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[theme music]
-You're getting sloppy.
Where have you been?
-Not important.
We've got a full night's work to do.
-Hold on.
You should let the Count know you're back.
When I rule the vampire clans, I'm going to need an edge.
I need to know their histories, their traditions, and most
importantly, their dark secrets.
-But the Praedictum Impaver is blank.
Without that wisdom, how are you going to lead them?
-My darker side's part of me now.
My powers are honed, and I'm ready to rule.
I write my own destiny.
-And how do you see that?
Still think humans and vampires can live in harmony?
-(CHUCKLING) Don't worry, I've seen the light.
Of all the clans, the Baraque worry me the most.
They're highly respected and hold great influence.
If they go against me.
We have to maintain order.
RENFIELD: They do have a weakness.
During the East Blood War, they secretly betrayed their allies
in return for leverage in the new co--
THE COUNT: Renfield!
Where's my fang floss?
You're back!
Why wasn't I informed?
-We've been busy.
THE COUNT: I've been worried.
I'm sure if my heart wasn't as unforgiving as tempered steel,
there would be a tear in my eye.
-No need to worry.
I'm fine.
-Tell me all about your adventures.
I insist Renfield prepare something edible!
-Sorry, dad.
But I want to do some work with Bertrand before school.
-Surely, you're not going to bother with school?
-Well, it's important to keep up pretense.
-W-well, well, let me help.
What are you doing?
-We're studying vampire clans.
I could tell you some wonderful stories.
I don't want stories.
I want facts, and Bertrand knows those.
I'll leave you to it, then.
[door slams]
-Let's go.
ERIN: First up, double maths.
INGRID: You really have to learn to take
challenges in your stride.
I could teach you some coping mechanisms, if you like?
-Ingrid, he's back!
-When did you get here?
-Last night.
-And you didn't think to come and see me?
VLAD: It's been hectic.
-Wha-- you don't do hugs.
-I've changed.
-When you left me to burn in the sunlight, I hit rock bottom.
In therapy, I realized that I have
to be satisfied with who I am and not envy other people.
I think you're going to make a great leader.
-I've only been gone a week, right?
-Who's that?
-Jonathan Van Helsing.
He's from a family of pathetic slayers--
or was-- until Vlad mind wiped him to forget all
about the existence of vampires.
-And has it worn off?
INGRID: Vlad's about to find out.
[class bell ringing]
You go to this school?
I don't believe this.
-So what are you doing here?
-Uh, my mom landed a job with the local Education Authority.
She had to see Miss McCauley.
Seen as we're relocating, I thought
I'd check out the sixth form.
-Hm, total coincidence then.
Why did you leave Stokely in such a rush?
I mean, one minute you was there, and the next--
-[inaudible] dad.
You remember what he was like, don't you?
-Who could forget?
JONATHAN VAN HELSING: Good laugh, though.
-That's him.
-Oh, oh-- a bit awkward.
-Why awkward?
-Same old Ingrid, still in denial.
Look, I'm putting up my hands.
I shouldn't have talked to you the way I did.
-Had a good look around?
-Uh, yeah.
-Your mom's waiting for you in my office.
Catch you later.
-Why does that insect think we were an item?
-I always thought you'd make a great couple.
-Curse those Van Helsings!
There's only one way to deal with slayers!
-Wipe them out.
-I agree, but it could be a trick.
There could be an advanced guard spying
on us for the Slayers Guild.
-And how do we find that out?
-Test if their mind wipes are still intact.
-Well, there's definitely something wrong with Jonno's.
I'd never have that creep as a boyfriend.
BERTRAND: It's common for victims of mind wipes
to make up memories-- helps fill the gaps.
[knock on door]
-If the Van Helsings were coming to slay us,
I don't think they'd knock first.
Do you?
-Well, no.
Here's an old friend of yours.
-I couldn't believe it when Jonno told me.
Mr. Count!
I'm flattered.
INGRID: Hello.
MINA VAN HELSING: Oh, it's so lovely to see you all.
VLAD: Yeah, yeah.
- So, governor of a school.
I always said you should work with children.
THE COUNT: How very kind.
You're looking lovely, as always.
-(LAUGHING): He's still a charmer.
-That hasn't changed.
-So, how's that husband of yours?
-I'm afraid Eric was killed in an accident.
-Yes, of course, tragic.
-Those memories of us all back in Stokely, you know,
they really kept us going.
You know, the line dancing and the Valentine's party.
The time I came and stayed with you for the weekend.
-Good times.
-Do you know, they really were.
-Well, we should be getting on.
-Uh, what exactly are you doing today?
-I'll be in Miss McCauley's office,
working through initiatives that affect the school.
-Perhaps see you all later.
VLAD: Yeah.
-Well, she didn't come to stay for the weekend!
I had her chained up in a dungeon!
-She was totally at ease with us.
Her heart didn't miss a beat.
-But they still need to be tested.
I need you to go along with Jonno's imaginary romance.
Use your time together to put his mind wipe under pressure.
Make sure he's not faking it.
-If that's what you want.
-It is.
-I'll do it.
Cross my cold, dead heart.
I'm a team player now.
-And dad--
-Stay away from Mina.
I know what a weakness you have for the necks
of beautiful women, but it's vital you
all do exactly what I say.
Do you understand?
-Didn't hear you, dad.
-Yes, Vlad, I understand.
-Thank you.
-How did it go?
-They think we're harmless.
-Big mistake.
MINA VAN HELSING: Four versus two.
Doesn't seem fair?
-Ugh, the way the Count looks at me
makes me want to drive a stake into his heart.
-It's just one day.
Once I've got the layout of the Draculas' quarters
and you've worked out the size of the nest in the school,
we're out of here.
-Please be careful.
I lost your dad to vampires.
I don't want to lose you, too.
-Don't fuss.
-They'll try and test your mind wipe
if you see any vampire stuff.
-I know what to do.
I'm a trained slayer at the top of my game.
JONATHAN VAN HELSING: I remembered how much
you liked little, fluffy bunnies.
-What a good memory you've got.
-Always pretending you're so tough,
when inside, you're just a big old softie.
Miss me?
Of course, you have.
I still get choked when I remember you begging me not
to end it at the castle at Stokely.
-I don't think I actually begged.
-Well, you did-- on your knees.
-Well, I've moved on now.
-You've matured.
We both have.
That's why I want to give us another go.
Why not?
-I see you guys have picked up where you left off.
JONATHAN VAN HELSING: Do you fancy a walk?
It's a lovely day.
-I don't really do this, um--
-You always try to get out.
INGRID: Not anymore.
Pale and interesting, that's me.
JONATHAN VAN HELSING: Hmph, well there
must be somewhere we can hang out.
Why don't you show me where you live?
-Oh, I don't think so.
VLAD: No, good idea.
Maybe seeing some of her old stuff
might bring back some memories.
-I'll catch you up.
I won't be a minute.
-If Ingrid's testing Jonno, shouldn't
someone be doing the same to me?
We're all sorted.
Dad won't be able to resist biting
Mina and I avoid the moffer.
And if she's a slayer, she won't be
able to pass up the opportunity to stake him.
-My dear Mina, I'll be delighted if you'd join me for some tea.
-That would be lovely, Mr. Count.
But I'm afraid I'm far too busy.
-Well, I'm sure you could spare 15
minutes to catch up on old times.
I warn you-- I'm not prepared to take no for an answer.
INGRID: So, what sticks most in your mind
about the castle in Stokely?
-Um, the laughter.
-No screaming?
Cries of tortured souls in anguish?
-You're weird, sometimes.
-This is me.
-Cool room.
That's a coffin.
Only vamp--
[moaning softly]
-Mind wipe working perfectly.
-This is nice.
Just like old times.
-Yeah, I'm so glad you talked me into it.
Shall I pour?
THE COUNT: Please.
-Heavier than I thought.
-Jon is doing well at school.
I know I'm biased, but I really do
think the sky's the limit for him.
How's your Vlad getting on?
-He's excelling.
He's destined for great, great things-- in my opinion,
of course.
-I've been looking for you.
Your dad's got Mina in there.
Come on.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, we need to make sure
that Mina's mind wipe is intact.
-No matter who you put in danger?
-I'm helping everyone in the long run.
-The old Vlad would never have done this.
-Well, I know the slayers are lethal, but believe me,
I know what I'm doing.
-I adore what you've done with your hair.
-Thank you.
-And what a charming necklace.
Oh, dear, I think it's coming loose.
Allow me to fasten it for you.
-No, no, it's fine.
THE COUNT: Nonsense.
It would be my pleasure.
Forgive me for saying so, but you
have the most beautiful neck.
-It's just like any other.
-Always so modest-- and so terribly sweet.
Oh, well, I just saw Miss Van Helsing run out.
I thought--
-I think I might have offended her, perhaps gone too far.
-Your familiarity is making me very uncomfortable.
Excuse me.
-Well, what can I say?
You were right!
I can't resist a beautiful woman.
-Someone had to check out Mina.
-You used me like some crash test dummy!
-Well, what better way to assess here?
No true slayer could pass up the opportunity to stake
the great Count Dracula.
-What if it had gone wrong?
What if I'd been staked?
-Then we would have known she was a slayer.
You wouldn't have died in vain.
-In a bad mood, Master?
-A very, very bad mood.
-I can feel your pain.
Any particular reason?
-That upstart, Bertrand!
He and Vlad used me like some underling!
Bertrand is influencing him, I know it.
That oozing, continental wallabat.
He's trying to replace me as Vlad's right-hand man!
-Oh, but why don't you have his guts for garters, Master.
-Crushing him isn't the answer.
I need to be more subtle, make him-- make Vlad see him
for the treacherous little worm that he is.
-You remember Jonno, don't you, dad?
[door creaking open]
-Ignore him.
[door slams]
Are you sure you're OK?
-Fainting like that was freaky.
-It must be all the excitement.
-Oh, wow.
This is so weird.
I so remember that chair.
-What do you remember about it?
-Your dad asleep in it, snoring away, mouth wide open.
Why does your dad like all his houses to be so gloomy?
INGRID: I think he gets it from his parents.
[door creaking open]
-Is his mind wipe secure?
-Well, don't do that!
-It proves his mind wipe is working, and it's fun.
-Yeah, well there might only be so many times it'll reboot.
-What happened?
-You got over-excited again.
-Ugh, this is so weird.
I don't normally do this.
Oh, before I forget, I got you a little pressie, Ingrid.
-What is it?
Why have you got me this?
-I remember how much you love ballet.
-I'll just leave you both to it.
-Please, don't let me interrupt.
I want to thank you for the loyalty
and devotion you've shown my son.
It's a comfort to know that Vlad has
such a steadfast friend to help him.
-Thank you.
"Chosen One" or not, Vlad can't avoid the naivete of youth.
Well, you're really young yourself, barely 400.
And already, you're wise enough to know
there's only one way to deal with slayers.
-Sparing the Van Helsings could be a costly mistake.
-I knew you were a man I rely on.
Now, it's up to us as his regent and tutor
to nudge Vlady back onto the right path.
Suppose, for example, a vampire was staked,
and there was irrefutable proof that a Van
Helsing was responsible.
The presence of a monogrammed stake would do it.
Trophy from the old days.
-Vlad would then have to see things from our point of view
and dispense of them.
-Your reading of the situation is faultless.
-All we need now is a victim.
-Has the new "oh, so helpful" Ingrid
been annoying you as much as she has me?
-Thanks for a lovely time.
When will I see you again?
-Don't want to rush things, do we?
A couple of years?
-Why don't I surprise you?
One day, you'll open your eyes, and there I'll be.
[door slams]
-Mission accomplished.
-None of the kids or teachers have been bitten.
Did you get a good look around?
-Ingrid gave me a guided tour.
ERIN: Finally dropped the act, have you?
-I don't know what you're talking about.
-Good try, but those pressure bands around your wrists
to control your heart rate were the first things
to give you away.
-Honestly, I--
ERIN: Then I recognized your thermal glasses used to measure
body heat-- standard slayer issue.
That was the real clincher.
-Vlady, we have a slight problem with Bertrand.
-Go on.
-I think he's about to stake your sister.
-Stupid Jonno!
I hate him!
-You can relax.
I'm one of you.
-We know.
We know all about you.
-The Slayers Guild received information
that you and the Draculas were here.
-And they told us what happened to your brother.
-You know where Ryan is?
I can give you information about the "Chosen One."
I can tell you where he is.
-So what do you plan to do?
-Vlad mind wiped my husband, and when a vampire attacked him,
he passed out.
The vampire finished him off.
We're coming back to wipe out the Draculas, especially Vlad.
-No, you can't destroy them!
There's this book-- the "Praedictum Impaver"--
it contains all the vampire secrets.
-Let me down!
-You're getting good at that.
-Thanks to Bertrand.
-Delicious irony.
-What's going on?
-I could explain.
VLAD: Bertrand thought it would be a good idea to reduce you
to a pile of ash then frame the Van Helsings for it
so I'd go after them.
-Hm, good plan-- apart from the me bit.
-It wasn't my idea.
It was his!
THE COUNT: Is there no end to your conniving?
-Vlad, you got to believe me.
-I told you how I wanted this played, and you disobeyed me!
If you ever go against my orders again,
I will personally drive a stake through your heart!
You really are growing into the role.
I'd better not find out you had anything to do with this.
-I'm your man through and through.
Team Vlad.
-If you go crashing in now, they'll
destroy it before we can get near it.
Don't you think the Slayers Guild
would want its information?
-How do we know we can trust you?
-I could have turned you in the minute
I worked out you were faking.
If this book is what I think it is,
it could tell us how to destroy all vampires
everywhere, just like that.
-OK, you've got two weeks.
JONATHAN VAN HELSING: If you find out any information
in the meantime, give us a call.
MINA VAN HELSING: But in exactly two weeks-- book or no book--
we are coming back, and the Draculas will be dust.
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 3 Ep 10 "The Return"

3205 Folder Collection
yi published on February 4, 2015
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