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[theme music]
-You weren't followed?
-It's not amateur hour.
What's with all the cloak and stake stuff?
-I have news from the high council.
-They're going to accept me?
-If you can prove your vampiric qualities
exceed those of an average girl.
-You'll be set three tasks to demonstrate your ruthlessness,
deviousness, and most importantly,
your willingness to inflict pain.
-Sounds fun.
What's first?
-I want to know whether your brother and his half fanged
sidekick are plotting to stop the blood binding.
-Of course they are.
Vlad's always been a sad romantic.
He won't want to marry someone he's not in love with.
-Love is irrelevant.
Adze must be his bride.
I'll find out what he's up to.
-It's not just a place in the high council at stake.
It's the future of all our kind.
-I could do with a hand here.
-Do I look like I was born into the serving houses?
-I don't think so.
Look, this hugging hoodie experiment of yours
is a disaster.
They've been helping themselves to my cellar.
-Actually, dad, that was me.
-The blood the slayer's guild provided has run out.
-We had to tap into your blood cellar for emergency supplies.
And just so we're clear, this isn't an experiment.
SCRAP is here to stay.
-School for Coexistence, Respect, and Peace.
-You call this respect?
-You were supposed to be rationing the blood to one
glass each, not splashing it about.
-I did.
But they wouldn't listen to me.
-The sooner he starts production of the soy blood,
the less we have to take from your blood cellar.
-So get to it before they drain me dry.
-McCauley's been looking for you.
-Ah, then she needs look no further.
-There had be enough decent vintage for the blood binding.
I don't do second best.
-You are making slow progress ingratiating
yourself with the Draculas.
-The Count just sees me as another one of the revamp kids.
And Vlad's so tight with Erin, I don't even get a look in.
-I got a call from the police this morning.
-I assure you that break in at the museum
was nothing to do with me and I have no knowledge
of the whereabouts of the ancient Pygmy skulls.
-That's not why they called.
-Then forget everything I just said.
-Crime in the area has dropped 20%
since you opened your evening classes.
-These young people are taking the chance we're giving them.
Well done, Mr. Count.
Your compassion is paying off.
-One does what one can for those less fortunate than one's self.
-Why do we keep that momentum going by rewarding them
with a pace on the student senate of the main school?
Empowering people is always a good idea.
-Thank you.
You'll let me know who you think best for the student senate?
-Of course.
Of course.
[blows nose]
-Thank you.
-Keep it.
A gift.
-Thank you.
-What about getting rid of Adze?
-Then we're left with no option.
We make her disappear.
-Kill her.
-We kidnap her.
Lock her up and forge a note saying that she's run away
because she can't face going through with the blood binding.
-No flies on you, brother.
-What do you want?
-I know what you want.
-Which is?
-Rid of Adze.
-It's OK.
I'm on side.
-Side Ingrid.
-You've got me all wrong.
So come on.
What's the plan?
-There is no plan.
-Then let's think of one.
I'm sure if we put our heads together we can outsmart her.
-You really want to help?
OK, well, the truants need rounding up.
-I'd love to.
But I have to prep for my next lesson.
It's not fair that those who actually
want to learn suffer, now is it?
-We'll work it out.
-You want me to spy on my own sister?
-If I'm going to take my rightful replace
in the high council, I need to find out how they're planing
to get Vlad out of the blood binding.
-Why me?
-Because they don't trust my motives.
-I'm hardly Erin's favorite person.
-Tell her you're sorry.
Play the family card.
Breathers are hopelessly sentimental.
She'll want to believe you.
-What's in it for me?
-A share in the power.
I won't forget you helped get me onto the high council.
-You're not serious.
No breathers?
-Well, it's the guest list, not the menu.
-Vlad's right.
Now that we all live in peace, we
should respect each other's traditions.
But the invites go out tomorrow.
-We haven't set a date yet.
-The Feast of Azazelo.
-But that's only two weeks away.
-Is that a problem?
-You wanted to see us?
-Oh, yes.
I've decided to put one of the ferals
forward for the school's student senate.
Well, they'll never take peaceful coexistence
seriously if we don't empower them.
-You don't take peaceful coexistence seriously.
-How sharper than a bat's fang it
is to have a thankless child.
-You two find a candidate and we'll put them to the test.
-Excellent idea.
They can undertake the trial of Grin Apnoire.
Three nights in the Caves of Carthusia
where they'll face their biggest fear.
And from where only one can return.
-Or alternatively, we can do a quiz.
Ramanga, as representative of the high council,
perhaps you could set the questions.
-Let battle commence.
-Garlic gas.
-UV stun grenades.
-Blood trap.
-Caught this lot bunking school.
Saved us a job.
-They promised they won't be any more trouble.
All right, you lot with me.
Come on.
-Come on, guys.
-How are you doing?
-I'm all right.
-I'm sorry I've been a bit out of order recently.
-Understatement of the year.
-And I'm sorry I never thanked you for standing up to Ramanga.
I heard about Vlad and Adze getting married.
-Hot gossip, is it?
-Are you really going to let it happen?
-Don't have much of a choice, do I?
-Maybe they're not planing anything.
-Of course they are.
They just won't tell you unless they
really think you've changed.
-Which I haven't.
-How do you fancy a place on the school senate?
-Whoopee doo.
-It's your chance to lead for once.
Unless you enjoy being Malik's lap dog.
-I'm nobody's lap dog.
-So prove it.
Be your own biter.
-I'm getting, I'm getting aristocracy.
-Oh yeah.
-A suggestion of Maldivian, but yes.
A subtle aftertaste of Bavaria.
-And uh, number two.
-Ah, now this is full bodied.
[coughs] Strong.
A vigorous vintage.
Plenty of iron.
-So which one's the soy blood.
-That one.
-How'd you guess?
Though the taste is remarkably authentic,
you have saved my cellar.
-Honestly, Renfield, I could, I could--
-Oh, bitey, bitey, bitey.
-Not do that.
-Hi, Adze.
Do you fancy grabbing a bite to eat later?
-I don't do gooseberry.
-Not with Erin.
Just you and me.
You're right about her being needy.
I just need some space.
You want some space?
You've got it.
-So how about it?
-No can do.
I'm getting my fangs polished tonight.
-Did it work?
-She's getting her fangs polished tonight.
We could snatch her then.
Did you have to make it quite so convincing?
I'm putting Ryan forward for the student senate.
-I thought the idea was to find an envoy
for peaceful coexistence.
-And I thought you believed in giving
the disenfranchised a second chance.
Or is that merely sales speak of ineffectual do gooders?
-I'll find out who Bertrand has lined up for your opponent.
-Situation in my room in five.
We're going to win this thing.
-I want to be a proper brother again.
I'm going to stop Adze marrying Vlad.
-Settle down, please.
Today we are learning about Ludlaw Erant.
He led the great crusade of the night eaters into Crisana.
On his return, the conquering hero
was elected to the high council.
-Didn't he kill like 3,000 slayers?
-At least.
The streams of Crisanian mountains
run red with slayers' blood.
But they got their revenge when a mole infiltrated
the coronation and inserted garlic tipped thorns
into his crown.
If it wasn't for warriors like Ludlaw Erant saving us
from the slayers, vampires would've
been wiped from this earth.
-Except now we're supposed to just mosh together,
vampires, slayers, breathers.
-Doesn't mean we have to give up our identity.
It's important to know who you are and where you come from.
-But if we're descended from warriors like him,
isn't that who we are?
-Times are different now.
-I need your candidate for the student senate.
You do you know this position holds a lot of responsibility?
-He's a natural born leader.
If he embraces peaceful coexistence,
the others will fall into place.
-I suppose the others do look up to him.
Good thinking.
-I've got a tank full of garlic gas to knock Adze out.
-But we still need to work out how to get her
from the dentist to the warehouse.
-Ah, Vladdie.
-Renfeild's got the first batch of soy blood ready.
-I'll let the slayer's guild know
we no longer need their supplies.
-You can inform them once my cellar has been replenished.
How do I look?
Like you're seeing Miss McCauley.
This is my candidate for the senate.
Clarissa Mountjoy.
-But you've already chosen Malik as your candidate.
Why would I do that?
He's been nothing but trouble.
-You told me to my face.
-I did not.
-Transylvania, we have a problem.
Miss McCauley's invited a photographer
from the local paper to cover tonight's quiz.
How do we get out of this one?
-I have every faith in you.
-Look, there's no way Malik's--
-Malike's your candidate.
Work with it.
-Got a class.
Revise your Transylvanian lineage while I'm gone.
-I don't want to arouse suspicions.
Play dumb and make sure you lose the quiz.
-But being on the student senate will
get me in with the Draculas.
-Ryan must win.
I'll make sure he receives the questions.
Vlad draws his strength from Erin.
We can get to her through her brother.
-Ryan wants to help.
-I've borrowed Malik's bike if that's any use.
-What do you think?
-We could do with an extra pair of hands
getting Adze to the warehouse.
-You're in.
I'll knock her out at the dentist.
You and Ryan pick her up after the senate quiz.
You forge the note.
-That's what families are for.
-Now all we have to do is make sure Miss McCauley and the news
reporter don't turn up to the senate quiz.
-Task complete.
What's he doing here?
-Tell him.
They're going to kidnap Adze.
The master, he, uh, oh, he loves his broccoli soup.
-Smells delicious.
-This is for the winner of the senate quiz.
It will need a clean before we present it.
Oh, I-- Oh yes, sir, it's Professor
Renfield at your service.
What's that?
-Renfield, come on.
-It's the soy blood.
-How dare you!
-Did you use Transylvanian pig weed?
-Might have done.
-He'll be out for hours.
-Just checking.
-Have the reporters arrived?
What's happened?
-Renfield's a genius.
-I am?
I am.
-After we've done a tour of the school,
you can meet some of our new intake
before we do the senate quiz.
Everybody's really excited about having
their picture in the local paper.
-The students have just finished creating
their own smoothies in fruit technology.
Care for a taste?
-Thank you, Bertrand.
It's very unusual.
-What is it?
-Pomegranate, cranberry, and licorice.
It's a bit of an acquired taste.
-It's great for detoxing.
-Very relaxing.
-See you in the morning.
For luck.
-I'm going to need it.
-You're giving it a go.
That's the most important thing.
I'm really proud of you.
-Wait, Erin.
I'm proud of you too.
-This will knock her out.
Jump up on the chair, Adze.
Let's sharpen those fangs.
-Adze's otherwise engaged.
To you.
And if you think of trying to get out of the blood binding,
you can kiss goodbye to that half fanged girlfriend of yours
for good.
-Is it done?
-Is that seat taken?
-Budge along then.
Got to keep up appearances.
-We've been rumbled.
-Welcome to the vampire senate challenge.
Now the rules are simple.
The vampire with the most points when the bells toll will
be elected onto the student senate.
Now back to your corners and come out fighting.
Fingers on buzzers.
Your starter question.
In what year is the battle of [inaudible].
-Three bonus questions to Ryan on the date
of vampiric battles.
First, [inaudible].
-Sarah Michelle Gellar.
-Mark [inaudible].
-School for coexistence and respect.
-I'm going to have your guts for [inaudible].
-It was a Transylvanian pig weed that made it taste fruity.
-I've started, so I finish.
How many brothers does Count Dracula have?
Somebody's been tampering with these questions.
-Hang on.
That's not right.
-He's right.
Two brothers.
Ivan and Arta.
-Who's Arta?
-Winner, winner!
Get up, up!
Crown him.
-By the power invested in me by the high council,
I now crown you member of the school senate.
-Garlic tipped thorns.
It's murder.
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 4 Ep 4 "The Crown of Ludlaw Erant"

3004 Folder Collection
yi published on February 7, 2015
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