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[theme music]
-And so the sweet young princess was bitten,
and the evil vampire lived happily ever after.
-Dad, I'm too old for bedtime stories,
and I'm too young to be sleeping in a coffin.
-You're never too young to learn good habits.
Now, it may seem a bit dark and scary at first,
but don't worry.
Daddy's here to nail you in.
-But I won't be able to breathe!
You're a vampire, Vladdie.
-Not yet I'm not!
-Oh, it's best if you keep your mouth shut.
Otherwise you might get worms crawling in.
-What's going on?
It sounds like you're in pain.
Can I watch?
-Yeah, come in.
The more the merrier.
Dad's just nailing me into a coffin.
I'm nearly 16.
How come I don't get my own coffin?
-There's a perfectly good reason, Ingrid.
You're a girl.
Now, son, I shall leave you to enjoy your new coffin.
I have some midnight hunting to do.
-Off to nibble some sheep again, are we, daddy?
How dare you?
I am a prince of darkness.
-Well, just make sure the farmer doesn't catch you this time.
-Blood and garlic!
Bat alert!
The vampire is in the air!
Go, go, go!
-Yeah, let's just finish this game first.
Hey, I got a double word score.
-What's up with you?
We were waiting for this all night,
and now you'd rather stay in and play Scrabble.
-Yeah, you said it.
-No, cuckoo.
I'm catching up.
I win.
-Behold, morning has broken.
But young Vladimir sleeps, away from
sunlight's-- [coughing] Scorching glare.
-Oh, thank you, master.
I'll knit something.
-Inside this coffin, there lies a true vampire.
-What is this thing?
-That thing?
Never seen it before in my life.
Oh, Mr. Cuddles!
-Ah, so it's Mr. Cuddles now, is it?
-I don't normally sleep with him, obviously.
-Oh, was poor little Vladdie Waddie lonely?
You're supposed to be my son and heir!
-Yeah, well, I never chose to be, did I?
-All right.
-Take it out on the monkey, why don't you?
Lock up your teddies.
They'll be scared of you now.
-Hello, darlings.
Or should I say, congratulations, daddy?
-Mom's pregnant?
How did this happen?
-Well, when a mommy and daddy love each other,
they make a special wish for a baby.
-Yes, but mommy doesn't love daddy.
She loves Patrick.
-Here we are.
Boy's Names for the Modern Vampire, published 1254 AD.
Now let's see.
Ah, Attila!
Attila, Genghis.
Uh, Barry.
-You do realize it could be a girl.
It's not an egg dropper, is it, darling?
-Of course not.
He'll be all man, like his father.
-There's life in the old dog yet.
-Talking of dogs, how's Patrick?
-Yeah, you know.
Patrick the werewolf, tall, dark, and hairy.
-Vladimir, we do not say that name in this castle.
-What, Patrick?
-Have you seen this?
-Local farmers lock up their livestock
due to spate of unexplained animal bitings?
-Someone's been biting animals?
-Of course they haven't.
It's made up, silly.
-You don't really think there's some nutter going
around nibbling sheep, do you?
-I mean, biting a human I can understand.
A poor innocent animal is-- what's up with you?
-Mom and dad are having a baby.
That's great news, isn't it?
-What, bringing another vampire into the world?
Another merciless blood sucking monster.
-Or he could be a bit of a boring one, like you.
I knew you'd cheer me up.
-Hey, Jonathan.
-Hey, Jonathan.
-Is that a coffin?
Got a problem with that?
I mean, yes.
You won't get away with it, you beautiful freak!
-Let's go.
-That's right, run away at the first sign of trouble.
All I want is a coffin!
Is that too much to ask?
-Um, Ingrid, it's none of our business, but--
-You're not dying, are you?
I don't expect I'll be doing much breathing
after my 16th birthday.
-[sigh] Ingrid.
-And what is this?
-Your lunch, mistress.
Do you want it shaved, or au naturale?
-Is this a joke?
-Uh, the master's become, uh, quite partial.
-The master isn't pregnant.
I need blood.
Human blood.
[laughing] No, Mistress Magda, please!
I'm-- I'm saving myself for my master!
-I-- I could have a wipe down.
-Jonno, can't this wait?
This is urgent slaying business.
Look, maybe-- maybe we need some time off.
It's not as if the vampires are up to much, is it?
-No, apart from building coffins in your woodwork room.
-All right then, Sherlock, what's this?
-That is a designer coffee table with a convenient shaped body
space underneath.
-Dad, they're making us look stupid!
Now either we slay or we pay.
You decide.
-They love me, they love me.
They love me, they really love me.
-Ingrid in need.
You're sick.
-So it would seem.
-I don't believe you.
Pretending you've got a terminal illness
just to get a few presents.
-Aww, it sounds like someone's jealous.
-What have I got to be jealous about?
-Well, let's see.
Here's me getting all this attention at school,
and at home, you're not Dad's favorite anymore.
-Ingrid, of course I'm his favorite.
Nothing's going to change that.
-Hi, Dad.
I'm talking to my new son.
-You were saying?
-That's my boy.
-No, that's my stomach.
I'm starving.
Where's that pizza delivery boy I ordered?
That'll be my six foot Sicilian.
-Hello, and congratulations.
Robin told us your news.
-Hi, Magda.
-I've brought you some books on breastfeeding.
Shall we have a read?
-Still wrestling with a name, eh?
I've always really liked Patrick.
-Dad, Patrick is mom's boyfriend.
-That's what she says.
They break up pretty much every full moon.
That's it.
Go to your room.
-She's only gonna let you down again.
-Upstairs, now!
Before I flay you alive and feed you inch by inch to rooks.
-I see you've been watching that Super Nanny too.
-Oh, so you've finally stopped drooling over my mom, have you?
-Oh, no, I'll be going back down in a minute.
That is, unless you wanted to talk.
-I just don't know what everyone's so excited about.
-Look, I was jealous when Chloe was born, but it's just--
-I'm not jealous.
I'm just worried about my dad.
Your dad, the evil bloodsucker?
-Sucker, definitely, when it comes to my mom.
-Ah, Vlad, my boy.
I just want to apologize for snapping.
It was rude, unthinking, and completely selfish, and, uh--
-I say, what a lovely room for a nursery.
You won't mind moving out, will you?
-Uh, yes.
-Tough necks.
It's decided.
My son and heir will want for nothing.
Can I have a PlayStation?
-No, not you.
The baby.
-But I'm your son and heir, right?
-Ah, but you never chose to be.
Well, now you won't have to.
-I'm not such a bad father after all, am I?
-Vlad, I want you to know I'm not
enjoying your fall from grace.
-Get out!
-I'm loving it.
-Magda was [inaudible].
Breathe, breathe!
Ugh. -Should I call an ambulance?
-Oh, no, no.
I'll be fine.
-I found a forceps.
And I cleaned off the mold.
-[screaming] Get out!
And fetch me clean towels and hot water!
-Dad, about the whole son and heir thing.
-Oh, no need to thank me, boy.
-Actually, I've changed my mind.
I would like to be heir to the throne after all.
-That's wonderful news!
Unfortunately, I've already promised Magda
the new baby will inherit the title.
-So tell her you've changed your mind.
You're the boss.
-Well, I know that.
I'm just not sure she does.
[baby crying]
Well, that went well.
-Ladies and gentlemen, may I present my new son and heir,
But that's my name.
-Oh, curses.
What was the other name?
You're going to call him Barry?
-No, that would be stupid.
We'll call you Barry.
-Dad, what are you doing?
-I was just, um--
-I don't believe this.
You're surrendering!
-You're scared!
-I am not scared.
-Yes you are.
Admit it.
-All right, fine.
I'm scared.
We've just had too many near misses.
I mean, it's one thing if I end up getting hurt,
but I can't keep putting you in danger.
-Ah, most fetching, Master Vlad.
-I've got to impress Dad somehow if I want my title back.
Oh, wow.
I did the fire thing!
-Dad, I just set fire to Zoltan's tail!
-Oh, yes.
Invite the whole village, why don't you?
Oh, fire!
But hey, I did the fire thing.
-Ah, morning, fellow vampires.
Dad, Look.
I can do the fire thing.
-Do you want some matches?
-I did it a minute ago.
-Oh, who's done an evil nappy, then, huh?
Little Vladdie has!
-He's not called Vlad!
I am!
-Ingrid In Need charity gala tonight!
Hey, our first sponsored fancy dress.
-Vlad, this is not a good look.
Even I don't come to school dressed like that anymore.
-You're not the next Count Dracula.
-Neither are you.
-Cheers, Robin.
-Oh, I'm sorry!
-It's you!
-It was an accident.
I'm really sorry.
-Get back, fiend!
You'll never suck the blood of a slayer!
-I wasn't sucking on anything.
I'm sorry.
-You will be.
I was about to declare a ceasefire,
but now I know that my boy will never be safe
until all vampire life has been scourged from this earth.
-(SINGING) Rock a bye, vampire, in the treetop.
When the fangs grow, your--
Ah, Master Barry.
-Oh, great.
Now even Zoltan's on his side.
-I mean, Master Vlad.
How was your first day as a vampire?
-Don't ask.
[interposing voices]
-It's in here somewhere.
I've got it.
Ah, slayer's blood.
-Ah, my favorite.
-Oh, Bon Bons, I'm drying up here!
There must be some blood somewhere.
-Magda, I promise you, there's not a clot in the castle.
-Master, here's that blood you asked for.
-Fangs off.
This is for tonight, when I formally anoint Vlad as my heir
to the throne.
You mean the other Vlad.
-The ceremony will begin at 8:00 sharp.
I suggest we all go and put our best capes on.
-Oh, brilliant!
-That's it.
So you're going to steal everything from me.
My name, my friends, my title.
Mr. Cuddles.
Well, for your information, I'm Vladimir Dracula,
and I don't give up without a fight.
-Ugh, dog breath.
-Not you.
The baby.
-I knew it.
-Come on, then.
Let's go and make some money.
-That's one brave young lady.
-Who cancelled the gala?
-I did.
No one mocks the Van Helsings.
[music playing]
-It's a miracle!
-She's cured!
-Shut it!
I'm warning you, step away from the coffin.
You'll regret this when I really am dead.
-Bring it on, vampire.
-Well, on the bright side, you do seem to be feeling better.
-So was she ever ill, then?
-It's great that we're slaying again,
but is this really going to work?
-How can it fail?
The count flies out of his castle as usual,
sees us, swoops down, bang.
Got him.
-Yeah, well, nothing silly, right?
-Dad, please.
You have to trust me.
I mean, haven't you noticed anything
strange about the baby?
-Strange and classically handsome, yes.
Just like his father.
-You're not the father.
Patrick is.
Just look at him.
Smell his breath.
He's a werewolf.
-How could I have been so stupid?
I ought to lock you in your room.
I should have known you'd try to concoct some story.
-But it's the truth!
Mom, admit it.
-If you've quite finished ruining the evening.
-Aww, are you not invited, Barry?
-And so, by the powers of chaos and evil-- ready with the party
poppers, everyone-- I, Count Dracula of Transylvania,
hereby name and anoint my successor,
Vladimir Slobadan Napoleon Dracula.
-Dad, I'm sorry.
-Oh, nice lighting.
Thank you, Barry.
-Vladimir, close that, now.
-The moonlight is lovely.
Oh, look!
You can see his little nose!
--[growls] You scheming, manipulative, unfaithful--
-But Bon Bons.
-Don't Bon Bons me.
Now go out!
And take your hairy werewolf spawn with you!
-But what do I do with a baby?
Patrick and I are far too busy.
-So long, darlings.
Can't live with them, can't drink their blood.
The slayer boy.
-Give me the hound, Vlad.
-Dad, you can't bite him.
You called me Vlad.
-You do want to be heir to the throne, don't you, Vladdie?
-Not if that means killing my own brother, no.
-Uh, I wouldn't have a problem with that.
-I might have been a bit jealous, but he's just a baby.
-Give me that dog!
You see?
I can do the fire thing.
-Oh, they, uh, grow up so quickly, don't they?
-Give it up.
--[sniffing] I will sniff you and that mongrel out.
-This way, Master!
-That's it.
Get him out of here.
Why me?
Your dad will kill me.
-Not if he's chasing after me, he won't.
This is far too easy.
-Hey, Dad.
-Hi, Robin.
Oh, is that for me?
-Thank you.
-Sorry, sis.
-Going somewhere?
-Sorry, bro.
-Got any mint sauce?
-One bite and you're dust.
-Oh, Vladdie.
-Right, then.
-He hasn't got the guts.
-I said freeze!
And you!
Oh, stop it!
Or I'll garlic the pair of you.
Honestly, you're like a couple of kids.
Mom, go on.
Go back to Patrick.
And this time, don't forget your baby.
-Bye, Mom.
-Bye, darling.
That was awesome.
I mean, you totally rocked it, Vlad.
I was quite cool, wasn't I?
-He has got to be in trouble now.
-Ah, impressive, Vladimir, standing up to your mother.
There's hope for you yet.
-And thus I declare this noble young vampire
to be my rightful successor to the family throne.
Arise, my son and heir, Barry Dracula.
-Oh, very funny.
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 2 Ep 6 "Baby Dracula"

2559 Folder Collection
yi published on February 1, 2015
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