is this important?
What am I lookin' fo'?
There's a hole in the wall?
Oh. (gasps) Maybe it's a peep hole.
Look at it.
(odd noises)
Okay, that scared me.
Oh my god. I can see him in the bathroom.
- (splashing water, coughing) - (man) Our society is rotten to the core.
(voice trails off)
- (coughing) - (man) Our society is rotten to the core.
I can hear someone in the bathtub, coughing.
Can't see it though.
- (thud) - (woman gasps)
(body crashes)
(sound of knife drawn)
(woman shrieks in fear)
- (stabbing sound) - (gutteral groan)
- (repetitive stabbing) - This is very, very abusive.
Lot of splattering.
(door creaks)
Oh. (reads) "No turning back now."
I feel those are sounds of what did happen in that room,
not what was happening 'cause there's nobody in here.
(man) He got fired, so he drowned his sorrows in booze.
Someone's talking to me.
(man) She had to get a part time job working a grocery store cash register.
Oh, the baby's talking to me.
(man) The only reason she could earn a wage at all is the manager
- liked how she looked in a skirt. - Huh?
(man) You remember, right? Exactly ten months back.
This fetus is a dick.
Is this gonna turn out to be a bad meth trip?
Hey, I don't know if I'm back to reality, but I'm moving
back to the speed I was initially.
The pictures are going back to normal.
Okay, this feels normal.
Bathroom is open, but it's pitch dark in there.
And...[bleep]! I'll have to go in there, won't I?
That's very [bleep]. This is [bleep].
This sucks.
(dripping water)
Oh my god! Was that supposed to happen?
(gasps) What's going on?
- (creaking noises) - Oh...
Whoa. What was that?
Oh god. Oh Jesus.
Okay, there it goes again. Ah, okay.
Plot twist: I'm secretly a camera the whole time.
Ugh. Why is my vision all weird?
Why is it all choppy like that?
(gruff voice) 2 0 4 8 6 3.
2 0 4 8 6 3. Gotcha, Satan.
Is that a number I'm supposed to call? 2 0 4 8 6 3?
That's only six numbers though.
A hotel? I need to call that number.
I was gonna--whoa.
I think I need to call that number.
(rapid clicking)
Fix this damn bug, 'cause [inaudible].
- 2 0-- - (rapid clicking)
(reading) "I'm sure you noticed the game and played it.
I never forget that 20 years ago. I have something to tell you.
Contact me."
(rapid clicking)
(reading) "Development halted due to..."
Due to what?
- 2 0 4 8 6-- (gasps) - (rapid clicking)
Did I die?
(rapid clicking)
Is the game broken?
I'm utterly confused.
Is that it?
(sighs in relief) I don't know how much more of that I could've taken.
Did it just end?
Did it just restart?
It's starting over.
No! No, no, no. No way.
No! I thought it was over!
Talk to me, bag. Tell me the ways.
Show me how to get outta here.
- (door creaks) - This is happening again?
It took five steps forward, 200 steps back.
(Finebros) Okay, let's pause for a second.
We're gonna help everyone out at this point.
The next puzzle involves finding six pieces of a photo
- that are scattered throughout the house. - Okay.
(Finebros) But without help, some people have found it nearly impossible
to find all the picture pieces.
- So we're giving you a cheat sheet. - That sounds good.
That sounds good because, honestly, I'm freaking out.
I'm scared to zoom into everything I look at.
I just don't want to do this anymore!
(Finebros) Here you go.
I feel like the first person that got this game had to figure this all out
by themselves.
I will feel so sorry for that person.
For piece one, it says,
(reading) "Stand in front of the digital clock and look at the floor.
The picture piece is on the left."
Oh, there's a missing picture. I guess I'm getting a lady's face.
Is it that one? That's the piece of the picture.
- (buzzing) - (gasp) [bleep]!
- (buzzing) - Ugh!
- Did it-- - (buzzing)
- (buzzing) - (screams)
(rapid breathing)
Okay. I think I picked it up, right? I picked it up.
It's the piece of the picture.
(gasps) It's Lisa, isn't it? Oh, we're gonna rebuild Lisa.
- (laughter) - (reads) "Now look right towards
the tall plant."
(reads) "The piece is on the floor, possibly within two leaves."
Is that it right there?
- (Finebros) You gotta use both hands! - I got it.
I just, you know, I'm afraid something's gonna pop out
and I gotta be ready to defend myself.
All right.
More of the picture's there.
(rattling breath)
- (buzzing) - (gasps) Oh my gosh, this is scary.
Okay, I got piece number two. All right, piece number three:
(reads) "Proceed down the hallway."
"Hallway...and make a note of the dress..."
Oh my god!
Oh. Hi, lady.
(weak laugh)
(reads) "The piece is in the left corner beneath the window."
There it is.
You guys ready for this? 'Cause I'm not.
- (buzzing) - Okay. [bleep]!
- (buzzing) - (shrieks)
Oh my gosh!
You have to look through all this crap to find that little note.
That is horrendous.
(reads) "Head down the next section of the hall.
As soon as you pass the bathroom door, the first horizontal beam,
turn around and look... up towards the left."
Oh, there it is. See?
What the heck? No one would find that ever.
Oh my god, it's scary.
Can I--(shrieks)
Every single time! (groans)
There's no way I would have found these things without this paper.
I would have quit the game an hour ago.
(reads) "Go down the stairs... into the next room,
but don't go through the door."
(reads) "Get to the bottom of the stairs, turn around, and look
for the image piece on one of the steps to the left."
What are the chances someone's gonna do that?
Oh, I see it. Oh my god!
- Oh my god. - (buzzing)
(shrieks) Oh my--I get it! Stop doing that!
Oh my god. (nervous laugh)
Uh, last one: (reads) "Pause it by pressing 'options'..."
(reads) "And then R 3."
- (buzzing) - [bleep]!
The only way someone figured that out is out of pure frustration
and they're like--(mashing buttons)-- "What the heck?!"
Who would know to go to Options to find a picture?
How are you supposed to figure that out?
Nowhere in here does it show you a note.
All right, now the last step is to go look at the picture, huh?
[Bleep], all right.
I'm just gonna be cussing the whole time until we get there 'cause of
[bleeping] bull [bleep] out in [bleeping] bull [bleep] alley,
in the town of This Sucks Ass. All right.
She's the one that died. Oh, there's writing!
There's writing on the picture.
(reads) "My voice, can you hear it? This sign, can you read it?
I'll wait forever if you'll just come to me."
Okay. That's us.
Oh, now I go through the door, huh?
- (garbling noises) - I hear sounds coming.
(screams) Oh my god, I don't wanna look over there.
Oh my god, what am I supposed to do now?!
Am I supposed to go towards her? I don't want to!
Oh, she's gone.
Oh my goodness. That was the scariest image I've ever seen.
Go down and go into the next loop.
(door creaks and shuts)
(Finebros) So let's pause again.
Right now, you're on the very last puzzle of the game.
[Bleep]. (laughs)
I thought that was it. I thought we found Lisa!
I thought--(groans)
(Finebros) This puzzle is even crazier than the last one.
Crazier? Oh!
(Finebros) This one is so complex and so specific that some people
- are never able to beat it. - Okay.
(Finebros) But we found some steps online that work for most people.
So here's a new page of instructions.
This is gonna be a struggle. Okay.
(Finebros) You'll need to plug in this microphone so you can
talk to the game.
I'm gonna speak to ghosts.
I have to talk to the ghost?!
(reads) "Wait until the clock strikes midnight.
Watch it roll over to midnight."
- (clock tolls) - Oh, there we go. Okay.
So it's midnight.
Then I have to walk exactly ten paces. And I have to wait for a laugh.
Don't die. [Bleep].
One, two, three, four...
Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
(baby coos and laughs)
- Nine, ten. - (baby coos and laughs)
There it is.
One, two, three, four-- OH NO!
Oh! (gibberish) No, no, no, no, no.
Did I live?
(Finebros) No, technically you're dead.
- I have to it again? - (Finebros) Yeah.
- Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. - (baby coos and laughs)
So now I wait for haunting steps.
(reads) "Wait for the haunting steps and the screams from either the phone,
the bathroom, or the radio."
- (creaking steps) - Oh, there's the steps.
(reading) "Static moan is phone, crying is bathroom, screams are radio."
- So it's crying. - (crying)
So do I go in the bathroom?
- (radio static moan) - I hear the moan.
So do I go to it?
(reads) "Stare into the object currently being haunted.
Try to whisper "Jarith" into the microphone."
(rattling breaths, static)
(whispers) Hello? Jarith.
(reads) "Another theory is to talk to Lisa."
Yo, Lisa, what's up? (laughs)
How ya' doing?
Hello? Spirits!
Lisa? I feel weird talking to this.
- Lisa, talk to me. - (baby laughs)
- Lisa-- - (baby laughs)
Oh, I heard a baby laugh.
- Are you there? - (baby coos and laughs)
Okay, there's the baby laugh.
(reads) "After the second laugh, freeze. Do not move.
Do not adjust the camera. Wait a few seconds..."
Oh, it began vibrating. (gasps)
Okay, so I wait until they cease entirely and then the third laugh will trigger.
This is vibrating.
(crazed laughter)
Someone's appearing, someone's appearing, someone's appearing, someone's appearing!
(crazed laughter grows louder)
(baby laughs)
- (baby laughs) - (gasp) The third laugh.
Okay, I got to the third laugh.
- (phone rings) - The phone's ringing.
Oh my god.
- (man) You've been chosen. - I've been chosen.
(door unlocks)
- (man) You've been chosen. - So I did it?
- I won. - (door unlocks)
I can go home now. Right?
All that for "I've been chosen".
For what? Do I go back through the loop?
This is a very complicated game!
How do people figure that out?
I'm gonna go down the stairs, I guess.
I swear to god, if you're tricking me right now,
making me do this all over again, I will leave.
(door creaks)
(door slams)
Did I beat it?
Oh no, my flashlight's gone.
Oh [bleep] my life.
- What do I do? - (static over radio)
- Oh! - (man) Your dad was such a drag.
Every day he'd eat the same food, dressed the same.
- (man) Yeah, he was just that kind of guy. - Hmph.
(man) And then one day he goes and kills us all.
You have got to be kidding me.
(man) He couldn't even be original about the way he did it.
- What the [bleep]? - (man) I'm not complaining.
Who made this game?!
(man) But guess what?
- (footsteps approach) - And there's footsteps.
- (man) I will be coming back... - Dun dun dun!
- ..and I'm bringing my new toys with me. - Oh, [bleep].
Oh my god...
Oh my gosh!
(gasps) I'm outside.
I'm outside.
Okay, I'm outside that stupid ass hallway.
I'm free.
I think.
Out of the house, onto the streets!
I'm not controlling it.
Oh, if this was the intro to the entire game,
that would be so upsetting.
Was that the tutorial or introduction?
Okay, so this is me.
Oh, it's the guy from Walking Dead!
What's up?
What?! If I knew I was him, I would've been fine all along.
Daryl Dixon?
It's a Walking Dead game. What is this?
Silent Hill...
P.T. does not stand for Silent Hill.
Silent Hills.
Multiple hills of quietness.
I was gonna say, why couldn't you guys have me play
a scary Silent Hill game.
Playable teaser.
Playable teaser?!
Are you [bleeping] me?!
I did all of that and it was a teaser?!
It's done?
Are you sure?
Is that of a trailer? You play it...that's great.
That was really cool.
Except the fact that it took forever.
That was so hard and that was just a teaser?
I don't think it's terribly effective because it's so difficult to pass.
You had to give me two different sheets of how to do it.
I didn't get anything out of it, really.
I got...a picture of Daryl Dixon.
I [bleeping] loved this game. (laughs)
That was a fun game. Let's play it again.
God, I would not be able to play the real game.
(Finebros) Are you sure there's no scenario in the future
where you might have to play the full game?
No! No, no, no.
I'm not--no, no, no.
If we're doing this again, don't call me 'cause I'm not gonna do it.
No, not doing it. No, no, no.
No. No.
Thanks for watching us beat P.T. on the React Channel.
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♪ (old school video game music) ♪
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P.T. [PART 2] - SILENT HILLS (Teens React: Gaming)

1956 Folder Collection
張寶敏 published on February 8, 2015
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