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One money clip.
Forty-seven dollars, thirty-two cents.
One Florida State driver's license.
Baseball cap.
One pin, one pack of Beemans gum and...whatever that is.
That's not mine...
- What's not yours? - The pin! I've never -
What if there was a place...
a secret place...
where NOTHING was impossible?
No. Way.
A miraculous place.
where you could actually change
the world
You wanna go?
I'm surprised at how much
an ad this is for tomorrowland, and by tomorrow and I don't mean the movie
but the land in the Disney theme parks I mean we when we all heard experimental
super secretive Bradburn Damon Lindelof project
I don't think this is what we had in mind now
granted if they're going to elevate this material beyond a mere
commercial rebranding for commercial property
I have fun that's great but this trailer so far
doesn't show that another thing that surprises me is the lack of war
which is really Redbirds I you know hallmark I think he has a very warm
also warm emotional appeal to his films Nispel
Colt I think it's very interesting to go if you may leave here
are very kind of like I don't know kristen Stewart e almost little bit her
and I think that'll make for an interesting we need us
earth don't like this especially I guess they're bouncing at george clooney Hugh
Laurie Hugh Laurie doesn't of course appear in this
arbitrage Clooney geyser at least largely his voiceover
I but she seemed OK she seemed not like someone I think I want to spend an
entire movie with
I think it'll be interesting to see if never lacquer
gee-whiz mentality works in the lead for this type of movie me.
I can understand someone being cool and you know insular
but at the same time that's not how you want to follow around me
there there if you don't want their arm their demeanor to be infectious because
in this case
everyone would be you know kinda downing you know not that excited about stuff
are getting is that as an ad for tomorrow land in
clear sign that they're going to be rebranding that land in the Disney theme
you know two morrow lent me at least is in place and i really wanna spend a lot
of time
I'm a big Disney fan and I think that and tomorrow and they're like great
rides share
are you Space Mountain buzz lightyears usually located there
I but at the same time when I just like I'm gonna be in these Disney theme parks
I just wanna
know exist there no soak up the atmosphere I don't headed to marlin
I hate you our fantasy land Main Street I think of course is famous for that
and that of course I think maybe even see in ventral and her friend to your
land a little bit but
to Marlins never really clicked I certainly is a place you feel like
you're visiting the future
right and it's almost like a retrospective and we'll see if they can
achieve that here they can maybe give a personality finally to this party theme
but you know it's just so obvious what they're trying to do to
where they have a roller coaster tracks in this tomorrow and we're seeing that
it just seems so much an advertisement that I think that
burden Lindelof really have their work cut out for them as I said elevating
terial beyond a giant had rebranding effort from
surely a business perspective I'm a big fan of business and I
consumer disney's trying to go out this but you know you have to
you have to really careful in the ability to possibly like this of
and I wonder why Brad Bird and a new level of insight on her project like
we'll see how it works out also care so progress I have to say
is my favorite attraction and out tomorrow and I go out there
right there I Julie Moore Shaw every time I go to visit Disney World
and I know that represents picture taken for endocrine show some curious to see
how that might be incorporated into the film
but I just I'm not sure so curious what do you think that this is this what you
and if you're surprised is it a good way or bad way
and just does this seem like more of an ad for it to you and it doesn't like an
do you like this rebranding effort for tomorrow and you think marlin needs to
be rebranded
arm also how do you feel about it I in terms of its
her at least you deeper experience right thank you so much for tuning in to my
you can check it's more episodes right now
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Tomorrowland 2015 Official Teaser Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

4023 Folder Collection
aaron_chang88 published on February 3, 2015
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