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[theme song]
-50 ccs of rhesus negative, stat.
She's crashing.
Power up the defibrillator.
-The lightening maker.
-Why didn't you say?
-We need to get to a proper hospital.
-A breather hospital can't help Erin.
-Why not?
-Look at her shoulder.
-What is that?
-When Adze set off the fire ball,
it shattered the gem in the Ring of Arianrhod.
Those are fragments of the gem.
-Pieces from a forbidden dark weapon.
No breather could ever recover from an injury like that.
I'm sorry, Vlad.
-Listen to me.
You're going to be all right.
-Can't you read?
Just how?
-Because of Vlad.
-She's at the brink of death, but the Chosen
One's love is holding her back.
-So I can keep her alive.
-For a while.
-How long?
How long?
-We're creatures of the night.
The power of the strongest vampire wanes at dawn.
-Come breakfast, your breather will be toast.
-No, she won't die.
I won't let her.
-Then you know what you have to do.
The breather part of her is already lost.
The vampire energy is keeping her alive.
All you need to do is bite her and complete the process.
-She'd rather die.
-Looks like it's her lucky day.
-Erin, if you can hear me, give me a sign.
Tell me what to do.
-Erin's dying.
Vlad's falling apart.
And the Count is desperate to take revenge against Ramanga.
-This is your chance to prove your worth to the Count.
Make sure the others don't get in your way.
-They wont'.
I'll arrange a little distraction.
-Go and wreak havoc.
-The Draculas forced us to suppress our bloodlust.
And for what?
Without the Ramanga Alliance, the truce
will soon be as dead as the breather girl.
They promised us the world, and delivered nothing.
Now I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting hungry!
Mm, snacks.
-Hey, get off.
They're the Master's special maggots.
-Yes, Carpathian Flesh Feeders, unless I'm mistaken.
-Yeah, and they're not for the likes of you, boy.
-And what do you mean by that, peasant?
-I-- I might be a peasant, but I work for the aristocracy.
You're just poor bite trash.
So the sniveling worm can turn.
Who knew?
Maybe I will keep you alive.
I think I'll enjoy watching you grovel at my feet.
Hadn't you better get your M-Master some m-maggots?
-Count Dracula.
-Go away!
Can't you see I'm busy plotting revenge?
-Plotting Was thirsty work.
-Not bad.
-A vampire could die of thirst around here waiting for you.
-Yeah, but he stole my--
-You were talking of revenge against the Ramangas?
-Staking is too good for them.
They tried to kill my son!
-And because of them, that breather girl is dying.
-Do not make excuses for them.
-I'm not.
They used forbidden dark weapons.
The High Council could have them both executed.
-I know.
But they can't find Ramanga.
He's gone rogue.
-I can track him down.
I just need time alone with Adze.
-You won't crack her.
That girl's hide is thicker than Renfield.
And that's not a complement.
-She' good.
But I'm better.
-Impress me.
-What do you want?
-Just a talk.
-Then come closer.
You smell wrong.
-How do you mean "wrong"?
-I know you're a vampire, but I smell something else on you.
It's not breather.
It's not werewolf.
It's something bad.
Something rotten.
I smell traitor.
-Well, it takes one to know one.
-So I attempted to kill my bloodgroom.
Can't blame a girl for trying.
-But the Rings of Arianrhod are forbidden weapons.
You will be executed as a criminal,
unless we can make a deal.
-You're bluffing.
The Count will never let me go free.
-The Count isn't here, and I have the keys.
-What sort of a deal did you have in mind?
-If I let you go, I make an enemy of the Draculas.
I need you to make it worth my while.
-Believe me, I'll be very grateful.
-Grateful enough to make me your bloodgroom?
I could have been bloodbound to the Chosen One himself.
But in the circumstances, I guess I could settle for you.
-Wise choice.
-They plotted to kill you.
-It happens all the time.
What's it matter now?
-But it matters to me.
It should matter to you.
-Find the Ramangas if you want, but I
am not leaving Erin like this.
-Like what?
-She's hovering between life and death.
I thought she seemed even duller than usual.
-Vlad, you have to read this.
-You found a way to help Erin?
But there's a great chapter on shapeshifting.
-Oh, not now, Bertrand.
-Yes, now.
This thing has already killed Ryan.
-So you say.
-Listen, we can all turn into bats and smoke.
But to steal the form of another vampire or breather
can only be done by using forbidden dark forces.
And it takes hundreds of years of study.
-Dark forces warp the mind.
Now, this creature is deranged, angry.
And it could become any one of us.
We have to catch it.
-Just concentrate on saving Erin.
I'll bite her.
Find a cure.
Look in your books and don't come
back until you've found one.
-You allowed her to escape?
-Yes, I did.
-You incompetent imbecile.
-Yes, Master?
-Not you.
The other-- oh, release him.
Then have him flayed and thrown in the garlic pits.
-Oh, lovely.
-No, no, no.
You don't understand.
I let Adze go on purpose.
-You're really not helping yourself.
-I did it so she can help us find Ramanga.
This is the ring that Adze made Erin wear.
It's the Ring of the Son.
-And Adze is still wearing the Ring of the Mother.
-The psychic bond between these rings is unbreakable.
Even without the gem, you'll be able to find
Adze, wherever she is.
And she will lead you straight to Ramanga.
-That's actually rather clever.
RENFIELD: I'll still flay him, my master.
-No, no, no.
Not yet.
Let's wait to see if his plan works.
-Where is everyone?
-The Ferals have gone, and they're not coming back.
This means blood will be spilt.
-We've got trouble.
-What do you mean we?
-Ah, Malcolm.
-Which-- which-- which cloak says,
"dye, treacherous scum" to you?
-I thought we were on a revenge mission, not a fashion shoot.
-Well, I can't kill Ramanga whilst improperly dressed.
He'll never forgive me.
-Well, let's be ruthless assassins.
Can't we just do this quick and dirty?
-Murder is no excuse for poor grooming.
-The Ferals trusted you.
They believed in your vision of peace.
You have to show them that you're still in control.
-I'm not leaving Erin.
-Go out there and bring them back,
or there'll be many more deaths.
-It's not my problem.
-Do you think Erin would be proud of you now?
-She loved you.
She sacrificed everything in the name of peace.
-Get out.
-I'm not leaving without you.
-Was that really necessary?
-I know you're here.
Show yourselves.
-What is it?
What's up?
-The machines-- they've all gone dead.
RENFIELD: No, no, no, no!
Master Vlad's going to throw me in the slime pit for this.
-You like it in there.
-Please wake up.
Please wake up.
Wake up!
Well done, Renfield.
Well done.
-What part of "no biting" did you not understand?
I get it.
You don't believe in the truce anymore.
Fair enough.
Hands up.
Who fancies draining a nice juicy breather?
-Anyone else?
-Not me.
If any one of you so much as looks at a breather,
I will dust you.
That is a promise.
Back to your quarters.
Go on.
Go on.
-Vlad, it's almost dawn.
We should get back.
-Nearly dawn, Vlad.
What are you going to do?
-Whatever needs to be done.
-You'll bite her?
-That's what I said.
-Sometimes, I don't know why I even
bother plotting against you.
Bon appetite.
-What is this place?
-It's part of an old sewage works.
You know, where breathers throw their waste.
-Oh, a slime pit.
How appropriate.
Ramanga must be feeling quite at home.
-Are we getting closer?
I can sense them They're nearby and getting nearer.
-Nearer than you think.
-The stupid boy fell for our plan.
-Uh, your plan?
-No, no, no.
We followed you here.
-We wanted you here.
-Keep your enemies close, especially
the ones seeking revenge.
-Why doesn't Erin want to be a vampire?
-Because when I bit her brother, he changed.
He didn't care about his sappy little sister anymore.
And when Erin turns vamp, she won't love Vlad.
In fact, she'll hate him.
-So why is Vlad going to bite her?
-Because love is stupid, and it makes people do stupid things.
-Have you ever been in love?
-What stupid things did you do?
-Nothing as stupid as what I'm about to do now.
Don't do it, Vlad.
You're making a mistake.
-Get out.
-Look, I don't know what's going on with you right now,
and I don't really care.
But you're not acting like the Vlad I know.
Trust me, I spent 17 years with the little wimp.
-What's your point?
-You know how Erin feels about becoming a vampire.
Eternity's a long time to be hated.
-Not that old parlor trick again.
-However, one Ramanga is more powerful than a whole clan
of puny Draculas.
-Rule one of fighting to the death--
there's no time to boast.
What do we do now?
-We fight and win.
Trouble is, we've got to do it like 50 times.
We've become many thousands now.
Thousands and thousands.
-And each more tedious that the last.
-I'd tell you to give up now, but I'm
enjoying this show far too much.
-Nice trash talk from the girl in the UV cage.
-Father will soon have me out of this.
And when we've destroyed you both, we'll go for your son.
-I don't think so.
And I will accept your surrender.
Why would I?
-We've got your daughter.
She's just a girl.
-Yes, I thought you'd say that.
And your final answer is?
-You are outnumbered, and outclassed.
-Outnumbered, maybe.
But never outclassed.
-Dust me.
Get it over with.
-Oh, no.
I've got something much worse in mind for you.
-If only I could talk to you.
Ask you what to do.
-Actually, you could harness your powers
to my machine, Master Vlad.
-But Vlad, if you link your Chosen One power
to that contraption, it will probably kill you both.
-I just want to talk to her one last time.
BERTRAND: This is insanity.
RENFIELD: Oh, thank you very much.
-Even if you succeed in waking her,
the effort will probably drain her remaining life force.
-The thing is, it's almost dawn.
Why not give it a go?
-So what do I do?
-Focus on the girl.
Will her back to you with all your strength.
And hold this wire.
-Oh, great, he's doing the voice again.
-I, the Chosen One, command you to awaken.
I love you.
-I love you too.
-You're dying.
I need to change you into a vampire to save you.
What do I do?
-Don't do it.
-I guess that's that then.
-Bye-bye, breather.
-I'm not letting her go.
-She'll hate you.
-But she'll live.
I love you, Erin.
You're back!
MALIK: Incoming!
-Oh, Master, Master, you're safe.
-Of course I am.
-Is Ramanga dead?
-Better than dead.
I defanged him.
Rather fetching, don't you think?
-Magnificent Master.
-Credit where it's due.
You really are a perfectly adequate wingman.
-Thank you.
-This calls for a celebration.
Go to my cellar and open a bottle
of someone young and zesty.
Join me in a gauntlet, won't you?
What's your name again?
-Ah, Malik, Malik.
Good name.
From the old country.
-My parents came from Bistritz.
-Oh, I know Bistritz well.
Who are your parents?
-My mother's name was Elizabetta.
And my father gave my mother this locket.
-No, no, no, no.
You can't be.
-I'm your son.
Your eldest son.
-And you only thought to mention this now?
-I've been waiting for the right time to tell you, Father.
-This kitchen is family only.
The Ferals eat in the training room at the designated time.
-I am family.
-Not quite sure the Master sees it like that.
-Sees what?
-Bats-breath here is under the illusion
that he's Master's heir.
I know you said you're a--
-I think you better scuttle along, beetle-brain.
-Yeah, it's true.
-So you say.
I suppose that explains why you didn't--
-Fall for your charms?
-Maybe you are who you say you are after all.
-You believe me then?
-It doesn't matter what I think.
It's what the Count believes that really matters.
And I've spent my entire life trying of figure that one out.
-You did very well.
-But the Count rejected me.
-For now, but he's fickle.
With a little persuasion, he'll accept you as his son.
And then, you know what to do.
-I was just getting to know him.
-You don't need to know him.
Just follow the plan.
-The plan's changed.
-Not ours.
Not if you want to claim the Dracula inheritance.
And you do want that, don't you?
-Yes, Mother.
-He's here.
-You'll be fine.
-Erin, I--
-Open the curtains.
-Not now, you need to rest.
Get me a mirror.
-I can't.
-Why not?
-You know why.
-You were dying.
I had to.
-I will never forgive you.
[ending theme]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 4 Ep 7 "Do The Bite Thing"

3038 Folder Collection
yi published on February 7, 2015
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