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  • Hello everyone!

  • Welcome to Idiom 100, where we learn 100 commonly used idioms by native English speakers.

  • All of the explanations are in English, so it might be challenging for you,

  • but just try to imagine the meanings in your head and study hard and soon you'll be able to use these idioms in your conversations.

  • Is everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Hello everyone!

  • Today's idiom is: right under your nose.

  • Right under your nose.

  • Alright, so this is a fun idiom to imagine a picture.

  • Alright, so you have your nose and let's picture a big chocolate cake, right under your nose.

  • Okay, so you're going to be smelling it. Oh, it smells good.

  • And it's really big, so maybe you can't miss it.

  • It's right there, it's very obvious.

  • Yeah, it's right under your nose.

  • Alright, so let's listen to some examples using this idiom.

  • Mom, did you see my pink sweater?

  • It’s right under your nose! Look more carefully before you ask me!

  • Okay, so her pink sweater, she couldn't find it and her mother said, 'It's right under your nose.'

  • Ah, there it is.

  • Okay, let's listen to another example.

  • I thought I lost my iPod, but guess where I found it?

  • Right under your nose, huh?

  • Yes, it was actually right on my desk!

  • Okay, so 'right under your nose', could you understand the meaning?

  • It means right in front of you, okay?

  • Maybe you're looking very hard to find something and actually it was right there.

  • It was so obvious. How did you miss it?

  • Alright, so you can use this idiom for yourself or for someone else when you're looking for something or when you found something

  • and, actually, it wasn't hard to find in the end.

  • It was somewhere you should have known it was there.

  • Yeah, for example, you're looking in the refrigerator: Where is the butter? Where is the butter? Ah, I can't find the butter.

  • There it is, right under my nose. How did I miss it?

  • Alright, so let's try using this idiom, it's kind of fun, and I'll see you again soon. Good-bye!

Hello everyone!

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