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[theme music]
-All I'm saying is we've hit a small bump in the road.
-Vlad's not a bump, he's a roadblock.
I can't take over if he's alive.
-Maybe the slayers will come back and attack him.
-I am not pinning my hopes to a "maybe"!
Go and grab all the weapons you can find.
-You want to take him down tonight?
-He'll be dust by dawn.
THE COUNT: Stop faffing!
Hurry up, Renfield.
-Yes, Master.
Yeah, right.
-Pack this.
Leave that.
Burn these.
Sell those.
Who's this?
-Don't know.
-Well, I'm sorry, but you didn't make the cut.
Bon voyage!
-We're staying.
-The vultures are circling.
It's time to take you off the menu!
We may have disabled their weapon,
but the slayers know our location--
-I can handle the slayers.
-And what about Ingrid, mm?
-She and her gang won't be a problem.
I'll unleash the power of the "Praedictum Impaver"
or I'll be strong enough to control all vampires.
-You need living blood to reveal the text,
but you won't hurt breathers!
No blood, no power.
Get packing.
-There's no choice.
I'll have to get blood from a breather.
-I think we have just what we need right here.
-They're going to make me a vampire.
-To the training room.
We need to get to the book.
[door opening]
-Huh, it likes you and your blood.
VLAD: Ingrid.
-Should have left her to rot in Stokely.
Leopard spots, I'll say no more.
-No eternal life for you, Renfield.
-Master, a promise is a promise.
-Do something useful and find Bertrand.
Tell him his precious book's been stolen.
I'll find Bertrand.
-You're good with bones.
See if you can track down the book.
-Your blood can unlock the power of the "Praedictum Impaver."
We can't let Ingrid get her hands on you.
Don't let him out of your sight.
-All right.
-I won't leave the Master's side.
-You made a good start when you put your finger in the book.
-But you weren't there.
-Ah, something Vlad said-- "If it wasn't for her,
you'd have no text in your precious book."
I put two and two together and got you.
Now I need more blood to reveal the rest.
Vlad had his chance, but he was weak,
falling for a breather like you.
It's time for a change of leadership.
-You and who's army?
-I don't need an army, just a power
from the book and a few old friends.
They'll be here soon.
So shall we?
ERIN: Ugh!
[evil laughter]
ERIN: Ugh!
Too bad they won't be here to see you reveal the text.
Everyone will think Vlad did it.
-You're right.
Don't go anywhere.
-Untie me before Bertrand gets back.
-I'll come back and free you when Ingrid's taken over
and Vlad's no more.
-Don't let Ingrid drag you down with--
-Are you OK?
I am now.
-Where's Bertrand? +5+56
-He's gone to get his followers.
We don't have long.
-Where's the book?
-Ryan took it for Ingrid.
-I need to get you out of here.
Just go, keep running, and don't look back.
-The last time you told me to do that, I got
kidnapped by Bertrand!
I think I'm safer sticking with you.
-It's a vampire fight.
-I used to be a slayer, remember?
-Go out of my way, you fool.
I'm thirsty!
Go and uncork me a Duke!
-But Master, Vlad said we got to stick together.
-Go now!
INGRID: Good work, Ryan.
What a lovely gift.
-So, fresh blood opens the book.
I have to unlock the power before Vlad
or Bertrand find us.
Fetch me Renfield-- alive.
-So, Ingrid has the book, and the tutor turns traitor.
I should've known he couldn't be trusted.
I mean what kind of name is Bertrand,
with his rolling eyes and wavy hair?
-We need to teach him a lesson.
-Hey, Ingrid-- Ingrid's hiding in the Assembly Hall.
She's-- she's going to kidnap Renfield for his blood.
VLAD: You were supposed to be guarding him!
THE COUNT: But all this excitement made me thirsty!
-You find Renfield.
We'll go get the book.
Come on.
-Oh, poo.
JONATHAN VAN HELSING: Can you make it to our base?
SLAYER (ON RADIO): We're pinned down.
They came out of nowhere, headed for the school.
-How many are there?
SLAYER (ON RADIO): I ca-- I can't tell.
They're moving too fast.
Watch out, she's right behind you!
Man down!
Man down!
We-- we're not going to make it.
-What is your exact position?
We're coming to help you.
What is your position?
Do you read me?
BERTRAND: Go home, slayers.
You cannot defeat us.
MINA VAN HELSING: Without those reinforcements,
we can't launch another attack on the school, just
the two of us.
-I don't like the odds, but what else are we going to do?
-We can choose to life to fight another day.
-What, and let Vlad get away?
Not on my watch.
I'm going in.
-Good to see you, brothers.
Safe trip?
-We met some slayers on the way.
It was a good warmup.
-Everything's ready.
I have the "Praedictum Impaver" and a breather.
-Then lead on.
Your future is waiting to be written.
I should have caught her blood in the book
when I had the chance.
-If she gets the book to Vlad, this
is going to be a wasted trip.
-Not if we find her first.
[muffled voice]
-Welcome to my little book club.
I think you'll enjoy reading this.
It's a cut above the rest.
I--I-- I'm not really into hard backs.
I prefer comics.
-It opened for Erin.
What has she got that Renfield hasn't?
-Erin's got slayer's blood.
It must be slayer's blood that opens the book.
-Oh, that's the Count's favorite!
I've got it in me-- oh.
-They've got someone surrounded.
-Someone's been busy making new friends.
-Looks like we both have.
-She has the "Praedictum Impaver."
-Back off!
It's mine.
-I thought you'd changed.
-And I thought you were his trusted teacher.
Guess you can't judge a book by its cover.
-Evil minds think alike.
-Give that back!
BERTRAND: The last page is blank.
We need more slayer's blood.
I'm at the last drop.
There's no more to be had.
INGRID: Perfect timing.
-Hand over the book.
-Hand over Erin.
-The book needs slayer's blood.
-Stay back!
We'll destroy the lot of you.
MINA VAN HELSING: Prepare to be ashed.
Now Jonno!
INGRID: We think we've run out of slayer's blood
and then three come along at once.
Grab them!
-It's OK.
They can't enter unless we invite them in,
so we'll be safe.
-Come to me.
-Back off, bookworms.
-I, Sethius, am the power of the "Praedictum Impaver."
Now I have all the blood I need.
I can make my return.
-Not expecting that.
-That feels good!
I thought I was never getting out of there.
What century is this and where am I?
-21st century.
-I am Sethius-- the "Chosen One."
-You can't be here.
Vlad is the "Chosen One."
-Are you calling me a liar?
[coughing and choking]
-Anyone else want to question?
-Let him go!
-Make me.
-You've got guts.
Schoolgirls and scoundrels all lining up
to take a bite out of you.
You can wipe them out with a swipe of your hand.
-I doubt that.
-Let's work together, you and me.
I think we can lock this sorry lot into shape.
What do you say?
-Put it here, blood brother.
Now, who's going to give Sethius the grand tour?
-It would be my pleasure.
-But probably not yours.
I'll show you.
SETHIUS: Stop kissing my coffin.
You can both do it.
I'll be the rose between two thorns.
[mocking laughter]
BERTRAND: Um, this way, Sire.
INGRID: Don't you mean Your Majesty?
BERTRAND: Or Your Eminence, if you prefer.
SETHIUS: Yes, something like that.
-Are you OK?
-The only thing he injured is my pride.
Who knows what he'll do next time.
He's got bats in his belfry.
-We need to play for time.
-Why wait?
Let's finish him now.
-He's a maniac, but he's not stupid.
We need to take him by surprise.
I'll need you to build me a suncatcher.
And I'll keep him occupied until the sun comes up,
and then we can make our move.
-Goodbye old friend, "parting is such sweet sorrow, "
except in this case, where it's good riddance,
you back-breaking lump of oak!
I mean, would a cushion have been too much to ask?
-Sorry, Master, my sincere apologies.
I will procure for you a coffin lined
with the finest velvet in all the land.
-"In all the land"?
Who are you, Hans Christian Andersen?
-Don't listen to his fairy tales.
How does a custom-fitted coffin with a built-in blood dispenser
-You deserve grandeur-- hand-carved mahogany
with gold fittings.
-What about some new clothes?
-As annoying as you two are, it would be helpful for my plans
if I didn't have to eviscerate you just yet.
Come on.
SETHIUS: You're going to have to come out of there sooner
or later, because I'm pretty sure your strange little igloo
doesn't have an en suite.
Now let's go and wipe out the nearest town.
-Oh, great idea.
But first, how about we have a little competition
and see which one of us is the most powerful
"Chosen One," who's got the biggest fireballs.
You really want to be humiliated in front of this lot?
-Can you beat that?
-(CHUCKLING) I think we've found our winner.
-Let's stop messing about and play a proper game, shall we?
Your turn.
-I could dust everyone in this room if I wanted to.
-Impressive, but not as impressive as this.
-Why did you do that?
-Because I can!
And I'm only Just getting started.
I have a vision of the future-- a vision
of the perfect vampire world.
Well, I'm here to make it come true.
I will lead us in a war against breathers.
And we'll bite every last one with our food all gone.
We'll fight one another and the anarchy will reign supreme.
The ultimate state of evil will have been achieved.
[maniacal laughter]
-You're crazy!
-That's what the old vampires thought in my day,
so they looked me up in the book.
But now I'm out and the fun can begin.
-Yes, you've taken pop-up books to a whole new level.
SETHIUS: I know something.
You bore me.
-The Count will stay like that forever to remind you
I'm in charge around here.
Now, who's with me?
I said, who's with me?
ALL: I am.
I am.
Let's start planning the attack.
-Renfield, do something!
-Yes, Master.
I invented a formula for our rematerialization spray,
but I need your help.
Come on!
-You're weird.
You're half vampire, half werewolf.
And stop with the name-calling!
-Did it work?
-Don't know.
I never tried it before.
We have to mix the liquids at the same time.
- --it will explode.
SETHIUS: We'll start here and bite our way south.
It'll be fun watching them scrambling for the boats,
crawling over each other trying to escape.
Some of them will get away, but most of them
will fall to our fangs.
-It's nearly sunrise.
If we can keep him busy 'til first light at six,
we can let Mother Nature take him down.
-How are you going to get him outside?
-I'm not.
I'm bringing the sunshine in.
At dawn, a shaft of light will hit the school crest here.
But how are you going to get Sethius
to be on this exact spot at that exact time?
-Many fangs make light work.
SETHIUS: Our numbers greater than the stars in the sky,
spreading out across the land like a--
-I'm not like Sethius.
I want vampires and humans to live together in peace.
That's what you want?
Carnage and chaos?
You tried that in Stokely and look how that ended.
You can help him with his master plan and everyone dies,
or you can help me.
We need blood, but this is the 21st century.
We can set up blood banks to feed
vampires all over the world.
No more biting.
No more slaying.
You want power, not annihilation.
Work with me, and I'll give you the status
you've always craved.
-You're really going to stop Sethius?
-I'm going to try.
You with me?
Your choice.
-We're in.
Tell us what you need us to do.
SETHIUS: It will be a symphony of slaughter,
the concerto of chaos, an opera of apocalypse!
SETHIUS: We could fang out to Spain,
Portugal, France, Germany--
-Well done, boys.
Now let's get out of here without making a sound.
-Yes, Master.
Do you think he's heard me?
-Do you want to tell him or shall I?
-Ow, ow!
-Most ingenious.
You and your inventive little freaks
might come in handy for taking over the world.
Stick around, and await my orders.
[clock ticking]
-All in position.
-Thanks, Renfield.
And remember, wait for my signal.
-Go, go.
My dear Sethius, my family would like to show our support
for your vision to create anarchy by presenting you
with your first breather to bite.
-No, Vlad, please let me go!
-Take her as a token of our respect.
-Well, this is more like it.
Was it really necessary for all that unpleasantness?
We're finally on the same page, the one
here that says I have the power.
And I think it was your blood that filled in the first page
here, so it's only fitting that you're the first one to go.
[clock chime]
-Every story has a beginning, and every breather
has an ending.
[cocking of trigger]
[evil laughter]
-Did you really think I was so stupid?
No one beats Sethius!
[joyful laughter]
We did it!
-Ha ha ha ha ha!
Is someone in pain?
Is everybody all right?
I heard screaming.
What happened?
What are you all doing here?
-Sorry for the mess, Miss McCauley.
We had a little impromptu gathering.
MISS MCCAULEY: People normally their campfires outside.
-Won't happen again.
I promise you.
-Well, If it does, you better invite me.
-It's a date.
-So, you've finally come around to my way of thinking--
living peacefully with breathers.
-Not likely.
Or perhaps maybe.
-And can we please try to get along as a family for the next,
say, 100 years?
-With me as the head, obviously.
-I thought you said we'd share the power.
-Uh, what I actually said was I'd
give you the status you deserve.
-That will be equal to a swamp rat then.
-Which will give you top position as my Number Two.
-No, no, no, she can't be your Number Two!
You're my Number Two.
That makes her Number Three!
-No way am I Number Three!
-Oh, this is going to be a long 100 years.
No biting
-No slaying.
-No fun.
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 3 Ep 13 "All for One"

2951 Folder Collection
yi published on February 4, 2015
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