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[theme music]
Is that you? MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Vlad.
Over here.
-On the contrary, Mistress Ingrid.
Like all powerful vampires, Master Vlad
has started sleeping during the day.
Let's go down to the crypt and I'll tuck you into your coffin.
Renfield, burn his bed.
-I am not speaking in a coffin all day.
I'm going to school.
-Sweet dreams.
-Jonno, the porridge!
-Sorry, Dad.
It's from Mom.
We've been writing, and she wants to see me.
-Oh, I see.
-You haven't told her about the slaying, have you?
What's wrong telling her the truth?
-She's a psychotherapist.
She thinks that vampires only exist in my mind.
-But we can prove they're real!
People see only what they want to see.
Don't make the same mistake as me.
-They're coming.
-Who's coming?
[door bell]
-I'm coming!
Hello, Vlad.
Hurry up, you lot!
Are all right?
You look tired.
-Go to bed early.
That's my advice.
Bye, love.
-Yeah, I know.
I look tired.
Something weird is happening.
I keep falling asleep and having this dream about you.
We're in a forest, and--
-For centuries, oak has been the traditional choice of wood
when building a coffin.
-Isn't that right, Vlad?
-Vlad, be quiet!
Come on, let's go.
-What is wrong with him? -He's a creature of the undead.
Everything's wrong with him.
[bell ringing]
-Everybody was a vampire.
I love it when I have that dream.
-It was more like a nightmare.
I'm scared, Robin.
I can't fall asleep again.
-It's double maths after lunch.
You've got no chance.
-You'll just have to keep pinching me.
-What are friends for?
Vlad, wake up.
Vlad, wake up.
Vlad, wake up!
-They're coming.
-Who's coming?
-You must learn to master your vampire powers to survive.
What do you mean, survive?
-They are fast.
But the wolf is faster.
Well, I'm not a wolf.
-It sleeps within you.
-I can't shapeshift.
I'm not even a proper vampire yet.
-That's not what they think.
-What do I do?
-A clever fish swims with the tide.
-You! [laughing] I thought I was being chased by slayers.
This is just a dream.
You're not gonna hurt me.
There goes that theory.
-Double freak.
[bell ringing]
-What on Earth's going on?
Come on, there's nothing to see here.
-You were supposed to stop me falling asleep.
-I tried pinching you, but you wouldn't wake up.
Maybe next time I should slap you in the face.
-Robin, I am in big trouble.
-That was nothing to do with me.
-Your mom just tried to slay me.
Ingrid, do you ever have weird dreams?
-Only a recurring one where an annoying geek of a brother
keeps asking me stupid questions.
-I'm serious.
In my dream, I was chased by slayers, and they did this.
My lunch.
You're lying.
You don't get to go to the dream world until you're 16.
-What dream world?
-The place vampires go when they sleep, bat brain.
If you're slain there, you die for real.
-That's not good news.
-Ugh, please.
As if you'd get to go there before me.
The slayers are coming.
Save me, Vlad!
Save me!
-Follow me.
Keep your head down.
-If I die, who's gonna carry on my charity work
and captain the chess club?
-I don't know who's freaking me out more, you or the Branaghs.
Come on.
-Robin Branagh, you do not wake someone
up by slapping them in the face.
-But Miss, he told me to.
-Ingrid, you're OK!
-Get up, Sleeping Beauty.
You're making the rest of us look bad.
Back off, slayers.
He doesn't need your kind of help.
-What happened to your hand?
-He's feasting on himself.
-Oh, that is disgusting.
-I, uh, it's just a papercut.
-Go wash the blood off.
Then come to my office.
Let's see if we can patch you up with a first aid kit, eh?
I'm very concerned about Vlad's behavior.
He should be punished severely.
-No, I mean I'm worried about him.
He's been acting very strangely.
-Maybe there's trouble at home.
Why don't you invite his father in for a chat?
-Good idea.
And I'll call in a student counselor, too.
-Dad, you're a genius.
-Don't get me wrong.
I like being a vampire mentor.
I just think that I should be in black, too.
-Your family trying to slay me, and all
you can think about is clothes?
-So what was it like shapeshifting into a wolf?
-Well, I scared the slayers, and I felt good, which worries me.
-And having fur and a tail doesn't?
-What if there's an evil vampire in my blood after all?
-Vlad, you still sleep with a teddy bear.
Dream on.
Come on.
Let's get you a plaster.
And a lollipop for being brave.
-So when the Count arrives, what's he going to do?
-Try and get inside quickly to avoid exposure to sunlight.
-And what are we going to do?
-Stop him.
-And let Mother Nature do the rest.
-Here he comes.
-Get ready.
-Hello, Eric.
Hello, Jonno.
-Wow, gosh, you've got tall.
-Mina, what are you doing here?
-Oh, wow, it's nice to see you, too.
-No, I mean-- I didn't mean--
-I've, um, started working as a counselor for schools
in this area, so I thought it would
be a good chance to see both of you.
-Are you here to see a boy called Vlad?
-Eric, you know I can't tell you that.
Oh, um, I'm late.
Can we talk later?
-Let's hope so.
-Don't worry.
This is perfect.
-Jonno, we're letting her walk into a room full of vampires.
That's not what I call perfect.
-All we have to do is grab the Count on the way out
and he'll turn to dust before her very eyes.
-Finally proving to her that vampires are real.
You're the genius, son.
-Run along.
Mr. Count.
Pleased to meet you.
-The pleasure is all mine.
-Good afternoon.
I'm Mina Van Helsing, student counselor.
-I believe I know your husband, Mrs. Van Helsing.
We're great friends.
-Please don't kiss my hand.
-He never mentioned he had such a beautiful wife.
-I think we're here to talk about Vlad, not me.
Shall we go in?
-Oh, yes.
He's in my office.
-He's out cold.
-It's no use.
Vampires can't cross running water, remember?
-But that makes no sense.
-Hey, I don't make the rules.
-Our greatest glory is in rising every time we fall.
You have to get up and fight.
-Help me.
-We need to get this boy straight to hospital.
-Oh, come on.
He's totally faking.
-They're coming.
-Let's grab the Count and give him a sun tan he won't forget.
-OK, watch his head.
I'm, uh, gonna get to the hospital.
I'll-- I'll call you later.
-Follow that hearse!
-We should go too.
-I'll look after him, Miss.
-Good idea.
Mr. Van Helsing!
Have you got room for two more?
-You can do this, Vlad.
You know you can.
Use your energies.
That's it, Vlad.
Trust your instincts.
Feel the energy.
Use the power within.
It is your time.
-You did this.
-I needed to make sure you could pass the test
before you meet the master.
-I thought you were my friend.
-You have no friends here, Vlad.
-If your dad lays a finger on my mom, you'll be sorry.
-It's his fangs I'd be worried about.
-She's trying to wind you up.
Don't give her the satisfaction.
-So, Eric, what blood group is your wife?
-Anyone up for a game of I Spy?
-I'm home?
-It is time for you to meet the Grand High Vampire.
-Renfield is the Grand High Vampire?
-On your feet.
-I've always liked you.
You know that, don't you?
-Speak only when the master speak.
-Of course, yeah.
I won't say another word.
What am I supposed to do?
-You must choose your destiny, Vlad.
You are on a journey.
Ahead of you lie two paths.
Which will you take?
One path leads to immortality, and the other-- the other--
-Leads to death.
-Don't worry, Vlad.
Daddy's here for you.
-My time is past.
Our people are suffering.
We are being hunted down and destroyed.
We hide in the shadows, waiting for the chosen one.
-The chosen one?
-A vampire with exceptional powers
who will lead us once again to glory.
Vladimir Dracula, you are the chosen one.
I don't even want to be a vampire.
-Look, thanks for the offer, but I think I'll give it a miss.
-[speaking latin]
-Is that the time?
-[speaking latin]
You can't escape your destiny, Vlad.
-Heart rate's racing.
Pressure's dropping.
-These infernal machines are making him worse.
-Get the crash cart ready.
-You must fight, Vlad.
-They're doing everything they can.
-He should be at home in a coffin, resting in peace.
-You mustn't give up hope.
He'll pull through.
-There's evil in you, Vlad.
I can smell it.
-I'm sorry, but you're making me nervous.
-I saw it when you tried to bite the slayer in the forest.
-That wasn't me.
That was someone else.
-Who are you, Vlad?
In our world, you're either a vampire or a slayer.
Slay the vampire.
Bite the breather.
The choice is yours.
-Don't slay me, Vlad!
I'm allergic to wood.
-Is this what you want?
To spend the rest of your days feasting on the innocent?
-Don't become a slayer, Vlad.
Statistics show they live short, tragically unfulfilled lives.
-Join us and be a beacon of light in the darkness.
-And they have a horrible weakness for metaphor.
Bite her!
-Slay her!
-Bite her!
-Slay her!
-Bite her!
-It's all in my head.
It's all in my head.
It's all in my head.
It's all in my head.
[interposing voices]
-I feel so helpless.
-Leave her alone, vampire!
-Is he a patient of yours?
-Don't tell me you're still obsessed with vampires.
-He thinks our whole family are vampires.
-But it's true, Mom.
They are.
So now you've infected Jonathan with this madness.
Eric, how could you?
-He's crashing.
Wait outside.
-It's all in my head, it's all in my head,
it's all in my head.
-Your indecision has cost you dearly.
We have no need for a leader who's nice to people.
-That hurt!
-It's meant to.
-Stop doing that!
-Make me! [growl]
-I told you to stop doing that.
-We're losing him.
-Uh, no.
Someone switched off the monitor.
Was that supposed to be plugged in?
-Oh, that's right.
Everybody blame Ingrid.
-You are the chosen one.
Finish me, and take your rightful place on this throne.
I won't fight you anymore.
I don't enjoy being evil.
It makes me feel dead inside.
I choose life.
-[gasp] Where am I?
-It's OK, Vlad.
You're back in the real world now.
-So, did I become a vampire?
And yes, you were wearing black.
-There's nothing wrong with him.
-You wouldn't say that if you had to live with him.
-Well, that's amazing.
He's absolutely fine.
-Yeah, I knew he wouldn't die, because he's a vampire.
-Well, I hope you're proud of yourself, Eric.
Look what you've done to our son.
-But Mom, we can prove it.
-Leave it, Jonno, you're wasting your time.
I think this is the part where you say you're leaving.
Not this time, Eric.
No, this time I'm going to stay and finally
deal with this crazy vampire obsession once and for all.
-So, who was your Grand High Vampire?
Mine was Nanny Clontarf.
-You knew where I was?
-Are you the chosen one?
It's not me.
Let's get you home.
-Actually, I'd like to keep him in overnight for observation.
[phone ringing]
-Excuse me.
I'll stay and keep you company.
-Oh, thanks, Dad.
-Got a straw?
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 2 Ep 7 "Insomnia"

1743 Folder Collection
yi published on February 1, 2015
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