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[theme music]
What would master like for breakfast?
How does natural yogurt and shredded leech sound?
Have you got anything that doesn't contain blood?
-You are so not going to make it as a vampire.
-Well, what a night I've had.
Stop what you're doing, and prepare to be amazed.
-Have you got a job as a magician?
Oh, if you need an attractive assistant,
I look absolutely stunning in sequins.
-No, you idiots.
I've been out hunting.
It's time you got your fangs stuck in some proper grub.
-Ah, it's just a little baby rabbit.
-Oh, want something bigger, eh?
Well tomorrow I'll bring you a goat.
-I am not eating that.
It's alive.
-Oh, don't worry, Vlad.
Everybody gets first bite nerves.
You just need some practice until you're
old enough to start on the peasants.
Be a brave boy, and bite the bunny.
-I'm not biting the bunny.
I not biting anyone.
-You're a vampire.
Start acting like one!
-You should kick him out, Dad.
He's too soft.
-See Ingrid's vile.
Why can't you be like here?
-Because I like being me.
I like being nice.
-You see, this is what happens when
you try to raise a child on your own.
They turn out good.
-Oh, would you like me to beat him, master?
What this boy needs is something much more painful.
He needs a mother.
[pot clangs]
-But I've already got a mother.
-Yes, well, I mean one that doesn't run away
with a werewolf at the first sign of moonlight.
You need a step-mother, preferably evil.
-And who exactly are you planning on marrying?
I shall find a bride the traditional way.
I shall throw a hunt ball.
-What's a hunt ball?
-A big, fancy party with ballroom dancing,
so Dad can waltz around window shopping for a wife.
-A vampire party.
-And at midnight, instead of going home,
they start hunting peasants to feast on.
Well, after all that dancing, it's bound to make you peckish.
-Robin, it's not funny.
Dad's going to blow our cover.
-Vlad, you have to stop him.
-I am aware of that, Chloe, but how?
-Tell him about Van Helsing.
If he knows a slayer's in town, he'll have to call it off.
-You know, you two are real party poopers.
-Or invite even move vampires to have a showdown.
-Oh man.
That'd be awesome.
A boy can dream, can't he?
-I finally perfected my stake firing crossbow.
-I'm missing lunch so you could shoot plastic bats?
You're crazy.
-This isn't a plastic bat.
This is Count Dracula.
-Oh, I see.
You're not crazy, you're insane.
-I spotted a bat flying to and from the castle.
It must be the Count shape-shifting.
I'm going to blast him out of the sky.
Because it couldn't just be bats nesting inside the castle,
could it?
I know, it must be a man turning himself into a bat.
It's obvious.
-You do know bats are a protected species.
It's illegal to shoot them.
You could get put in jail for this.
-I killed the Count. -Or put in a straitjacket.
The guests will be greeted over here.
The drink table will go over there.
And you try to keep a low profile.
-Why are you helping?
Do you want a step-mother?
-What have I got to lose?
Mum's never here, and Dad doesn't like me.
At least this way I might find someone
who actually cares about me.
-Dad cares.
-Ingrid, I may have to sell you to pay for this party.
Ohh, what about Countess Lakushka?
-You can't marry her.
She killed her father with a garlic-flavored coffee.
-Hmm. Sounds perfect.
-Add her to the list.
-Dad, you don't have to do this.
I promise to be good.
I mean, bad.
-Ahh, say hello to the future Mrs. Dracula.
What a beauty!
Such pale, lifeless skin and fangs like icebergs.
We're definitely inviting her.
-That's a picture of Mum.
-It says she was at the Annual Werewolf Awards.
-Oh, I didn't mean her.
I meant her.
-That's her boyfriend.
ZOLTAN: He was nominated for Best Hair.
-Look, haven't you all go jobs to do, hmm?
-Dad, do you have invite all these vampires to Stokely?
You're just asking for us to be chased
out by an angry peasant mob.
[peasants yelling]
No, you're right, Vlad.
So instead of hunting the whole town,
we'll just invite a few peasants to the castle.
We'll let them lose at midnight, and the fun can begin.
-Oh, that's right.
Then if we're only draining a few locals who cares?
Now Ingrid, we need healthy peasants,
fit and fast enough to make the chase fun.
-Don't worry, Dad.
I've got the perfect specimens in mind.
We've all been invited to a hunt ball at the castle.
-Oh, please say we can go.
I just really don't think we should go.
-Couldn't agree more.
-Oh, why?
It sounds like fun.
-I can think of a hundred things I'd
rather do on a Saturday night than prancing
around with a bunch of weirdos.
-Graham, we shouldn't make fun of the neighbors.
I say we all go and have a jolly good time.
-I'm going to ask Ingrid to dance with me.
-Me too.
-Hang on.
We don't know how to ballroom dance.
-Oh, you're father will teach you.
He does a mean tango.
Do you think plumbers can't dance?
-Does that mean we can go?
-Come on.
We'll start with a waltz.
-Aw, yes.
-Are you going to stand by and let
our family be used as refreshments?
-You're worrying over nothing.
We're perfectly safe.
The Count likes us.
-That's odd.
Under dress code it just says running shoes.
It's says here that bats can give you quite a nasty bite.
-And so can vampires.
-Dad, when are you going to realize there are no vampires.
-Vampires are real.
And they're nesting in that castle.
When I shoot down the Count, then you'll believe me.
-This is ridiculous.
I'm going to warn them they've got bats that need protecting.
-If you go up there, the only thing that will need protecting
is your neck.
-Give over!
-There's a lot to do before the guests arrive,
so I made us both a list of chores.
-Well, this is blank.
-Oop, whoops.
That one's mine.
This is yours.
-This is too much!
I don't have time!
-Oh, which reminds me, make sure you wind the big clock.
The hunt starts at midnight.
-Well, I can't-- oh!
[doorbell rings]
-Is Vlad in?
Make three gallons of leech and strawberry punch.
-Is Vlad in?
-You deaf?
Go find him yourself.
I'm too busy.
-All right.
No need to shout.
-Stew cockroaches!
I've got to make stew as well?
-I don't believe it.
You're the perfect specimens Ingrid was talking about.
Don't you mean guests?
-At midnight a pact of hungry vampires
is going to tear you limb from limb.
-Get outta here.
You mean, the hunt ball really is a hunt ball.
-That what I've been trying to tell you.
-Ingrid really is evil.
Anybody there?
VAN HELSING (VOICEOVER): Vampires are real.
And they're nesting in their castle.
-Quick Dad, wake up.
That's it.
I'm getting a sound-proof coffin.
I am sick of being woken up in the middle of the day.
-Sorry, Dad, but it's an emergency.
-The dry cleaners have shrunk my cape.
Ingrid's invited the Branaughs to the ball.
They're bait.
-I know.
It's going to be fun.
-But vampires are going to chase us and suck out our blood.
COUNT DRACULA: But I thought you wanted to be a vampire.
It's better than being a stinking breather.
-Fwah, and you really do reek today, Robin.
You're making this room smell like it's full of breathers.
-What about my family?
They don't want to be into vampires.
-Don't be so [inaudible] negative.
They'll look great in fangs.
Especially mine.
-(WHISPERING) Go on tell him about Mr. Van Helsing.
COUNT DRACULA: Uh, what about him?
-Well, Dad, you see the thing is Mr. Van
Helsing's not just a woodwork teacher.
He's also a vampire slayer.
[fart noise]
A slayer?
As if.
Now get out of here.
I need my beauty sleep.
-You actually saw him in his coffin.
-We need to get away from here. Far away.
-Run away?
What are you crazy?
We got to get up to that castle and do our duty.
-But it's going to be swarming with vampires having a party.
-A party?
Oh, sweet joy, this is it.
The big one.
I've always dreamed of this moment, Jonno.
Me and you, out numbered, fighting shoulder
to shoulder against a blood-thirsty hoard
of vampires.
-I think I'm going to be sick.
-We've got to stop them from going to the ball.
It's our only chance.
-Congratulations, Robin.
I'm glad the penny has finally dropped.
Oh no!
What have I done?
-My dress!
Never mind, Mom.
I'm sure we can go next year.
Right, Vlad?
-Oh, you bet.
-Oh, well.
Isn't it lucky I decided to wear this instead?
-What if I lock us in and hide the keys?
-Do it!
-Hurry up.
Ingrid's here.
-Ingrid's checking my blood pressure.
Isn't that thoughtful?
-Just wanted to make sure you're fit and healthy for the dance.
-You're sick!
Do you hear?
-Chloe, don't be so rude.
-120 over 60.
-Is that good?
You could run for miles.
-Right, good.
-Don't panic.
The hunt doesn't start until midnight.
We've still got time.
-For what?
How are we going to stop a room full of thirsty vampires?
-Leave it with me.
-It's time.
Come one.
Let's go to school and get us some weapons and ammo.
We're going to need the full works.
Are you with me?
-Dad wait.
What if you don't make it back?
You're all I've got.
-Every man must choose his own destiny.
I've chosen mine.
It's time for you to choose yours.
-He stopped in his tracks immediately.
Too late.
-Ah, Elizabeth!
So glad you could make it.
-Oh, we wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Would we, Graham?
-Thank you so much for inviting us.
-You must stay until midnight.
I have something lined up that's to die for.
here's you short list.
I recommend her, her, or her.
Well, what you waiting for?
Get out there and get talking to them.
-No, Ingrid.
They shall come to me, drawn by the power of my magnetic charm.
What'd I tell you?
I'm irresistible.
-Hello darlings.
-Mum, what are you doing here?
-I want to know why your father's looking for a wife.
-It's time Vladimir had a proper mother.
-I'm a proper mother.
-You sent us jumpers at Christmas
made out of your boyfriend's fur.
-He was molting.
It seemed such a waste.
Now be quiet and fetch me a drink.
I'm parched.
-Looking for something?
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be at the hunt ball?
-The what?
-Let's not play games anymore, Vlad.
I know you're a vampire.
And you know I'm a slayer.
-Look, I don't know what you're talking about, OK?
Cross my heart and hope to-- look, I don't know.
-What are you going to do now, vampire?
Jonathan, am I glad to see you.
-Oh, poo.
-Where's Vlad?
We're running out of time.
-He can't help you now.
No one can.
The vampires have picked up the scent.
-Mum, Dad, please can we go now?
-It's way past our bed time.
-Ingrid hasn't danced with us once.
-This party really sucks. -You've got a point there.
It's getting late.
-Let's go then.
-Uh, it's too late.
We're leaving.
-We'll they changed their
I suppose one more dance won't kill us.
-If he moves, stake him.
-Don't listen to him, Jonathan.
He's crazy.
-Dad I've decided I want to come with you and slay vampires.
-OK, you're both crazy.
-I've waited a long time to hear you say that, son.
But now I need you to stay here and watch him.
Don't worry, I'll be careful.
I promise.
-Please, don't hurt my dad.
-Relax, Vlad.
He won't feel a thing.
Poisoned blood.
I'm going to slip it into is drink
and watch him turn to dust, him, and the rest of this blood
sucking friends.
-You're wasting your time.
You'll never get into the castle.
-Don't worry. I'm a master of disguise.
-Oh, bun-buns, you'll never marry another.
You still love me.
-I'm so over you.
Go on.
Pick a woman, any woman, and I will ask them to marry me.
-You're bluffing.
-Oh, but but she's so-- fine, fine.
-Good evening.
What a beautiful flask.
-Why, thank you kind sir.
-Please call me Count.
-What's your name, fair maiden?
-Hel-- sinki.
Vanessa Helsinki, from Finland.
-Well Ms. Helsinki, there's something I have to ask you.
-What's that?
-Is it me or is it getting hot in here?
-What I wanted to say is, um, would you
do me the honor of being my um my dance partner.
-If Vlad doesn't get here soon, we'll be vampires before he is.
-We've got to get out of here.
Time is running out.
-I never even got to say goodbye.
JONNO: I'm sure dad would've finished them quickly.
They probably didn't feel a thing.
I mean, he's practiced a lot.
And he's read all the books.
-He has done this before, right?
Well, not technically, no.
-You're telling me your dad has just
gone up to a castle full of vampires
having never actually slayed a single one before.
-Is that a bad idea?
-Jonathan, if you ever want to see your dad again,
you better untie me.
INGRID: Uh, that hideous creature
was not on my short list.
This is a disaster.
-She'll never make him happy.
-Well, at least we have something
to take our minds off of it.
Here comes dinner.
Having fun?
-You've been such a wonderful hostess.
We can't thank you enough.
There's something I've been meaning to give you.
-For me?
-I know how hard it must be for you not having a mother around.
I thought this might cheer you up.
-Oh, Mrs. Branaugh, you're too kind.
-This is a disaster, a complete disaster.
-Oh, shush, Robin.
I've got it.
I know how we can buy us a bit of time.
[clock chimes eerily]
-What's the special occasion?
It isn't New Year.
-What made you think I'd wear a piece of trash like this?
-It's revolting.
GRAHAM: Well, really.
-How rude.
-Get out of here now.
You're not welcome.
-Do you hear that?
Let's go.
-I won't stay a moment longer.
-We won't be able to hold them off.
-She's got a point.
-Get out of here now!
Dinner's over here.
-Guys, stop!
-That woman is Mr. Van Helsing.
He's a slayer.
-Oh, please.
I think I can tell the difference
between a man and a woman.
-Oh, Dad.
I was so worried about you.
It is I, Van Helsing, vampire slayer.
Stay back or I'll shoot!
--[laughing] That won't scared them.
They're my friends.
-Prepare to die.
-Please, don't shoot my dad.
-I'll save you, Master!
JONNO: Watch out, Dad!
He's got a sword!
-My darling, Count.
I lied.
I never stopped loving you.
-And I, you.
-Promise me.
Promise you'll stay and look after the kids.
-Oh, I promise, master.
-Oh not you!
-I'll look after them like they were my own children.
-We are your own children.
-(WHISPERING) Vladdy, Vlad.
Look son, promise promise you'll carry on the family name.
Be a good vampire.
-I promise.
-That's my boy.
-He's dead.
But he didn't say anything to me.
Ugh, that's so typical.
-I slayed a vampire.
[laughing] I slayed a vampire.
-Actually, I I don't think you did.
-Dad it's you flask of poison blood.
-Well, let's fill it with something a little fresher!
-What do we do now?
-Don't go now.
The party's just getting started.
-Let the boy go.
It's me you want.
I won't put up a fight.
-Dad no.
-Don't do it, Dad.
It's not worth it.
-Oh, it's worth it all right.
It's too easy if you don't put up a fight.
Where's the fun in that?
-We'll meet again.
I promise you that.
-Can't wait.
Oh and by the way, love the dress.
-I can't believe you just let a slayer go.
-Well I didn't want to ruin the family reunion.
Oh, Magda, with you back it's going to be like old times.
-Goodbye, Vlad.
Look after your father.
He's a danger to himself when you're trying to kill slayers.
Mwah, mwah.
-You're leaving?
-But you said you loved me.
-You've were dying.
I was trying to be nice.
-Isn't she just the most evil woman in the world?
-So I guess you want us to start packing our bags then.
Whatever for?
Having a slayer in town is going to make
life so much more interesting.
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 1 Ep 14 "Countdown"

2464 Folder Collection
yi published on January 28, 2015
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