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So I'm going to make this beautiful mushroom risotto. Slightly different twist on the tale.
So sofrito's the base. It's chopped white onions and a little bit of celery. And then
I want to add the risotto rice. I'm using arborio rice, you can use carnaroli. A handful
per person. Now while that's doing that, here I've got
some dried porchini. So what I'm going to do is get a bit of my stock. So I'm just going
to give them a couple of minutes. So my rice is sounding a little hot, and what
I'm going to do and you could use white wine at this stage, but I'm going to use vermouth
which is absolutely fantastic. Now as soon as that's gone in we want to stop
the frying and we want to go into risotto mode adding small ladles of stock every minute
or so and giving it a little stir up. Literally after a minute, right, beautiful
porchini and look in there. I mean already chicken stock and dried mushroom taste is
incredible. In with the mushroom stock. Now here, look.
Here on the board just chop them up and straight in every last bit.
All I have to do now is keep adding stock and stirring it. Massaging out all the starch
until it's ready. Now while that's just finishing off, here
I've got some lovely wild mushrooms. I've got the girolle, pied de mouton, chanterelle,
with the mushrooms, what I want to do is I want to put them dry in and around this screaming
hot griddle pan. Risotto is done. What I need to do definitely
while it's hot is get a knob of butter. I want a nice handful of Parmesan, going to
mix this up. Beat that up. Lid, let it chill out. Whilst that off the heat, let's have
a little look over here. These mushrooms should be toasted. I'm going
to get these mushrooms, I'm going to pick some nice herbs. I love chervil, very, very
nice. I've got some parsley, tarragon. Most of that in there, leave a bit for garnish.
Now, tiny bit of oil. Now let's get a lemon. Squeeze half that lemon into there, while
these are nice and warm and while the risotto is resting. Let's plate it up. Lovely.
Just spoon this on beautiful risotto. Beautiful look at that. And then we get a little handful
of our beautiful mushrooms and we just splay them all over the top like that.
Then I get get a little knob of butter and put that in the middle there and it will start
to melt. Now just give it a tiny, tiny little grate.
Look at that.
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Jamie's Perfect Mushroom Risotto

11074 Folder Collection
khungfc published on January 24, 2016    Ruby Lu translated    Emily reviewed
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