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[opening theme]
ERIN (VOICEOVER): Dear Vlad, it was all an act.
Mina and Jonno know exactly what you are.
The mind wipe was never in place.
They're planning an attack with the Slayers' Guild.
You might not believe me, but I'm going to prove it to you.
Please, watch out for Ingrid.
She's converting girls into vampires.
They've already tried to kill you.
Don't trust her.
-More lies from your breather slayer girlfriend.
-Some of it could be true.
You mean the part about Ingrid being a devious little traitor?
-She's delusional.
-I know you've changed.
But if the Slayers' Guild are planning an attack,
we need to be ready.
-I knew it was a mistake to let the slayer girl live.
-Don't blame yourself, Dad.
-I don't.
I blame him.
What did I do?
-My orders were quite clear.
You were supposed to not do anything.
Who's for a glass of vintage blood?
My treat.
-You ordered Bertrand to get rid of Erin.
It was you.
You locked her on the balcony.
-We were trying to protect you.
-Oh, by eradicating my girlfriend?
-The past is-- is past.
What's important is the family stays together.
-Is there no one I can trust?
-I definitely wouldn't trust Erin.
-He really likes her.
Maybe he even thinks he's in love.
-Vlad needs closure.
-Yes, closure.
You think it would help if Vlad had
a good, long talk with Erin?
I think it would help if we hunted down and drain her.
-Master, Ms. McCauley wants to see you.
Tell her I'll be there in half an hour.
Then come help me prepare.
-Prepare for what?
-You call yourself a slayer?
Have you actually killed a vampire?
-But you switched sides, didn't you?
You went to live with Draculas.
You were Vlad's girlfriend.
-I never meant for that to happen.
I wanted to slay all the Draculas.
-I was just trying to save my brother.
-All right.
But to prove yourself to us, you have to pass one more test.
-I should warn you, I'm a bit dyslexic.
-It's not a written test.
-You have to slay a vampire.
-How do you want me to do it?
-Semi-automatic garlic guns, garlic grenades,
super strong UV torches, argentium spears--
-Hm, what are those?
-Funny looking trophies.
-They're filled with the dust of slain vampires.
-Count Lakushka.
-My very first slay.
-So you've killed people too.
-Not people-- vampires.
You must keep the difference clear in your mind.
Otherwise you can go a bit strange.
Anyway, check this out-- garlic gas.
One whiff of that, knock a vampire cold.
All ready for the staking.
-It sounds perfect.
So is this what you're going to use?
-How do you mean?
-For your big attack on the Draculas.
You said you had a special weapon.
The new weapons even better.
Just what 'til you see it.
-After the test.
Jonno, let her choose her weapons in peace.
-Good luck.
-Get out.
-Vlad, listen to me.
-You tried to dust my sister and my girlfriend.
Any other attempted murders I should know about?
-I was acting on your father's orders.
-I expect this sort of thing from Dad.
But you-- you're supposed to be on my side.
-Can't you see the slayer girl has made a fool of you.
She's weakened you.
We must find her and destroy her.
-If it wasn't for her, you wouldn't
have any words in your precious book.
-What do you mean by that?
Just leave her alone.
-If you won't consider your own safety, think of your people.
The slayers grow stronger every day.
Vampires everywhere wait for you to lead them to glory.
-Then they'll wait a long time.
I'm not leading an army.
Are we clear?
-Can you get me out of here?
-They told me I have to slay a vampire.
-Then only one of us gets out alive.
-How do I look?
So today is the-- the big day.
-Look at you all dressed up.
Where are you going?
-Just down to the school.
-Master wants to look his best for Ms. McCauley.
-Why bother?
If you want her to like you, just hypnotize her.
Oh, I see.
-No you didn't.
You don't see anything, because there's nothing to see.
-You can't hypnotize her, because you're
in love with her.
The Prince of Darkness in love with a breather.
-Well, not for long.
I'm going to bite her and be done with it.
-You want to take that risk?
-What risk?
-Do you want Ms. McCauley to end up like Mum?
-That wouldn't happen.
-I'm just trying to help, Dad.
-Well, that should stop him from recruiting Ms. McCauley.
-Why do you care who the master bites?
-When you turn someone into a vampire,
that person is loyal to you.
I don't want Dad's posse to be bigger than mine.
-What posse?
-There's a vampire war coming, Renfield.
Which side will you be on?
-My place is with the master.
-You're already as loyal as a dog.
Dad will never bite you, no matter how much you beg.
-Master will make me immortal.
-One day.
-I could do it today, if you join us.
Come and meet the girls.
What do you think?
-Do I get a uniform?
INGRID: Renfield.
Get me the keys to Dad's blood cellar.
My girls need feeding.
Have you read my new proposal for the science block.
It's absolutely fascinating.
-Hello, Bun-buns.
-Mr. Count?
Are you all right?
-I don't know.
-What are you waiting for, Bun-buns?
Bite me.
-So you're happy with the proposal then?
-Yes, yes.
You're fine just as you are.
Carry on.
-Do you think she's OK?
-You did well.
-Did I?
And remember, he wasn't your brother anymore.
he wouldn't have wanted to live the life that
awaited him, to be one of them.
-I need some fresh air.
-Take as long as you like.
-Uh-- can I keep these?
The Draculas will be looking for me.
-Of course.
You must protect yourself.
Good work, slayer.
-Ryan, it's OK.
I'm here.
-I think there's-- there's some garlic gas in there.
-I'm sorry.
It was the only way I could get you out.
-They bought the whole thing?
Even the fake dust pile?
Count Lakushka, we owe you big time.
-Yeah, great plan.
-Now I need you to do something for me.
When it gets dark, go to Garside and warn
Vlad about the Guild attack.
-I'll go to Garside, but only so I can be with Ingrid.
-Please warn Vlad.
-I'll tell Ingrid about the slayers' plans.
And if she wants to share the information with Vlad,
then she can.
-She won't share the information with him.
She wants to slay him.
-I guess he won't get the news then.
Vlad, I know you can hear me.
Meet me in the archery range.
I'm not going away until you do.
Did you get my letter?
-You say they're going to attack us?
-They're going to do a lot worse.
They're going to annihilate you.
They have a weapon.
-What kind of weapon?
-I don't know.
But I'm going to find out.
-Tell me why I should believe you.
-Because I care for you.
If I didn't, why would I be here?
-Oh, I don't know.
To slay me and my family?
You should go.
-Here's the address of the Slayers' Guild
if you want to do something about it.
-It's a trap.
Trust me, Vladdie.
You go anywhere near that place, and she'll be lying in wait
with a stake, a pitchfork, and an angry mob.
-Yeah, you're probably right.
Which is why I need you to come with me.
-No way.
-Please, Dad.
I can't do this on my own.
I just need to find out if Erin's telling the truth.
-And if she is?
-We destroy the Slayers' weapon and get her out of there.
-This is no game, Vladdie.
Your obsession with that slayer girl
is going to get us all destroyed.
-I know it sounds crazy.
We both come from completely different worlds,
and I don't know whether to trust her or not.
But I have to take that risk.
Because even there's the smallest chance
that me and Erin can-- well, I just have to try.
That's all.
-All right.
-I'll meet you here at nightfall.
INGRID (VOICEOVER): Get me the keys to Dad's blood cellar.
Do you want immortality or not?
-Renfield, get my stealth cape.
Vladdie and I are doing a covert raid on the Slayers' Guild.
-That sounds dangerous, Master.
-Yes, it is.
-Oh, please don't go.
You're too beautiful to die!
But it's a father's duty to stand by his son,
even if I have to pay the ultimate price.
-Well, if-- if anything should happen to you,
isn't there something you should do first?
I'm sorry I'm just not getting it.
-Bitey, bitey, bitey.
-Oh, good garlic, no.
Never in a month of eternities.
-But, Master, you've promised me immortality.
-Did I?
Sometimes the darkness of my soul surprises even me.
-I'm-- I'm ready, Mistress Ingrid.
-I'm not sticking my fangs in that.
Get lost, Renfield.
But Master will throw me in a slimepit
when he finds out what I've done.
-This day gets better and better.
-You know, gatecrashers are expected to bring a bottle.
Do I know you?
-You should, dear.
You made me.
-And you gave me the blood poisoning.
Tear him apart.
-I'm here to help you.
I want to join you, to fight against the slayer attack.
-What slayer attack?
-A UV generator?
-The biggest one ever built using
the best Guild technology.
-You're going to attack Garside Grange.
-Too right.
Once we activate this baby, the whole nest of biters
will be ashed.
-So-- um-- how does it work?
-All right.
Let's do this.
-Girls and boy, this is our chance,
the day we've been waiting for.
We let the Guild destroy my father and brother,
and then we get rid of the slayers.
Bring on the slayer attack!
-What slayer attack?
Who are these guys?
This is all just a dream.
Go back to sleep.
-But if it's a dream, aren't I already asleep?
-Where are you going?
-I've got to warn the Count about the slayer attack.
-Wolfie, no!
Get him back.
But don't hurt him.
-It's all controlled from here.
Solar panels on the roof collect the sunlight,
which we store here and here.
-That's a lot of sunlight.
We've been building our supplies for months.
Then we'll send the UV through pulses
to receptors which are plants around the Draculas' residence.
Then they'll be powerless, and we'll finish them.
-So-- uh-- when do we activate?
That's a brilliant plan.
-So you're coming with us?
-Be right with you.
-Face it, Vladdie.
She's one of them.
-You gonna invite us in?
All right.
Vlad, Count Dracula, please come in.
Now do you trust me?
-Saw you hugging Jonno.
-Oh that.
-Yes, that.
-I only did that, so I could get this.
To destroy the machine, you'll need it.
-Come on, Erin.
-What's keeping her?
-I think it's going to explode.
-You just saved Dad.
-Now do you believe I'm on your side?
I'm sorry.
-You're working with him.
But you ashed your brother.
-I faked it.
-Whoa, whoa.
Leave her alone.
-Well, I hope you don't mind me sharing your snack.
-There'll be no biting today.
I'll handle this.
We won't hurt you.
Just pass on the message to the Guild.
I want peace between vampires and breathers.
-You want peace?
It's all I've ever wanted.
-My dad's dead, and it's all because of you.
You said it was an accident.
-A bunch of vampires attacked him, and because of your mind
wipe he never stood a chance.
-Jonno, I'm-- I'm-- I'm so sorry.
-You will be.
-I meant what I said.
All right.
I wish I never put the mind wipe on your dad.
And I never meant for him to get hurt.
-Vlad, don't.
Let's go.
-I'm truly sorry.
-What happened?
-She's working with the vamps.
They've wrecked the generator.
What do we do?
-We do what your father would've done.
We fight back hard, and we fight back now.
-Master, terrible news.
-Ingrid's raised an army of vampire girls,
and they're trying to take over.
-They raided your blood cellar.
Well, I-- I tried to stop them.
But they just overpowered me and-- uh--
-With what?
The chance to dress up as a schoolg--
-I'll deal with you later.
So we've trashed the slayers' weapon.
That should stall the attack.
But it won't hold them off for long.
-Don't worry, Vladdie.
We shall behave in accordance with the noble tradition
of the Draculas.
Run away.
-He's right.
We should get out.
-What do you mean "we," slayer?
Right, I'm off to pack.
Meet you in 10.
And ditch the girl.
-He knows I just saved his own life, right?
-Yeah, he knows.
He just doesn't care.
It's a vampire thing.
-What do we do now?
-For a start, we'd better find Ingrid.
-There you are.
You're coming with me.
WOLFIE: Get off me.
I'm gonna get you.
-Come on.
-I told you not to run off.
Don't you ever do that again.
-She's gonna bite him.
-You said the school was clear of all the vampires.
-It was.
They must have been recruiting.
We need to go back and wait for reinforcements.
-Next time you save my life, could you be a bit less clumsy?
-Still, it's good to see you're ready to take
one for Team Ingrid.
Next time, I might even let you die for me.
-There won't be a next time.
Take your vampet army and get out of here.
Oh, Erin's told me everything-- how you've been recruiting
innocent breathers, trying to kill me.
You never changed, did you?
And you never will.
You're so easy to fool it's almost painful.
I guess this means it's a game on, little brother.
-Don't try to fight me, Ingrid.
I don't want anyone to get hurt.
-And that is exactly why I'm going to win.
See you at the final battle, Chosen One.
-Wolfie, stay.
-No way.
I'm not leaving.
-You have to.
You heard Ingrid.
It's all about to kick off.
And I don't want you caught in the middle of a vampire war.
-Then let me help you.
-Just keep yourself safe.
that's all I want.
-All right.
Seat belt.
[ending theme]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 3 Ep 12 "Blood Loyalties"

2344 Folder Collection
yi published on February 4, 2015
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