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[theme music]
[ominous pipe organ music]
[music continues]
-Feels good, doesn't it?
Allow me to be the first to bow before the new Count Dracula.
-Keep a lookout.
The shapeshifter could be anyone.
-You think she'll come back after us?
-No, she's after me.
Get his legs.
-No, no!
If I go in there, I'm never coming out.
Put me down. Put me down.
How long have I got?
How long?
-Oh, sir, it's a slow-acting poison.
You've got about six hours, tops.
First you get muscle paralysis.
Then your veins go black.
Then you start hallucinating as the poison kicks in.
And the pain-- cor, it's excruciating as you burn up
from the inside before exploding into a massive fireball.
Forget I said anything.
-He's dead then?
-The poison'll keep him alive long enough
to see his loved ones wiped out.
-Shame, really.
I was starting to like having a brother and sister.
ELIZABETA: Don't get sentimental.
While Vlad lives, he's still a threat to your bloodline.
-Fair enough.
I suppose it's two less birthday cards to write anyway.
[music stops]
-Make that three.
-Ah, ah, ah.
She's on our side now.
-She still loves him.
It's written all over her fangs.
-You're not the only one who can change.
-If you want to prove that you love my son, kiss Vlad.
Let father and son share the same fate.
-He'll know it's a trap.
-Not if you dump me first.
The poison's strong.
Apply it at the last possible moment.
And don't lick your lips.
-Killed with a kiss.
What a pathetic way to die after--
Someone's coming.
-Who-- who is it?
INGRID: Ingrid.
Dad, are you OK?
Can I come in?
-Since when did Ingrid ever ask if you were OK?
-She's a shapeshifter!
It's your only chance.
INGRID: What are you doing in there?
INGRID: You idiot.
You should have known the real McCoy would never kiss you.
You're a disgusting, pale, skinny antique.
-Yep, that's Ingrid.
-Your track record of picking girlfriends is appalling.
-Oh, what can I say?
Love is blind.
RENFIELD: Oh, which reminds me-- after you hallucinate
but before you explode, you go blind.
Forget I said that.
-Vladdy, I need to see Miss McCauley one last time.
Bring her to me.
-We need an antidote.
RENFIELD: That's impossible!
One antidote, coming right up.
-Bring Miss McCauley, the real one.
Watch your backs.
Be vigilant, Ingrid.
Come on, Dad.
-Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-Here we go.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, it can't be!
[breathing heavily]
But-- but you're dead!
-You don't kill me that easily.
I will always be alive in here, watching
you live the life that should have been mine.
THE COUNT: It was an accident!
You knew the rules.
You take my title, you take my wife--
now it's my turn to watch you die.
-Do you see him?
Do you see him?
Do-- do-- do you see my brother?
VLAD: There's no one there.
[school bell ringing]
-Ah, Cody.
Off you go, Sally.
This doesn't concern you.
If you're going to graffiti "McCauley
is a moron" in the toilets, I suggest
you don't post a photo online saying,
"Look what I just done."
It's "did," not "done."
-Yes, Miss.
MISS MCCAULEY: Detention for a week.
CODY: Yes, Miss.
-Do you smell garlic?
Dad's not well.
He wants to see you.
-Oh, nothing serious, I hope.
-It's better if he tells you himself.
-No running, Eve.
[girl screaming]
-Abbie, let go of her hair this instant!
-No, wait!
Girls, stop that!
It's totally unacceptable.
What on Earth do you think you're doing?
-Relax, Ingrid.
I've no reason to harm you.
I only want to harm the people the Count loves.
Think what you could do with this power.
I'll teach you.
-When do we begin?
-After you've bitten that little blood blister of a teacher.
[small hiss]
-He's hallucinating.
We don't have much time.
Will this antidote work?
-Yes, Master.
-Well, hurry up.
-Yes, Master.
-You should kiss your mother goodbye.
She won't be around for much longer.
-Get out now, while you still can, and take Erin with you.
-I thought she was with you.
-I don't need your castoffs.
Now I'm Count Dracula, I can take my pick.
-You and Malik going somewhere nice?
I hear Paris is very romantic this time of the year.
-Don't push it.
Still haven't packed these yet.
-Hey, for what it's worth, I thought you
and Malik were perfect for each other.
What happened?
Did his mother not approve?
-Do you know what I liked about Malik?
He saw something he wanted, he just took it.
-Poison lipstick.
You're Elizabeta.
-Nope, it's really me.
You should have let me die when you had the chance.
-This will be my-- my finest scientific discovery.
Oh, yes, they'll build statues of me.
They'll put my face on banknotes!
They'll rename the Nobel Peace Prize the Renfield Award.
Ho, ho!
Oh, will this work?
You betcha!
If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again.
-Well, it looked like Abbie was trying to bite the other girl.
It was barbaric, actually.
I mean, that's not normal, is it?
-Can't imagine who'd do such a thing.
-Vlad, how's your dad?
-Uh, man flu, you know.
Protect McCauley, and be careful.
-Uh, no, Miss McCauley, the other door.
-Master Vlad!
Master Vlad, I think I've cracked it.
But I need your help.
It's at a very delicate stage.
-Oh, you're a genius.
[gleeful giggle]
-Mr. Count?
You don't look very well.
Let me call a doctor.
-I don't need your help, and you're fired.
-You're a useless headmistress.
-I am not.
Look at the Ofsted Report.
And I firing you for wearing too much blue.
I want you off the premises in five minutes.
-I love this job.
THE COUNT: Well, the job doesn't love you. (SHOUTING)
Now get out!
-You really have a great way of talking to women.
I'll go check on her.
-In-- Ingrid.
-I have something for you.
-It's at that tricky stage of distillation
where four hands are better than two.
-How much longer?
-How about six hands?
That's not me.
That's Elizabeta.
She's behind you!
-Yes, thank you, I've worked that out.
-Yeah, I--
-From the slimy, hairy caterpillar
to the beautiful butterfly.
-Finish the antidote.
ELIZABETA: [laughs] You are so like your father.
Easily tricked.
[high-pitched shriek]
[glass shattering]
[shriek stops]
[jaw cracks]
[breathing jaggedly]
-I want you to have this.
You were five when you drew that.
Said you couldn't wait to have your own coffin, just like me.
Come, come.
Look, you drew your fangs bigger than mine.
-You always were more ambitious than Vlad.
-I thought you only kept Vlad's drawings.
You said you threw all mine away.
-I've never said this before, but I do love you, Ingrid.
-You don't mean that.
It's just the poison pickling your brain.
-I mean it with all my dying heart.
It's all right, it's all right.
It's all right.
ELIZABETA: I thought it would be a fitting place for you to die.
This is as close to the throne as you'll ever get.
My son will rule for a thousand years with you at his side,
backing every decision.
-I'll be a better Vlad than you ever were.
Let me put you out of your misery.
Your loved ones won't miss you.
They despise you.
-Please don't bite me, Vlad.
If you loved me, you'd let me die.
ELIZABETA AS THE COUNT: You pathetic imbecile.
The slayers were defeated.
The glorious vampire revolution was about to begin.
You betrayed us.
been magnificent, a true Dracula.
A brother to be proud of.
-I thought you were our future.
But you were my executioner.
-And all our yesterdays lighted fools the way
to their dusty death.
Out, out, brief candle!
-I thought you were smarter than that.
INGRID: OK, get up.
INGRID: You're a lot heavier than you look.
VLAD: Stop, stop.
I need to stop.
INGRID: We can't.
She'll kill us.
Come on!
[bones cracking]
[angry grunt]
-Let's go.
[high-pitched shriek]
[glass shattering]
-Sorry it wasn't much of a rescue.
-Find them!
I've got the antidote!
-No, no-- there's-- there's-- there's two of you.
-No, it's just-- it's just me.
-The antidote!
ARTA: And if I love her, you should love her, too.
Not the face!
Don't move.
I'll make some more antidote.
-I killed my brother.
It was my duty-- duty to marry-- to marry Elizabeta.
-Yeah, I can see why you didn't.
She's not exactly a barrel of laughs.
-I will not let my children pay for my mistakes.
-Well, that was fun.
-Let's split up and spread out.
-Mother, we've looked everywhere.
They went out into the sunlight.
They're probably toast already.
-Nothing is that easy.
-We keep out of their way until sunset,
and then we're out of here.
-I'm not running away.
-We stay here, it only ends one way.
-By snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.
How does she do with her mouth?
-You'll never hit her with anything.
She shapeshifts too fast.
-Everyone has a weak spot.
Hers is Malik.
-She'd do anything for her precious little boy.
-It's time to get the worm on the hook.
[school bell rings]
-Show yourselves.
-It's time to call Mummy.
-I'm going to enjoy watching you two suffer.
You can't escape.
Not yet.
Please, not yet.
-[sighs] Wondering if that's me?
-Well, he has really fallen for you this time.
-Who are you?
ELIZABETA: The last person you're going to see alive.
I wanted you to love me like you love this woman.
I wanted you so badly, I killed my own husband.
-But I-- but I-- but I thought--
-He died falling off a roof?
No, I ended our marriage.
"Until death do us part"?
-All this time, you let me think that I--
I killed my own brother.
-But then, I find revenge really takes the edge off the pain.
Mother, help me!
THE COUNT: Miss-- Miss McCauley.
Miss McCauley.
[sniffs] Miss McCauley.
-You're vampires.
-Y-yes, but I would never, ever, ever hurt you.
I wouldn't.
-Let him go.
VLAD: Move him closer to the mirror.
INGRID: Oh, poor Malik!
Let me give you a hand.
MALIK: Help me, Mother!
Grab me.
Come on!
Come on!
-Pull him back!
Not much further!
MALIK: Get 'em off me!
-Open the vortex!
-It's over.
The Dracula throne is ours.
-It's your throne, Malik.
-Why don't you sit on it?
[fire roars]
[fire crackling]
-I control this side of the Blood Mirror.
Your handcuffs are gone, and you can't shapeshift.
Just let me-- what have you done?
Let me out!
You can't do this!
VLAD: If I see you again, I will dust you, brother or not.
-Time to go.
-You fired me to protect me.
-I told you to leave.
-I could never leave you.
I don't care that you're a vampire.
I love you, Mr. Count.
RENFIELD: Make way!
Antidote, coming through!
Up her.
We need to get him up on the table.
-You idiot, you've killed him!
-Use your fangs to suck out the poison.
But it will kill whoever does it.
You're alive!
But I got some bad news about Master Vlad.
VLAD: [strangled cry]
-Come on, Vlad, you're the chosen one.
You can beat this.
Push the poison from your system.
Come on, Vlad.
-Vladdy, Vladdy, what have you done?
Look, I promise I will never disinherit you again.
INGRID: Try harder!
INGRID: Push the poison, Vlad.
[breathing jaggedly]
RENFIELD: Priceless heirlooms, all gone.
-I wish you'd let me reverse the mind wipe on Miss McCauley.
You two should be together.
-She can't handle life with a vampire.
And anyway, I don't want to bite her.
I love her just the way she is.
-Aren't you the perfect gentleman?
By the way, how many more of your ex-girlfriends
are coming to kill us?
-Who knows?
One doesn't like to brag.
-Well, Erin and Malik have been spotted in Paris.
Bit some tourists on the Eiffel Tower.
INGRID: Admit it, you miss her.
-I hope she chokes on a garlic snail.
-You need to get out and bite yourself someone new.
-I'm not biting anyone.
-Oh, look, not peaceful coexistence again.
Vlad, it failed.
We're vampires.
We bite, we fight, we-- burn in sunlight.
-Then we try to again, and this time we do it right.
THE COUNT: It will always end in blood.
It's our way of life.
-And it's time to evolve.
THE COUNT: Renfield, come on, you snot weasel.
And where's my cape?
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 4 Ep 13 "Kiss of Death"

6599 Folder Collection
yi published on February 7, 2015
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