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Ro: Hello! It's Ro and
Ro: today on Nerdy Nummies, I'm here with
Ro: Da-na-na-na-na!!!!! We're making a rainbow!
Ro: We're making a rainbow! With Courtney!
Ro: We are making, what kind of cake today?
Courtney: Rainbow. Ro: Rainbow. Both: Magic Unicorn
Ro: Somebody requested it, they wanted this. They Courtney and I to make them a Rainbow Magic
Ro: Unicorn cake. So we,
Courtney: There's no Unicorns in the cake
Ro: No, they're not in 'em. The tools that we will be using today, will be
Courtney: The cake poker, Ro: Cake leveler
Courtney: Mustachio, to go with your lady beard. Ro: Yeah. Um, this one is
Ro: called a whisk. That's what the pros call it!.
Courtney: A spank-tula
Courtney: because in my kitchen we get our spank on. Ro: Yeah, we be giving the spanks over here.
Ro: Measuring cup, for things you measure in.
Ro: Two round cake pans, those will be
Ro: eighteen-inch, yeah. Courtney: The size of these. Ro: Yeah!
Ro: and two large mixing bowls.
Ro: Let's get started!
Ro: The ingredients we will be using today it will be 1 box cake. That's gonna be white box
Ro: Cake. 3 Eggs and 1 cup of water.
Courtney: Pam baking spray. Ro: That's right! Courtney: 1/2 a cup of vegetable oil
Courtney: Or body oil. And Unicorn tears!
Ro: Yay!
Ro: They come in so many colors of the rainbow!
Ro: It's time to start baking and make magic!
Courtney: Yeah, I like... Ro: First we add the box cake, and make sure it's a white
Ro: box cake. Because if you use yellow your colors won't come out right! You need white cake
Courtney: We don't want unicorn pee! Ro: No, you don't want that!
Ro: Now, a cup of water. Courtney: Oh I get to do this? Ro: Yeah
Ro: Unicorns help make unicorn cakes. Perfect, oh, whoa whoa!
Courtney: Did I miss the bowl? Ro: 1/3 a cup of vegetable oil
Ro: OK, now I need 3 eggs
Courtney: Cage-free! Ro: Yes, cage-free!
Ro: Natural organic eggs, and we need 3 of them, so.....
Ro: this is, you only want to use the egg-whites. Courtney: Not the shell? Ro: not the full
Ro: egg. So, um, this is the tricky part
Courtney: Oh! This is where we do the little shakey shake. Ro: We do the shakeys. Courtney: Oh my gosh
Courtney: I love this part. Ro: This is how you get the egg white out.
Ro: Well, we might.
Ro: OK, if you let the yolk fall but, I mean don't let the yolk...
Ro: Let the yolk sit in the egg and let the whites fall.
Courtney: What? That's not falling, that's really... Not... didn't....
Courtney: mmmmmmmm. Ro: Ew, this is really gross, OK I think I got all of it.
Courtney: Dump, dump, dump. Ro: Perfect. Courtney: Oh this is fun!
Ro: Oh you're good at it! Let me try and do what you're doing a little better
Ro: Back, forth, back, forth.
Ro: Now with our powers combined, we're gonna whisk this!
Ro: Yeah! Courtney: In Unicorn unison!
Ro: If we do that the bowl can't move! Once your batter is mixed,
Ro: We're going to separate half of it into this other bowl, so I'm gonna share
Ro: For you. Courtney : Sharing is caring!
Ro: Oooh! Once they're evenly separated,
Ro: Then we're gonna start with two dyes.
Courtney: This is key, do not mix the dyes or you will create
Courtney: a brownish color. Ro: No, nope! Courtney: This is what happened
Courtney: when I did it. Ro: Pink, orange,
Courtney: Purple! Yellow! Ro: Hahaha! These are out of
Ro: order, these are rainbow colors, but they're totally out of order, so we're just going to start
Ro: with two.
Ro: And remember, one box cake will make 2 cakes
Ro: so you're gonna need 3 box cakes total. After you open your little dyes,
Ro: get a knife my and just scoop out, like, just a little bit.
Ro: like that, perfect! Courtney: It looks like, grape jam. Ro: It does, they look like jam.
Ro: And then you mix it in. And you're gonna wanna mix until everything
Ro: is really even. I like mixing them in the big bowls before you pour them in the pans.
Ro: Because, sometimes the dye doesn't sit evenly if you just put it right into the pan.
Ro: So you put them in here first! Let me see yours, oh dats pretty!
Courtney: I put the perfect amount! Ro: The purple looks so pretty!
Courtney: I have never done anything right in my life.
Ro: you did good!
Courtney: I want to put it all over my body
Ro: OK mines done, I think it's mixed. Courtney: I think mine is too. Ro: The color looks pretty solid
Ro: So now it's time to put them in the pans.
Ro: Now, we're gonna spray the pans with Pam baking spray.
Ro: Just go. Courtney: Oil 'er up. Ro: yeah grease
Ro: Are you ready? Courtney: Grese me up, baby! Gotta lubricate!
Courtney: Oh, not, eww!
Courtney: well, guess I'm ready to go for later. Ro: OK, now take your cake,
Ro: Your rainbow batter. Courtney: And DUMP! Ro: And dump it!
Courtney: Dump it! Ro: It's a Unicorn dump. Courtney: Oh, it's not dumping
Courtney: very. Unicorn diarrhea!
Ro: Ahhh it got on me!
Courtney: Don't get on you dyes!
Ro: Yeah, you should wear white shirts when you are dying cakes.
Courtney: Always wear white shirts when dealing with dyes
Ro: So, that's what they're supposed to look like. Perfect! Courtney: Not... more like hers
Ro: No, they look perfect! Courtney: Ok!
Ro: Now we're gonna put the cakes in the oven. You're gonna heat your oven to 350
Ro: 350! Courtney: Magic!
Ro: Then you put these puppies in. Courtney: Don't put real puppies in there.
Ro: No not really. Courtney: The Cakes. Ro: Just the magical cakes,
Ro: Put them in there and they're gonna bake for about 35 minutes.
Ro: And, we're going to use this fancy cake poker
Ro: over here. Poke it in at 35 minutes
Ro: and if you pull it out and there is nothing on it then you know... Courtney: That you didn't do a good job
Ro: Then you are a horrible baker and you should probably just
Ro: stop baking forever. Courtney: We want it to be dirty.
Ro: While the cakes are baking, we are taking this time to do a public service announcement
Courtney: This is a very serious matter, that has been sweeping
Courtney: Nations, across the world,
Courtney: the universe! Ro: The whole universe. Courtney: The sla...
Courtney: Unicorn slave trading and they're using their meat!
Ro: The buying and selling of Unicorn meat, it's just not right!
Ro: These poor, magical creatures. Courtney: It's really disgusting.
Courtney: And you will not poop sparkles. Ro: No. Courtney: In fact, it will burn every time you go to the bathroom
Courtney: Don't do it! Ro: The way they hunt them is just so inhumane.
Ro: It's like Voldemort, all over the place! Courtney: Horn in your bum, if
Courtney: you do dirty things. Ro: And, it's a lie!
Ro: Unicorn blood does not make you live forever. Courtney: Nope it does not!
Ro: OK, because Voldemort obviously didn't live forever. Courtney: No.
Ro: Once all of your rainbow cakes, there's 6 of them,
Ro: are baked, then we're gonna need to level them. Just make sure the cake has had plenty
Ro: of time to cool before you do this.
Ro: OK, so we're gonna level the pink one to show you how to do it.
Ro: OK, so you line this up, and I adjusted the wire so they'll all be the same height.
Ro: Boom! Level cake, and you're going to want to do this to all 6 of the cakes.
Ro: Once your cakes have had plenty of time to cool off in the freezer
Ro: We are gonna frost these things, and build the rainbow
Courtney: Frosted tips! Ro: Perfect! Courtney: Like Justin Timberlake's hari in the 90's
Ro: We just finished frosting, Courtney did the top, I Love it! We did little...
Ro: Little balls, I don't know really what they're called, but it's when you
Ro: Do do do do do do! All the way around. Courtney: Make sure you have a good solid grip
Courtney: and that you squeeze towards, the top to the bottom
Courtney: Or it will come up like that. Ro: Or you're gonna have stuff coming,
Ro: coming out of it, right here, like this. OK, it's a Rainbow Cake, but to make a Unicorn
Ro: I made something from fondant last night.
Ro: Ba-daaaaaaaa!!! I made a fondant Unicorn! Courtney: OH MY GOSH! MAGIC!
Ro: Good little Sparkle Juice! Courtney: Nice Sparkle Juice! Ro: Oh, you're so cute!
Ro: Ok, do you want to put him on the cake?
Courtney: Where am I putting her... him? RO; Put him right.... There!
Ro: Ta-da! Rainbow cake! Now we're gonna cut it open
Ro: So you can see all the beautiful layers. Courtney: Let's cut this open! Ro: Yeah!
Ro: Look at the inside of this cake! RAINBOWS!!!
Ro: Cheers to our magical Unicorn cake! Courtney: Cheers!
Courtney: I can't breathe!
Ro: Hello! Thank you for watching this week's Nerdy Nummies!
Ro: Um, check out CourtneyPants, I'll put her link in the description below.
Ro: And, if you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies creations
Ro: please leave me a comment and let me know! OK, Thanks!
Courtney: Thanks guys! Ro: Bye!
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1475 Folder Collection
cathy~ published on February 7, 2015
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