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[theme music playing]
[alarm ringing]
-Everybody out into the [inaudible].
Come on.
-Everybody out, now.
Get out, please.
Single file or we will be busted.
Move slowly.
Out, come on.
Ah, ah, ohh.
[alarm stops]
No, no, no.
How could Vlad do this to me?
-You and stairs make him laugh.
-Heugh, in the old days the count
would throw me off the battlements.
I expected it from him.
But Vlad?
He's on his way to being so much worse than his father.
-Eh, it's ther master.
He's in a terrible mood.
-Dad did all this?
-No, no, not your.
-Not my what, Renfield?
Say it, you servile wart.
-Not, not your father, miss.
-If not dad, then there must be another master.
-He's been evil for one day, and you're
already calling him the master?
-Oh, please don't tell the count.
-It's not the count you have to worry about.
-Its me.
-Oh no.
-I expect you'll be wanting to see me in your office.
-Was this all down to you?
-Well I thought you'd enjoy a little chat with the firemen.
-There is no excuse for this kind of behavior.
You're suspended for a week.
Now please leave the school premises
and report to my office in.
I've been looking for you.
-Get back, or I'll.
-Stake me with a blunt HP?
I know you're a secret breather.
-Vlad, please.
Is that the best you can do?
-Why didn't you?
Can you make a start on this place, please.
-Ha ha, oh.
I love the smell of chaos in the morning.
Ah, dear Vladi.
I knew he'd come bad in the end, with my genes.
-And my expert tuition.
To Vlad.
-Long may he reign.
-Heh heh.
--[laughs] He's pinned him to the wall.
That's genius.
That is genius.
-Thank you.
How dare you humiliate Renfield.
That's my job.
A word of warning, Ingrid.
If I were you, I wouldn't try to compete with Vlad.
-And what makes you think he can match me?
-Please stay.
It's not our Vlad who's doing this.
It's his reflection.
-His reflection is too dangerous.
I can't reach him.
-Yes you can.
-I can't defend myself against him.
-Oh, the Vlad we know is still in there.
But not for long.
-You all wanted him bad.
Now you've got him.
Deal with it.
This is not about your safety.
You're already a half fang.
Help the Vlad you care for or others will suffer terribly.
-It's too much.
Give him the strength to fight.
You must do this.
Let me get this straight.
You want me to tell the baddest, the strongest vampire on Earth
that I believe in his good side?
-It's Vlad.
I have to suspend him for vandalizing
the school property.
-I need you you talk to him.
-We have an Ofsted inspector arriving
at this school any minute.
Do you know what that means?
-Not at all.
-If she sees the mess Vlad had caused,
it could affect our report and the future of the school.
-OK, Miss McCauley, leave it with me.
-Right, in you come, class.
I hope you've got your ingredients
for today's lesson, which is a chicken Kiev.
-What's up with you?
Has Vlad had a haircut?
He looks kind of different.
-Just ignore him.
-Have you had a row or something?
-So between you, you're going to need chicken or a vegetarian
substitute, lemon, butter, tarragon, bread crumbs,
and of course garlic.
I gather you're suspended.
You're not supposed to be on school property.
-So it's true.
You actually have gone bad.
Chucked out of home economics.
What's next?
Not handing in your history assignment.
Have you ever actually bitten anyone?
-Don't push me.
-You're still the same old, puny, little Vlad
who can't stand the sight of blood.
-Well done guys.
Mrs. Cotton, welcome to Garside Grange.
Alex McCauley, pleased to meet you.
Well, we'd best begin.
This way.
On second thought, how about a cup of tea?
-I think what you're doing is great,
the chaos, violence, wanton destruction.
Although there is an inspector in school today.
-Oh, good, another breather to bite.
No, seriously, can we give it a rest until tomorrow morning.
I think we owe it to Miss McCauley.
-(IN DRACULA'S VOICE) Ah, the delicious Miss McCauley.
-You leave Miss McCauley alone.
--[laughs] And why would I listen to you?
-Until you're 18, I'm the one in charge.
Vladi, Vladi, Vladi, I just think
we need to be more sensible.
There is no we.
All right?
What a wonderful view it is up here.
-And round the corner here, we have our state
of the art science block, which really
must be seen to be believed.
And this is, of course, a poster wall
of all our after school activities.
We have music, theater, sport.
It's all part of what makes Garside
Grange a really special place to be.
Sales pitch over.
Now can I see the science block, please?
Ah, Miss McCauley.
Mr. Count, I'd like you to meet Mrs. Cotton, the Ofsted
inspector I was telling you about.
Mr. Count is the chairman of the board.
A really positive influence on the school.
-Well, one does what one can.
-About what we were discussing earlier.
The situation has developed.
-All sorted.
Excuse me.
Fetch me a pair of fang-cuffs and report to my chambers.
It's time to teach this boy a lesson.
-Look, just leave me alone.
-Actually, it was Becky I was after.
I wondered if you'd like to come around
for lunch, for a bite to eat?
-Yeah, all right then.
-And that's supposed to make me jealous, is it?
-Sorry, what was your name again?
-I really don't think it's a good for you
to be meeting up with Vlad.
He's dangerous, Becky.
-Yeah, I know.
-I just don't want you to get hurt.
-Are you jealous?
BECKY: I knew it.
You know, you're right.
I still really like Vlad.
And I thought he liked me, too.
Just promise me you won't go out with him?
-It's only lunch.
-Fang-cuffs, one pair.
Do it yourself.
Gas mask.
-Another one.
-Now we have one chance and one chance only.
-Ha ha, got it.
-Well done.
All we need now is the net.
And the, um?
-And a pitchfork, master?
-Now we're in this together, Renfield, you
and me, shoulder to shoulder against the-- not that close.
Shoulder to shoulder against the forces of evil.
-I thought we were the forces of evil.
-We are.
But it's just, you know.
It's just.
Now are you clear about the plan?
-I think so, master.
-No thinking about it, Renfield, especially for you.
-There you are.
Sorry, I've got a date with eight pints of fresh blood.
And no, I don't fancy going halves with you.
Ingrid is sharpening a stake.
And I think it's got your name on it.
-Ahah ha, ha, ha.
Oh that is priceless.
-She's jealous of your power.
She wants to take you out before you become untouchable.
-Aheh, well, I'd like to see her try.
-Do you want me to deal with her?
-Deal with her?
Bring her on.
-Quickly, the argent-allium spray.
-[roaring] Gyah!
Renfield, you idiot, you've given him too much.
And welcome back.
-Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Slayer's finest fang-cuffs.
-Let me out or I'll-- eagh!
-Throw a wobbly?
Daddy, help me, please.
--[fake sobs] You don't think, for a minute,
I'm going to be fooled by those crocodile tears?
-All right, fine what do you want?
-I want you to do what your father tells you.
-Until the age of 18, at which point,
I want equal partnership, you and me, 50-50.
-All right, it's a deal, 50-50.
-Spit on my-- no, not mine.
Spit on your mother's grave.
-Why not?
Oh, we'll be stronger together.
Who knows what we'll achieve?
-How do I know I can trust you?
-Oh, great, after all these years,
I'm finally the son you want me to be, and you don't trust me.
Make up your mind, daddy, which Vlad
do you want, the old, fangless wimp you could
trust with your grandmother or me?
-Well you, clearly.
-Then let me out.
-Right, right.
-I'm going to make you proud of me.
-Master, not-- master, no!
-Shut it, Renfield.
What would you know of the trust between a vampire his son?
-Well, clearly, a lot more than you.
-Oh, ah.
Do something.
-Ooh, that'll be lunch.
-Vladi, Vladi, wait a minute.
You can just leave me like this.
-See ya.
-I'll die!
This hurts!
-Hey there.
-Come on in.
-Ooh, Gothic.
Very on trend.
[screams in distance]
Is that?
[screams in distance]
So, what's on the menu?
-Take a wild guess.
Well, it doesn't matter if you haven't cooked anything.
I've got a packed lunch here, look.
We could share it.
Ah, aren't you hungry?
-Hungrier than you'll ever know.
-Me to.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
I tried to cover it.
-Get out!
-But, but it's not my fault.
I swear it was Erin.
[screaming in distance]
-Are you all right?
Did he hurt you?
But he's not the guy I thought it was.
-He's just going through some stuff.
Deep down, he's still a good person.
-Hah, I think you're wasting your time with him.
-I don't.
-Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Let me go.
-What are you doing?
Vlad, I'm your friend.
I'll get you some blood.
You don't need to bite anyone.
-Oh, I don't need to.
But I want to.
He's still in there, isn't he, the real Vlad?
-I'm the real Vlad.
I'm the powerful one.
-I know you're in there.
Be strong.
You're stronger than him.
I believe in you.
-[moans, whimpers]
-It's Erin.
-I'm sorry.
-Stop, you're not supposed to be in school.
-I've got somewhere to be.
-Not good enough.
I've informed your father.
Leave the premises now.
Dad, speak to me.
-Oh, um.
Check his pulse?
Oh yeah.
-(WEAKLY) The blood.
-Turn on me, again, boy, and I will
personally fang-cuff you to a sun bed.
-So you're all right then?
-[laughs] You're so weak.
-I'm going to make you wish you'd
finished me when you had the chance.
-Oh, give it a rest, will you.
-Make me.
Me and you in the cellar, now.
-Oh, Ingrid, I'm so sorry.
-[weak gasping]
-I need to get to the mirror room.
[children singing in distance]
-Listen, that'll be year eight.
-Oh, Jamie, just the man.
Mrs. Cotton, why don't you go ahead.
-Yes, of course.
-Vlad Count, he's still in school.
-(SINGING) 10 green bottles hanging on the wall.
10 green bottles hanging on the hook.
And if one green bottle should accidentally
-Miss McCauley.
-Can you get him off the premises, pronto?
COTTON: Miss McCauley.
-But I've already told him that once today,
and he didn't seem to care.
-(SINGING) --green bottles hanging on the wall.
-Miss McCauley.
-I just need to get the school inspector away.
-Miss McCauley.
-(SINGING) And if one green bottle.
-Mrs. Cotton, is there a problem?
-They're hanging from the ceiling.
-Oh, well they always enjoy a good sing-song.
-(SINGING) 10 green bottles hanging on the wall.
And if one green bottle should accidentally.
-But they were hanging from the ceiling.
-Ah, Mrs. Cotton, I wonder if I might have a word.
-Mr. Count, I don't think this is the time.
Mr. Count!
Mr. Count.
That's very good news, indeed.
-Miss McCauley, goodbye.
And congratulations, once again.
A shining example of what a school can be.
-Thank you.
-What was that all about?
-I simply made her understand what
a first-rate, hip teacher you really are.
-And Vlad?
-Back to his old self.
Perhaps a drink to celebrate?
-You are joking?
We've got clearing up to do.
Come on.
-Erin, it's too dangerous.
-I'll wait outside.
-No, just go!
-You took your time.
Nervous, are we?
I'm not the one who should be nervous.
-You're never going to win.
-What'll you do, fight me off forever?
No, I'm not.
I'm the one in control.
-Oh, you're not strong enough.
Bad idea.
-I told you to go.
-But I knew you'd win.
It is all over, isn't it?
-He's part of me now.
How can it ever be over?
-Where are you going?
-I don't know.
I need to sort this thing out.
I'll help you.
When will you be back?
[theme music playing]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 3 Ep 8 "Bad Vlad"

2079 Folder Collection
yi published on February 4, 2015
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