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  • The President: I'm so glad you could come.

  • You just happened to come on the day that I was hanging out here.

  • I don't always do this.

  • Well, it's great to meet you.

  • This is the First Lady.

  • Mrs. Obama: What's your name?

  • The President: I have more gray hair

  • than they have on me in the wax museum.

  • - Tours just reopened and I'm in the White House right now,

  • and I just met the First Lady and President Obama

  • and their two dogs.

  • I consciously reminded myself that I have to talk

  • to the President and the First Lady and not the dogs,

  • but I -- oh, gosh, what did I say?

  • It's such a blur.

  • The President: Congratulations.

  • Just passed the bar, that's great.

  • All right, you must feel good.

  • - He congratulated me.

  • I just passed the bar on Thursday --

  • and the First Lady.

  • I said I was following in their footsteps.

  • The President: Give me a high five.

  • Good to see you.

  • Tell everybody back in Sweden we said hello.

  • - It was such a big surprise.

  • We went here just for a visit, and there they are.

  • And we've come all the way from Sweden, so it's wonderful, yeah.

  • The President: Well, it's wonderful to see you.

  • We had such a nice time in Stockholm.

  • Everybody treated us so well.

  • - When he heard that I was a military spouse,

  • he went on to thank both my son and myself for our service

  • and what my husband and Zachary's father's doing

  • and what his sister is choosing to do,

  • which is continue to serve.

  • And then Mrs. Obama had the same sentiments,

  • and everything that she's doing today with her initiative

  • Joining Forces is a positive and huge difference

  • in many of our lives.

  • - So the tours seem to be backed up a little bit.

  • All the guards were just saying that, you know,

  • they were just shaking off the cobwebs

  • and getting used to everything,

  • but once we were in the green room,

  • we kind of looked ahead and the nerves kind of set in.

  • - I took off work for this morning, and I was like,

  • "Well, it's just a tour."

  • I was like, "Oh, I got to get back to work."

  • And that was just a huge surprise.

  • - It's awesome.

  • I've always lived in the area, never actually come

  • and done the official tour, so this is the best time.

  • Everything happens for a reason.

  • We're in shock.

  • The President: Can I just say, people, the pocket square, huh?

  • I mean, kind of casual, but it's sort of a raffish look.

  • That's a sharp look right there.

The President: I'm so glad you could come.

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The President & The First Lady Surprise Visitors on White House Tours

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