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  • Hello everyone!

  • Welcome to Idiom 100, where we learn 100 commonly used idioms by native English speakers.

  • All of the explanations are in English, so it might be challenging for you,

  • but just try to imagine the meanings in your head and study hard and soon you'll be able to use these idioms in your conversations.

  • Is everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Hello again! Today's idiom is: out cold.

  • Out cold.

  • Ummm... it's cold outside? No, that's not the meaning of this idiom.

  • Let's try to picture something in our head.

  • Um, maybe someone is sleeping, okay?

  • But are they sleeping?

  • I don't know. Let's touch them.

  • Oh, they're cold.

  • Yeah, they look dead.

  • Yeah, they're very cold and not moving, maybe they're dead?

  • They're out cold, okay?

  • So, let's listen to some examples as we think about this idiom.

  • Dad is out cold. I don't think we can go to the park today!

  • Well, why don't you let him sleep? He's probably really tired.

  • Alright, so Dad is sleeping. He's out cold. Hmmm, okay?

  • Let's listen to another example.

  • Why didn't you wake me up this morning? I was almost late for school!

  • I tried, but you were out cold!

  • Alright, so they were sleeping, she tried to wake him up, but she couldn't.

  • He was out cold.

  • So, did you guess it?

  • The meaning of 'out cold' means to be in a very deep sleep.

  • You can't be woken up, yeah.

  • You shove and you say 'wake up,' but nothing. They're out cold.

  • Such a deep sleep you might wonder, are they alive?

  • Are they okay?

  • I hope they're just sleeping.

  • Maybe you get nervous.

  • So, if someone is out cold, it means they're very deep in sleep, alright?

  • I wonder, are you out cold every night?

  • If you're working busy all day, maybe you hit the hay and you're out cold very fast.

  • I hope you're out cold tonight and I'll see you again next time.

Hello everyone!

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